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Snapdragon Dev Kit: Accelerates Copilot+ PC Development

With the Snapdragon X Elite powering it, the Snapdragon Dev Kit for Windows is a small form factor PC made specifically for Windows developers to use the next generation AI PC capabilities of Snapdragon.

With the configurability and programmability developers require to design, test, and debug applications and experiences for the numerous forthcoming laptops based on the Snapdragon X Series, it is specifically engineered for that purpose.

Snapdragon Dev Kit for Windows

The Snapdragon Dev Kit for Windows, a small form-factor PC powered by the Snapdragon X Elite and intended specifically for developers creating or optimising apps and experiences for the next generation of AI PCs, was unveiled today at Microsoft Build by Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. in partnership with Microsoft.

The Snapdragon Dev Kit for Windows is a powerful, compact, developer-class desktop solution that simplifies the construction of next-generation AI applications for Windows on Snapdragon.

A Developer-Focused Solution

It’s becoming more and more important to transfer your Windows programmes natively and create new AI experiences as Windows quickly moves to AI PCs powered by Snapdragon.

With its class-leading speed, intelligence, and power efficiency, the Snapdragon Dev Kit for Windows leverages the fastest processor ever developed for Windows. With simple access to the Arm 64 tool chain, you may expand your development process and optimise for both application performance and power economy.Your teams can unlock AI and accelerate AI/ML workloads with the fastest NPU for laptops in the world, improving your offering.

Run LLM and LVM locally to seamlessly integrate generative AI without sacrificing performance or overly depending on cloud resources. You may rack and stack several devices with this adaptable device, which has various connections and is flexible for onsite and dev test laboratories. You can also connect up to three UHD monitors for more efficient coding.


The Snapdragon Dev Kit for Windows facilitates the development, testing, and porting of native Windows programmes on Snapdragon platforms for developers. It facilitates the easy use of the Snapdragon native Windows toolchain by developers, which includes many different runtimes, libraries, and frameworks in addition to Visual Studio/VS Code. Quickly modify and recompile Windows apps natively on Snapdragon, improving speed and providing a fantastic experience for laptop users.


For a new generation of PCs, the best-in-class on-device AI capabilities open up possibilities for whole new AI-powered experiences. To improve their apps, developers will be able to execute LLMs and LVMs locally and expedite AI/ML workloads. Use the Qualcomm AI Hub and the Qualcomm AI Stack to quickly implement intelligence by accessing pre-trained and Snapdragon-optimized AI models.


A unique developer edition of the Snapdragon X Elite processor is included in the Snapdragon Dev Kit for Windows. Achieve enhanced performance in a PC with a multitude of ports and a form factor that fits into racks, multi monitor systems, and developer labs.
Coming soon to bookstores, a broad selection of laptops powered by the Snapdragon X Series will give developers access to cutting-edge technology that will allow them to produce AI experiences and software that is completely optimised.

By using the native Windows on Snapdragon toolchain, which comprises Visual Studio/VSCode and numerous other runtimes, libraries, and frameworks, developers may expeditiously modify and recompile Windows applications for Snapdragon, so contributing to the optimal PC user experience. A unique, accelerated Developer Edition of the Snapdragon X Elite processor, a variety of connectors, and a form factor tailored to work with developers’ multi-monitor setups are all included in the Snapdragon Dev Kit for Windows.

“The goal of the Snapdragon Dev Kit for Windows is to jumpstart the development of the next wave of on-device AI applications for PCs,” stated Kedar Kondap, general manager of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.’s compute and gaming division and senior vice president.”With this system, developers can create the AI apps of the future thanks to Qualcomm’s potent Qualcomm Oryon CPU and 45 TOPS NPU. “Pre-orders for the Snapdragon Dev Kit for Windows are open now, and it will be on sale on June 18 at retail. It will set you back $899.

Concerning Qualcomm

Qualcomm innovates nonstop to bring intelligent computing to everyone and help solve some of the most important problems facing the planet. Qualcomm’s tried-and-true solutions revolutionise important sectors, and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon-branded platforms provide outstanding customer experiences. Qualcomm provide cutting edge AI, high-performance, low-power computing, and unparalleled connectivity, building on Qualcomm’s nearly 40-year leadership in establishing industry standards and generating era-defining technological advances.

Qualcomm enable next-generation digital transformation alongside Qualcomm’s ecosystem partners to enhance lives, businesses, and societies. Qualcomm engineer human progress at Qualcomm.

The great bulk of Qualcomm’s patent portfolio as well as Qualcomm’s licencing company, QTL, are part of Qualcomm Incorporated. Qualcomm Technologies, a Qualcomm Incorporated subsidiary, oversees most of Qualcomm’s engineering, R&D, product, and service operations, including QCT semiconductors. Snapdragon and Qualcomm products are made by Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. or its subsidiaries. Qualcomm licences its proprietary technologies.



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