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Tech Upgrade: Paris Navigo Card Now on iPhone & Apple Watch

Paris Navigo card

To ride the bus, train, metro, and more in the Paris region, users only need to tap their iPhone or Apple Watch after adding a Paris Navigo card to Apple Wallet.

Today, Apple and Île-de-France Mobilités unveiled a quick, safe, and private way for users to buy transit passes for the Paris area and add new Paris Navigo cards to Apple Wallets. Users of an iPhone or Apple Watch can tap and ride with passes purchased through the Île-de-France Mobilités iOS app or straight from Apple Wallet. Additionally, users may now navigate their excursions throughout Paris with the use of real-time transit information available in Apple Maps as of this week.

Vice president of Apple Pay and Apple Wallet Jennifer Bailey said, Apple is thrilled to bring Paris Navigo cards to Apple Wallet and provide Parisians and visitors with an incredibly convenient and secure way to ride transit in Paris and explore the city in the lead-up to what will surely be an amazing summer for the Paris region.” “The ease, safety, and security of buying passes and travelling with a Paris Navigo card in Apple Wallet on iPhone and Apple Watch will delight users.”

Purchase a Transit Pass and Add a New Paris Navigo Card to Your Apple Wallet
Today, users only need to launch the Wallet app, hit the Add (+) button, choose “Transit Card,” and follow the prompts to quickly and simply add a new Paris Navigo card to Wallet. Users can purchase any pass from the Île-de-France Mobilités iOS app or pick passes in Apple Wallet, eliminating the need for them to visit a ticket vending machine or reload a Paris Navigo card at merchants. Through Apple Wallet, riders can buy tickets for OrlyBus, RoissyBus, t+, t+ reduced price, and Navigo Day passes by choosing their preferred Paris Navigo card, touching the More (…) icon, and choosing “Buy Passes.”

Using your Paris Navigo card in Apple Wallet, tap to ride.

Using Paris Navigo cards with Apple Wallet makes travelling simple and convenient. If an individual has selected Express Mode, they can ride public transport in Paris without unlocking or waking up their device by merely holding their iPhone or Apple Watch next to a scanner. Alternatively, users can simply choose their Paris Navigo card from Apple Wallet and double-click the side button.1. Customers can still use their iPhones for transit even if they need to charge them thanks to the power reserve feature.2.

Privacy and Security

The security and privacy features of the iPhone and Apple Watch are fully utilised by Paris Navigo cards in Apple Wallet. Apple never keeps track of customers’ travels, and the Navigo cards kept in Apple Wallet are confidential and safe. The Secure Element, an industry-standard, certified chip made to save data safely on the device, encrypts and securely stores the card information when clients connect a Paris Navigo card to Apple Wallet. The owner of an iPhone or Apple Watch can quickly lock and assist in finding the device using the Find My app if it is misplaced.

Updates on Real-Time Transit in Apple Maps

This week, Apple Maps will also start to offer real-time transit information for the Paris metro, RER, Paris tramway, RATP buses, and other transportation options. Users in Paris can plan a trip with the help of real-time transportation in Maps, which provides comprehensive schedules, live departure and arrival times, and system connections. Users in Paris will now have access to critical real-time transit information, including delays and disruptions, using Apple Maps.

This is an explanation of the new Paris Navigo card system that Île-de-France Mobilités and Apple introduced for the iPhone and Apple Watch:

Practicality and Effortlessness:

  • A Paris Navigo card can be added straight to your iPhone or Apple Watch’s Apple Wallet.
  • To pay for your travel on the metro, trains, buses and other public transport alternatives in the Paris region, just tap your iPhone or Watch at the scanner. There’s no need to struggle with paper tickets or unlock your device.
  • For an even speedier experience, you may use Express Mode by holding your iPhone or Watch close to the reader without having to turn it on.

Buying Tickets:

Using Apple Wallet or the Île-de-France Mobilités app, you can buy tickets for your Paris Navigo card immediately. This means that going to ticket booths or vending machines is no longer necessary.

Extra Advantages:

  • It is claimed that this new technology is private and secure.
  • The release and the addition of real-time transit data to Apple Maps for Paris coincide, greatly simplifying the process of organising trips within the city.

The rollout timeline is as follows

  • On May 21, 2024, the Paris Navigo card for iPhone and Apple Watch was revealed.
  • Around the same time, real-time transit data for Paris was made available in Apple Maps.

Of course, let’s examine the Paris Navigo card for iPhone and Apple Watch in more detail:


Although there isn’t any formal confirmation, customers of iPhones and Apple Watches that accept Apple Wallet are probably covered by this scheme. Usually, this indicates that the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch Series 3 are compatible with this.

A Paris Navigo Card is Added:

The Île-de-France Mobilités app may have the details, but you should be able to add a new Paris Navigo card or connect your current physical card to your Apple Wallet.

Validity and Types of Tickets:

  • It’s unclear if all Navigo ticket kinds such as single tickets and weekly passes will be offered for purchase via the Wallet or the app.
  • For some passes or top-ups, you may still need to visit actual places of sale.

Privacy and Security:

Apple guarantees that the Paris Navigo card will be stored securely in the Wallet. To improve privacy, only a unique identifier rather than your entire card number is sent when you tap to pay.

Possible Restrictions:

  • Express Mode is handy, but it’s a good idea to find out if contactless purchases made using Express Mode have daily transaction caps.
  • For heavy users, phone battery life may be a worry. To ensure a smooth journey, think about keeping your phone charged.
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