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How the Micron CZ120 Boosts Performance in AI and HPC

Micron CZ120

As of today, Micron has expanded its cutting-edge portfolio of products for high-performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI) by announcing the shipping of Micron CZ120 memory extension module, which pairs with the Supermicro X13 and H13 Petascale servers via Compute Express Link (CXL). Supermicro and Micron have been working together on the next generation of Petascale platforms over the past year.

Through the use of Micron’s CZ120 memory expansion module, Micron are able to increase bandwidth and memory capacity, enabling mission-critical workloads with quicker and more effective data access. This achievement puts both businesses at the forefront of the sector and speeds up data centre operators’ adoption of CXL solutions to address their mounting memory issues brought on by both more recent and data-intensive workloads as well as more recent AI and machine learning (ML) workloads.

CXL: Breaking through the memory barrier for the high-performance computing, in-memory databases, artificial intelligence, and general-purpose computing workloads of the future

Data-intensive applications are becoming more demanding on server infrastructure, and CXL provides a novel architecture that can overcome legacy data bottlenecks. The components required to overcome this problem are provided by the CZ120 memory expansion modules using CXL from Micron and the Petascale platform from Supermicro:

Memory capacity expansion: A Petascale server can have up to 1TB of additional memory added to it with four CZ120 256GB modules.

Expanded bandwidth: A single CZ120 module can add up to 36GB/s of additional data transfer capacity, which is comparable to a DDR5 RDIMM running at 4800MT/s. Memory and/or bandwidth can be increased to improve server performance. This Micron white paper provides an examination of the Petascale platform and CZ120 CXL memory modules combined across various workloads.

Customers are integrating the Supermicro Petascale server with Micron CZ120 memory extension modules into their data centres by testing the combined products for compatibility, interoperability, and across operating systems. Currently, several customers in medium-to-large data centres and high-performance computing centres are receiving the Petascale and CZ120 combination in shipment. Among the first use-cases are:

  • Putting all database types, including vector and SQL databases, in RAM to boost speed
  • Storing the transformer models’ key-value cache to facilitate faster inference
  • Increasing workloads centred around hypervisors
  • Using the most recent AI instruction sets and CPU-only inferencing techniques

Data centre operators now have options for memory-intensive workloads in terms of architecture thanks to the initiative taken by Micron and Supermicro to offer a collaborative solution. Get in touch with Micron staff to find out how Micron CZ120-populated Petascale servers will help you overcome your data center’s obstacles.


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Micron CZ120: Increasing Memory Size for Applications That Need a Lot of Data

Micron CZ120 series high-capacity memory expansion modules handle data-intensive workloads. Compute Express Link (CXL) 2.0 integrates these modules with compatible servers.

Important Micron CZ120 Features


The CZ120 modules, which come in 128GB and 256GB versions, greatly expand the memory pool as compared to conventional DDR5 RDIMMs (Registered Dual In-Line Memory Modules).


With bandwidths more than 36 GB/s, it performs similarly to DDR5-4800 RDIMMs, which makes it perfect for high-throughput memory applications.

CXL 2.0 Compliance

It guarantees low latency and coherent memory access by following the CXL 2.0 Type 3 standard. This allows for seamless data flow between the CPU and connected modules.


Multiple CZ120 modules can be installed on servers, enabling a large increase in memory capacity without compromising speed.

Advantages of Micron CZ120

More capacity for heavy workloads

In-memory databases, large-scale simulations, and real-time analytics are frequent applications that require vast memory resources. These demands are met by it, which offers significant memory expansion.

Enhanced Performance

It’s large bandwidth enables faster data processing and application execution, which raises system efficiency as a whole.

Flexibility and Scalability

Users can tailor memory configurations to suit changing application needs thanks to the CZ120’s modular design.

Micron CZ120: An Initial Step Towards CXL Acceptance

A major step towards the broader use of CXL technology in data centres is the CZ120. CXL is superior to conventional memory expansion techniques in a number of ways, such as:

Lower Latency

CXL reduces data transmission times by connecting the CPU and memory modules directly

Coherent Memory Access

CXL makes data management easier by guaranteeing that all CPUs and connected devices see memory in the same way.


CXL makes it easier to connect different accelerators and devices to the CPU, which makes it possible to build computing systems that are more capable and adaptable.

Sources for Additional Reading

You can consult the following sites to learn more about the Micron CZ120‘s features and applications:

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An update on the Micron CXL product and architecture

The technical details of CXL technology are covered in detail in this Micron presentation, along with how the CZ120 fits into the larger CXL ecosystem.

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