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MediaTek Kompanio 838 Top 8 tech features for Chromebooks

MediaTek Kompanio 838: Boosts Productivity and Provides Longer Battery Life in Chromebooks That Lead the Class

High performance computing is offered by the MediaTek Kompanio 838, which boosts productivity and improves multimedia, online surfing, and gaming. With the great battery life offered by this highly efficient 6nm processor, Chromebook designs that are thin and light will enable users, educators, and students to be genuinely mobile throughout the day.

Boost innovative thinking, learning, and productive work

The MediaTek Kompanio 838 is a major improvement over the lower-end Kompanio 500 series, offering exceptional performance and greater multitasking.

Due to a doubling of memory bandwidth over previous generations, the improved octa-core CPU with faster Arm “big core” processors and a highly capable tri-core graphics engine can handle significantly more data at a faster rate.

With compatibility for both DDR4 and LPDDR4X, OEMs can now design products with greater flexibility to satisfy market performance needs and BOM targets. Additionally, the highly integrated architecture offers the highest power efficiency available on the market for long-lasting batteries.

  • Up to 76% quicker visual performance
  • Increased performance in CPU-based benchmarks by up to 66%
  • Performance in web-based benchmarks was up to 60% better than that of the MediaTek Kompanio 500 series.

Superior Image Processing Unit for Cameras

The MediaTek Kompanio 838 equips Chromebooks with state-of-the-art dual camera technology and high quality imaging features. Photos and videos produced with the new MediaTek Imagiq 7 series ISP have more vibrant colours, especially in difficult lighting situations, thanks to improvements in HDR and low-light capture quality over the previous generation.

Improved AI on-Device

With unmatched power efficiency, the MediaTek Kompanio 838 with MediaTek NPU 650 offers entertainment that is more engaging and of higher quality. The MediaTek NPU can quickly complete complicated computations and is optimized for processing picture data efficiently.

Dual 4K Displays

For demos, presentations, movie nights, or just increased productivity with more visual real estate, premium Chromebooks with the highest quality screens may also output at the same resolution to a connected 4K smart TV or monitor thanks to support for 4K dual displays.

Perfect for 4K Media Streaming

With hardware-accelerated AV1 video decoding built right into the CPU, the MediaTek Kompanio 838 is now the perfect device for effortlessly streaming high-quality 4K video content without using up too much battery life.

Lightning-fast, safe WiFi

Support with MediaTek Filogic Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E chipsets by the MediaTek Kompanio 838 allows for dual- and tri-band connectivity choices. This enables more dependable connections with 2×2 antennas, quicker speeds of up to 1.9Gbps, and improved security with WPA3.

Extended Battery Life

With the class-leading power efficiency of the highly integrated 6nm processor, Chromebook designers can now construct fanless, silent devices with true all-day battery life.

The MediaTek Kompanio 838 is an excellent tool for the classroom that increases productivity and offers fluid 4K multimedia and web surfing experiences. With the great battery life offered by this highly efficient processor, Chromebook designs that are small and light enable teachers and students to be genuinely mobile throughout the day. These are the top 8 internal tech elements that support more creative thinking, learning, and productive working.

Top 8 Kompanio 838 tech features

1) Improved Efficiency

The MediaTek Kompanio 838 boasts an octa-core CPU with Arm Cortex-A78 ‘large core’ processors, a powerful tri-core graphics engine, twice the memory bandwidth of previous generation platforms, and exceptional speed and enhanced multitasking.

2) HDR cameras that capture excellent low light images

With the improved HDR and low-light capture quality of its latest generation MediaTek Imagiq 7 series ISP, images and videos have more vibrant colours even in difficult lighting situations. For more options and product distinctiveness, product designers can even incorporate dual camera designs with various lenses or sensors.

3) High Definition Webcams

Manufacturers of devices can design 4K webcams to provide superb streaming quality, which enhances your credibility when participating in video conferences and working remotely. In remote learning scenarios, this capability enables students to view the entire classroom and additional information on slides.

4) Improvement of On-Device AI

With unmatched power efficiency, the MediaTek NPU 650, which is integrated into the processor, offers effective picture data processing for more interactive and superior multimedia.

5) Upgrade the workstation with two 4K monitors.

Chromebook manufacturers can now incorporate the greatest detail screens into their newest models and add an external display connection that can output at the same resolution thanks to support for not just one, but two 4K monitors. For demos, presentations, movie evenings, or just to enjoy a healthy dose of increased productivity due to the extra visual real estate, connect to a 4KTV, monitor, or projector.

6) Perfect for Media Streaming in 4K

Now that the MediaTek Kompanio 838 has hardware-accelerated AV1 video decoding built into the CPU, it’s perfect for effortlessly viewing high-quality 4K video streams with the least amount of battery waste.

7) Extended Battery Life

With its class-leading power efficiency and true all-day battery life, this processor—which is based on an advanced 6nm chip production process—allows Chromebook designers to create designs that are light, thin, and even fanless. It also gives users the confidence to leave their charger at home.

8) Lightning-fast, safe WiFi

Although not a component of the Kompanio 838 processor itself, the platform gives device manufacturers the choice to use MediaTek Filogic Wi-Fi 6 or Wi-Fi 6E chipsets, based on what the market demands. This makes it possible to have dual-band or tri-band connectivity options. Both provide dependable connections through 2×2 antenna, improved WPA 3 security, and throughput speeds of up to 1.9Gbps (when using Wi-Fi 6E).

MediaTek Kompanio 838 Specifications



  • 2X Arm Cortex-A78 @ 2.6GHz
  • 6X Arm Cortex-A55 @ 2.0GHz

CPU Cores

Octa (8)

Memory & Storage


LPDDR4x, DDR4 64-bit

Max Memory Frequency

3733MTs / 3200MTs

Storage Type

eMMC 5.1


GPU Type

Arm Mali-G57 MC3

Display Resolution

4K60 + 4K30

Video Encode

H.264, HEVC

Video Decode

H.264, HEVC, VP-9, AV1


Camera ISP

16MP + 16MP @ 30 FPS

Recording Resolution

3840 x 2160


Peripheral connectivity

PCIe x1, 1x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0


AI Accelerator




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