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VisionOS expands health app possibilities with Vision Pro

Infinite canvas in visionOS

Innovative applications for health and wellness are made to use visionOS’s unlimited canvas to reveal spatial experiences that help users both at home and in clinical settings.

Medical facilities and developers have been using Apple’s cutting-edge frameworks and technologies for decades to enhance efficiency, save costs, expand research options, and improve patient outcomes. The healthcare community has driven purposeful change with powerful Apple products at their fingertips. Examples include using iPads to reduce costs and shorten NICU stays so newborns can be at home with their families and iPhones to help nurses respond faster to alerts and alarms and improve medication administration.

Apple Vision Pro in the healthcare
Image credit to Apple

With the release of Apple Vision Pro, developers can now create experiences that, whether users are at home or in a clinic, may have a beneficial influence on people’s lives. With the smooth integration of digital and real-world material, Vision Pro opens up stunning spatial experiences on an unlimited canvas. Additionally, because to visionOS’s special features, developers in the healthcare industry are developing new applications that were previously unthinkable, revolutionizing fields including medical imaging, behavioral health, clinical education, surgical planning, training, and more.

The amazing applications that developers in the healthcare industry are creating for Apple Vision Pro are really amazing, as stated by Susan Prescott, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations. “They’re excited to see what new possibilities their developers’ creativity and perseverance, along with visionOS’s technological prowess, are igniting for doctors, frontline staff, and even students.”

Apple Vision Pro in the healthcare and wellness

These are only a few of the wellness and healthcare-related applications that are now available for Apple Vision Pro.

Planning and Instruction for Surgery

Every year, more than a million Americans get knee or hip replacement surgery, and as the population ages, that number will only increase. Compared to typical joint replacement procedures, the use of Stryker’s Mako SmartRobotics by surgeons might potentially result in improved patient outcomes, such as less pain and quicker recovery periods, for complete knee, total hip and partial knee replacements. Stryker is expanding a surgeon’s experience with Apple Vision Pro and iPhone outside of the operating room with the new myMako app. Surgeons may examine and analyze patients’ Mako surgery plans at any moment in an innovative, immersive visual experience with myMako, which helps with better planning.

Surgeons may get detailed surgical plan information and insights with ease with the myMako software for Apple Vision Pro, which offers a dynamic, intuitive, and three-dimensional interface. Robert Cohen, president of Digital, Robotics, and Enabling Technologies at Stryker, said that it was previously impossible to have this degree of knowledge at any time or location. “Stryker’s market-leading enabling technologies, like Mako SmartRobotics, have the exciting potential to change surgeons’ perspectives on preoperative planning and the intraoperative experience with Apple Vision Pro, all in line with Stryker’s mission to improve healthcare.”

Apple Vision Pro in the healthcare
Image credit to Apple

Boston Children’s Hospital created a thorough learning program in a secure, easily accessible virtual setting to help with some of the training and onboarding delays that healthcare professionals have. Designed specifically for Apple Vision Pro, CyranoHealth highlights proficiency with novel medical devices, such as infusion pumps, assisting frontline staff nurses foremost in gaining self-assurance and lowering fear. Students may get acquainted with the most recent developments in healthcare technology via this immersive, multimodal approach, which helps to equip them to deal with obstacles they may face in the real world.

“CyranoHealth is revolutionizing healthcare professional training by using spatial computing to create lifelike and immersive simulations that improve learning and prevent burnout.” According to Boston Children’s chief innovation officer John Brownstein, Ph.D., “the app represents a significant leap forward in healthcare training, blending technology and medicine to create a workforce ready for the future.”

Other applications for surgical education and planning are as follows:

  • Apple Vision Pro’s Fundamental Surgery uses spatial computing to teach surgical techniques.
  • Teams may expand their training efforts and improve surgical learning chances with CollaboratOR 3D by KARL STORZ.
  • Elsevier’s Complete HeartX is a compelling educational tool that explores the complexities of the human body to create a realistic and captivating learning environment. It is specifically built for Apple Vision Pro.
  • With Insight Heart, users may comprehend the human heart in a way never possible before. With ARKit, users may explore different heart diseases and quickly scan their physical surroundings. They can even examine 3D hearts using CT data.

“Health developers can use Apple Vision Pro to help improve procedural planning, education, and outcomes because of its limitless capabilities to transform a user’s space, display 3D objects at life size, and see all relevant data in one view.”

Efficiency and Cooperation

Surgeons, medical students, and patients may watch realistic, interactive holograms of the human body taken via medical scans in their actual surroundings thanks to Siemens Healthineers’ Cinematic Reality app for Apple Vision Pro. The application combines cutting-edge path-tracing technology with Metal and the M2 processor’s capabilities to simulate light interactions with virtual objects and produce incredibly realistic lighting and reflections.

Head of Digital & Automation at Siemens Healthineers Christian Zapf said, “Cinematic Reality offers people the opportunity to immerse themselves in a world of photorealistic renderings of the human anatomy.” “That three-dimensional experience is flawlessly presented by Apple Vision Pro, which also offers excellent flexibility and stand-alone usage. They believe that the technology has enormous promise for both therapeutic and educational applications.

Apple Vision Pro in the healthcare
Image credit to Apple

When a physician works with a patient, medical records are essential for knowing their medical history and for identifying new chances to promote better health outcomes. Using simple gestures like tapping their fingers to select, flicking their wrists to scroll, or typing with a virtual keyboard or dictation, doctors and clinicians will be able to easily complete charting, review labs, communicate securely through chat, and complete in Basket workflows with Epic Systems’ Epic Spatial Computing Concept for Apple Vision Pro.

According to Seth Howard, senior vice president of research and development at Epic, “creating the first electronic health record experience for spatial computing was an exciting project for their developers.” “Clinicians will be able to engage with patient health information in new, engaging ways using Apple Vision Pro. They are open to suggestions from the medical community about how this technology might improve healthcare delivery in the future.

Other applications for cooperation and productivity include as follows:

  • Supporting immersive spatial experiences for multimedia and medical imaging is Visage Ease VP. In an effort to enhance patient care, UC San Diego Health became the first healthcare institution to test the technology, considering possibilities such as enhancing ineffective tumor board evaluations and developing collaborative spaces in the medical field.
  • Falcon Vue, which maximizes the potential of seeing medical images in three dimensions on all platforms.
  • Medivis enhances medical imaging to promote surgical accuracy and patient care by bringing SurgicalAR Vision to Apple Vision Pro.

Wellness and Behavioral Health

The Xaia software from Cedars-Sinai fully utilizes Apple Vision Pro’s special features to assist patients’ mental health requirements. Xaia provides patients with AI-enabled, conversational mental health care in soothing spatial spaces where they may also practice meditation and deep breathing exercises via its trained digital avatar. Immersion therapy sessions are conducted in settings that are most comfortable for the participants, whether they decide to stay in their area or turn it into a tranquil spot like a beach. The app’s primary focus is privacy; no personal nor health information is needed.

“The breathtaking display of Apple Vision Pro offers a doorway into an immersive and interactive world of behavioral health support – a significant advancement over prior technologies,” stated Brennan Spiegel, MD, MSHS, a professor of medicine, director of Health Services Research, and head of Cedars-Sinai’s master’s program in Health Delivery Science. “With Xaia, they use every pixel of that incredible resolution and the whole gamut of vibrant colors to create an immersive treatment experience that is both intensely personal and captivating. Apple’s team was able to rethink how spatial computing may help behavioral health and general welfare in ways that were previously unthinkable because of this amazing gadget.

Other applications related to wellbeing and mental health include as follows:

  • The Apple Vision Pro’s Mindfulness app is intended to provide a peaceful, engrossing atmosphere for users.
  • TRIPP, which offers immersive experiences for Vision Pro that include guided breathing exercises and a sleep environment with spatial audio and lighting graphics.
  • Healium provides Vision Pro users with exquisitely crafted experiences that promote relaxation and resilience by evoking stress-relieving memories of outdoor getaways.
  • Odio is a tool that allows users to concentrate, unwind, or sleep soundly by projecting lovely 3D graphics into their environment while using simple motions and spatial audio. Would you like to receive notifications on latest updates? No Yes