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SK Hynix Platinum P41 SSD Sparks Up COMPUTEX Taipei 2024

SK Hynix Platinum P41 SSD

Beginning in June, SK Hynix showcased its cutting-edge AI memory solutions at COMPUTEX Taipei 2024. Under the topic “Connecting AI,” COMPUTEX Taipei 2024, one of Asia’s leading IT exhibitions, drew in about 1,500 international attendees, including tech firms, venture capitalists, and accelerators. SK Hynix made its debut at the event and highlighted with its array of next-generation products that it is a leader in AI memory and a first mover.

“Connecting AI” with top AI memory solutions

“Linking Artificial Intelligence” SK Hynix’s booth showcased its cutting-edge AI server solutions, innovative technologies for on-device AI PCs, and exceptional consumer SSD goods, all under the theme “Memory, The Power of AI.”

High bandwidth and capacity memory solutions from SK Hynix are tailored for AI systems.

Among the AI server solutions on show was HBM3E, the fifth version of HBM. With its enormous capacity, superior heat dissipation capability, and industry-leading 1.18 terabytes (TB) per second data processing performance, HBM3E is designed to satisfy the demands of AI servers and other applications.

High Bandwidth Memory

A high-performance, high-value product that connects numerous DRAMs vertically using through-silicon via (TSV) to achieve substantially faster data processing speeds than current DRAMs.

CXL is another technology that has proven essential for AI servers since it may boost processing power and system bandwidth. By introducing its CXL Memory Module-DDR5 (CMM-DDR5), which dramatically increases system bandwidth and capacity in comparison to systems that are merely outfitted with DDR5, SK Hynix demonstrated the strength of its CXL portfolio. The server DRAM products DDR5 RDIMM and MCR DIMM were among the other AI server solutions on exhibit. SK Hynix, in instance, debuted their towering 128-gigabyte (GB) MCR DIMM at an exhibition.

Compute Express Link

High-performance computing systems are built using this next-generation PCIe-based interconnect technology.

Double Data Rate 5

A server DRAM that provides improved bandwidth and power efficiency over the previous generation, DDR4, to successfully manage the growing needs of larger and more complex data workloads.

Registered Dual In-line Memory Module

The Registered Dual In-line Memory Module (RDIMM) is a high-density memory module designed to connect DRAM dies vertically in servers and other applications.

Multiplexer Combined Ranks Dual In-line Memory Module

All-Time Multiplexer Ranks The Dual In-line Memory Module (MCR DIMM) is a motherboard-bonded module product that combines multiple DRAMs to operate two rank-one basic information processing units at the same time, improving speed.

Additionally, several of the company’s business SSDs (eSSD), such as the PS1010 and PE9010, were on display for visitors to the stand. Specifically, the fast sequential read speed of the PCIe Gen5-based PS1010 makes it perfect for AI, big data, and machine learning applications. Furthermore, by introducing its flagship devices, the D5-P5430 and D5-P5336, which have ultrahigh capacities of up to 30.72 TB and 61.44 TB, respectively, SK Hynix’s U.S. subsidiary Solidigm enhanced the eSSD range.

Peripheral Component Interconnect Express 

Digital device motherboards employ PCIe, or peripheral component interconnect express, a high-speed input/output interface with a serialisation format.

SK Hynix demonstrated its ground-breaking memory solutions for on-device AI PCs, in keeping with the expanding on-device AI trend. Among them was PCB01, a PCIe Gen5 client SSD for on-device AI that has the fastest sequential read and write speeds in the business at 14 gigabytes per second (GB/s) and 12 GB/s, respectively. In addition to PCB01, SK Hynix showcased other products designed for on-device AI PCs, such as GDDR7, the next generation graphic DRAM, and LPCAMM2, a module solution that can replace two DDR5 SODIMMs with the same performance.

On-device AI

Unlike cloud-based AI services, which depend on a distant cloud server, on-device AI does AI computation and inference directly within devices like PCs or smartphones.

Low Power Compression Attached Memory Module 2

Minimal Power Compression The LPDDR5X-based Attached Memory Module 2 (LPCAMM2) module solution provides great performance, power efficiency, and space reductions.

Small Outline Dual In-line Memory Module

The server DRAM known as a Small Outline Dual In-line Memory Module (SODIMM) is smaller than the standard DIMM found in desktop computers.

Platinum P41 SSD

Additionally, attendees might get a look at consumer SSDs from SK Hynix. The incredibly dependable consumer SSD Platinum P51 and Platinum P41, which provide great speed to improve PC performance, were on exhibit at the event. The Platinum P51, which is scheduled for mass production later in 2024, makes use of SK Hynix’s “Aries,” the first high-performance internal controller in the industry. With sequential read and write speeds of up to 14 GB/s and 12 GB/s, respectively, Platinum P51 roughly doubles the speed capabilities of Platinum P41, the previous version. This loads AI training and inference LLMs in under a second.

Large language model

Generative AI problems require LLMs to construct, summarise, and translate texts using massive data sets.

At the presentation, a revised version of the portable SSD Beetle X31 was also revealed. With a USB 3.2 Gen 2 interface, this small and fashionable SSD can operate at a speedy 10 gigabits per second (Gbps). In the third quarter of 2024, SK Hynix intends to release the higher-capacity 2 TB version in addition to the current 512 GB and 1 TB variants.

SK Hynix Platinum P41

A prominent 2024 Red Dot Design Award was given to SK Hynix’s stick-type SSD Tube T31 and heat sink for Platinum P41, Haechi H02, earlier in May, highlighting the SSD lineup’s exceptional design.

Finally, SK Hynix’s ESG strategy which included enhancing the energy efficiency of its products was showcased at the show. The company’s selection of energy-efficient products is especially well-suited for enhancing the sustainability of AI applications, which have high power requirements.

Maintaining the Advancement of AI Memory

In keeping with the COMPUTEX Taipei 2024 theme, SK Hynix is working to develop its technology in order to contribute to the realisation of a day when “Connecting AI” is a common occurrence. To advance its AI memory capabilities, the company will keep taking part in international conferences that showcase the newest developments in the sector.

Cheekuru Bhargav
Cheekuru Bhargav
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