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Z890 motherboards with Arrow Lake-S CPUs and Thunderbolt 4

Intel Z890 Motherboard

Intel Z890 Motherboard Will Have Up To 4 “Arc Xe-LPG” iGPU Cores and Native Thunderbolt 4 Support for Arrow Lake Desktop Processors. Half of the iGPU “Xe-LPG” cores in Intel Arrow Lake-S desktop CPUs will be Meteor Lake, and Z890 motherboard will natively support Thunderbolt 4.

Information about the corresponding 800-series platform and Intel’s Arrow Lake-S “Core Ultra 200” Desktop CPUs is beginning to take shape. The highest Z890 chipset and iGPU configurations.

Z890 Motherboard release date

Intel Z890 motherboard are expected in 2[024] or early 2025. Next-generation motherboards will support Intel Arrow Lake CPUs.

Insights from leaks and rumours:

  • LGA 1851 is a new socket, thus LGA 1700 coolers won’t work.
  • DDR5 only Z890 doesn’t support DDR4.
  • PCIe: Gen 5.0 lanes provide bandwidth for faster graphics cards and storage devices.
  • Thunderbolt 4: Expected to be standard, allowing quicker data transfer and multiple high-resolution screens.
  • In general, Intel Z890 motherboard will be better than Z690 ones. They support the newest CPUs, memory, and storage, making them suitable for gamers and power users.

Z890 motherboard Rumors’ and leaks may change specs:

The Intel Core Ultra 200 “Arrow Lake-S” Desktop CPUs will commence with Core Ultra 5 SKUs and will be based on the first-generation Core Ultra 100 “Meteor Lake” family. In a prior study, found here, they have discussed the three potential “Unlocked” SKUs: Core Ultra 9 285K, Core Ultra 7 265K, and Core Ultra 5 245K.

It appears that the Core Ultra 3 chip will not be part of the portfolio, and Intel will probably continue to sell and update its current Core i3 CPUs in order to make up for the entry-level demand which, despite entry-level costs, is not as high as it appears. A refresh with entry-level SKUs on the current LGA 1700 platforms, like the forthcoming Bartlett Lake-S Desktop processors, may be provided by Intel.

Based on the Alchemist Xe-LPG graphics architecture, the Intel Arrow Lake-S “Core Ultra 200” Desktop CPUs can have up to 4 Xe-Cores in terms of iGPU configurations. Compared to the best Intel Core Ultra 9 “Meteor Lake” CPUs, these have half as many cores, and some SKUs should also have three and two Xe-cores. Since these also include four Xe-core iGPUs, you can use the Intel Core Ultra 7 165U/155U performance tests as a guide to see how these iGPUs perform.

Because desktop processors have larger TDPs, their clock speeds should be greater as well. Performance should be respectable, but don’t anticipate much. They would undoubtedly fall short of the best AMD Ryzen 8000G APUs, which that studied here currently provide competitive and occasionally even quicker performance than the top dies from Meteor Lake with 8 Xe-cores.

Regarding the cache, it appears that there is another leaker who has identified a maximum of 3 MB of L3 cache for each Lion Cove P-Core. According to MebiuW, the Skymont E-Core cluster, which consists of 4 E-Cores, will have a 3 MB L3 cache, whereas the Lion Cove P-Core will have a 3 MB L3 cache. As a result, the total cache for the top 24 core CPUs (Core Ultra 9 285K), the 20 core CPUs (Core Ultra 7 265K), and the 6+8 core configurations is now 36 MB, 33 MB, and 24 MB.

Last but not least, there is fresh information on the best Intel Z890 motherboard that will be included in the 800-series platform. According to reports, these motherboards have native support for Thunderbolt 4, along with a number of additional enhancements that should allow for quicker memory due to the upgraded Arrow Lake-S (Core Ultra 200) memory controller, among other things.

What is currently known regarding desktop CPUs from Arrow Lake-S is as follows:

  • LGA 1851 Socket Life Expected to End in 2026; DDR5 Only Compatibility; DDR4 Not Supported
  • Begins with motherboards from the 800-Series
  • Up to DDR5-6400 Memory Supported (Native JEDEC)
  • PCIe Gen 5.0 Lane Increases Via CPU & PCH
  • The first desktop family supported by Arrow Lake-S (DIY) CPUs have features P-Core L2 Cache of 3 MB
  • Features of Arrow Lake-S CPUs iGPUs Alchemists
  • Features of Arrow Lake-S CPUs CPU SKUs: 8+16, 6+8
  • Lake Arrow-S 8+16 (24 Cores)
  • Lake Arrow-S 6+8 (14 Cores)
  • Lack of Hyper-Threading Assistance
  • In the second half of 2024
  • Additionally, a tiny birdie has informed us that Intel 800-series motherboards will soon be in use.

Thunderbolt 4 compatibility on Z890 motherboards

New naming system: Arrow Lake-S CPUs will be called Core Ultra 200 series. This replaces Core i9, i7, and i5.

Additional cores: The flagship Core Ultra 9 285K may feature 24 cores (8 performance and 16 efficiency), and the Core Ultra 7 265K may have 20.

Updated socket that works with older coolers: Although Intel informs us that coolers compatible with LGA 1700 sockets will also work with LGA 1851, Arrow Lake-S CPUs will use the new LGA 1851 socket.

DDR5 only: The Arrow Lake-S will only work with DDR5 memory, in contrast to earlier generations that supported both DDR4 and DDR5 memory.

Additional capabilities include Alchemist integrated graphics, support for PCIe Gen 5.0, and Thunderbolt 4 compatibility on Z890 motherboard.

Z890 motherboard price

Since Z890 motherboards haven’t been formally released yet, it’s difficult to provide an exact price. But we can speculate a little bit based on the Z790 boards’ current price and reported features:

Price Range: Z890 motherboards could be anticipated to be in the range of the more expensive Z790 versions, if not more. Z890 boards can start at $250 and go up to well over $1000 for the highest-end variants with all the bells and whistles. Z790 boards range in price from $200 to $800.

Amounts Determining Price: Features like power delivery modules (VRMs), the quantity of PCIe slots, networking and WiFi capabilities on board, and the reputation of the brand will all affect the ultimate cost. The pricing will increase for high-end features like numerous Thunderbolt 4 ports and sophisticated overclocking capabilities.

Z890 motherboard specs

Release DateLate 2024 / Early 2025 (Estimated)
Socket TypeLGA 1851
CPU CompatibilityIntel Arrow Lake
Memory SupportDDR5 only
Maximum Memory SpeedDDR5-6400 (Native JEDEC)
PCIe VersionGen 5.0 (increased lanes)
Thunderbolt SupportThunderbolt 4 (expected standard)


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