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WS DDR5 RDIMM ECC memory kits are the first product from CORSAIR to join the DDR5 workstation market.


A variety of WS DDR5 RDIMM memory kits will be available from CORSAIR , which today announced its entry into the DDR5 Workstation market. These ECC RDIMM kits take the capabilities of the most recent workstations to a whole new level. Designed to provide unmatched performance and dependability, they are compatible with 4th Generation Intel Xeon CPUs and AMD Ryzen Threadripper 7000.

Applications that rely heavily on memory, such AI training, high-resolution video editing, and 3D rendering, are seeing a significant improvement with the introduction of this new line of memory kits, which may have capacities of up to 256 gigabytes. With higher frequencies and more precise timings, these modules go above the criteria set out by JEDEC. As a result, they provide top performance even for the most demanding applications. They have undergone extensive testing and screening.


Error repair Code (ECC), which enables real-time error detection and repair for consistently dependable data processing, is supported by the DDR5 registered DIMMs (RDIMMs).This dedication to stability meets the demands of workstation users who depend on dependable performance in order to pursue their careers.

With support for AMD EXPO and Intel XMP 3.0, achieving optimum performance is simple. These DDR5 RDIMMs are user-friendly while retaining top-notch performance; all it takes is a few clicks to install the faster profile in the UEFI BIOS and unleash tremendous throughput on compatible gear.

Comprehending the varied requirements of experts in the field, CORSAIR provides an assortment of capacities, including 4 x 16GB kits (64GB), 8 x 16GB kits (128GB), 4 x 32GB kits (128GB), and 8 x 32GB kits for an immense 256GB of fast DDR5 memory. The highest frequencies 6,400MT/s provide enough bandwidth to handle even the most resource-demanding operations.

By effectively dispersing heat away from the Power Management Integrated Circuit (PMIC) and among the RDIMMs, CORSAIR’s PGS layer helps combat the heat produced under the most demanding workloads. Even under the most severe circumstances, its design guarantees excellent cooling and dependability.

Professionals may achieve exceptional results by completing more tasks in less time with CORSAIR WS DDR5 RDIMM memory, which is supported by a reliable brand.

Availability, Guarantee, and Cost

Memory kits for CORSAIR WS DDR5 RDIMMs are now available via the company’s website and its global network of approved merchants and distributors.

In addition to the CORSAIR global network of customer care and technical support, the WS DDR5 RDIMM memory is covered by a limited lifetime guarantee.

Please visit the CORSAIR website or get in touch with a local sales or PR professional for the most recent information on WS DDR5 RDIMM pricing.

Concerning Corsair

Among the most prominent names in the field of high-performance equipment and technology is CORSAIR. Personal computer fans, gamers, and people who make video are among the people who buy it. When you put all of CORSAIR’s goods together, they make it possible for gamers of all kinds, from casual players to dedicated experts, to perform at their best. Among these goods are premium streaming equipment, smart ambient lighting, and esports coaching services. Additionally, these products include components and accessories for personal computers that have won awards.

Corsair Memory, Inc. retains the rights to the copyright until the year 2024. Both the CORSAIR name and the sails logo are trademarks that CORSAIR has registered in a number of countries. Trade names, trademarks, or registered trademarks belong to the respective owners of any other businesses or products that are associated with them. Trade names may also be registered trademarks. All of the following are subject to change without prior notice: features, price, availability, and specs.


Workstation Double Data Rate 5 Registered Dual In-Line Memory Module is referred to as WS DDR5 RDIMM. This kind of memory is intended for use in professional workstations where data integrity and excellent performance are essential. These are some of its attributes:

ECC: This RAM prevents data corruption and system failures by detecting and correcting single-bit memory errors. Scientific computation, video editing, and 3D rendering all require high-quality data, making it an absolute necessity.

Great Performance: WS DDR5 RDIMM memory runs faster than standard DDR5 memory, which might improve your workstation’s overall performance. The highest speed for Corsair WS DDR5 RDIMM kits, for example, is 6,400 MT/s.

Registered DIMMs: Register DIMMs are designed to be used in computers and servers that have multiple CPUs. To enhance signal integrity and reduce mistakes, they register the data signal using a buffer chip before sending it to the CPU.

Greater Capacity: Compared to normal DDR5 memory, WS DDR5 RDIMM memory comes in greater capacities, enabling you to run demanding programmes and handle bigger datasets. Up to 256GB of WS DDR5 RDIMM kits are available from Corsair.

Optimised for Workstations: WS DDR5 RDIMM memory has characteristics not found in regular DDR5 memory since it is designed especially for use in workstations. For instance, integrated heat spreaders (IHS) may be included in some WS DDR5 RDIMM modules to aid in keeping the memory modules cool.

For professional workstations that need great speed, data integrity, and big memory capacity, WS DDR5 RDIMM memory is a suitable option overall.


Tech Specs
Fan Included
Heat Spreader

Memory Type

SPD Speed (Default)


SPD Latency (Default)

SPD Voltage (Default)

Tested Latency

CL32, CL40

Tested Voltage
Up to 1.35V

Tested Speed

Up to 6400

64 – 256 GB

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