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Rule the Game with Z790 AORUS XTREME X ICE’s Fury


The much awaited XTREME Prestige Limited Edition series, which includes the Z790 AORUS XTREME X ICE Motherboard, is now available, according to GIGABYTE Technology. This limited edition combines exceptional performance with unmatched style to satisfy both collectors and gamers with discriminating tastes.

In the world of gaming hardware, the XTREME Prestige Limited Edition establishes a new benchmark. It is expertly constructed and follows the most recent Current White Gaming Builds craze. Every part exudes elegance and exclusivity, with white iridescence, textures of crystallised titanium as accents, and a 99% Au gold serial plaque. The series boasts outstanding gaming and computer performance in addition to stunning looks.

Superior Motherboard: Z790 AORUS XTREME X ICE

The Z790 AORUS XTREME X ICE transforms the gaming motherboard market with its exceptional DDR5 compatibility, enabling speeds up to and including XMP-8266. With its revolutionary Dual Interface A.I. Boost feature, which optimizes CPU performance through extensive data analysis, it may be possible to push the i9-14900KS CPU speeds as high as 6.3GHz. With the use of this feature, which offers overclocking possibilities in a novel Biscuit’s Point score structure, overclocking may be done with only one click without requiring a BIOS reboot.


Exquisitely Designed, Immeasurable Beauty

Each piece is anchored in white aesthetics and combines iridescent designs with unique titanium frost patterns. It is adorned with a unique golden serial number, which is a mark of distinction and a dedication to the highest level of artistic endeavour and craftsmanship.

Magnificent Titanium Finish with Crystals

Titanium metal is shaped into titanium crystallisation by expert craftsmanship, with each design being unique.

Exclusive Gold Limited Edition Serial Plaque

Produced in a limited edition globally, every product is further distinguished by being inscribed with a unique golden serial number.

Mist Visuals

Experience the remarkable artistic breath that the semi-transparent matte decorative panel brings to the living area through the dance of light and shadow.

Pearlescent Artistry

With the use of colour and detail, every aspect tells a unique colour tale.


Xceed in DDR5 functionality

GIGABYTE is dedicated to enabling the Intel Core 14th Gen CPUs‘ unmatched performance. To achieve the best-in-class DDR5 performance available, every Z790 AORUS XTREME X ICE motherboard is developed with industry-leading technologies. Up to 8266 MT/s of Best-in-Class Compatibility DDR5 Overclocking

QVL Catalogue

Support for XMP and memory overclocking may differ. For more information, see the qualified vendor list (QVL). Keep in mind that product features can differ depending on the model.

Engineering for BIOS

Rich feature set of the BIOS that makes it simple to access the most DDR5 performance available.

Hardware Artistry

Utilise their cutting-edge technology to optimise DDR5 performance for the best possible gaming experience.

Sturdy VRM Architecture

Extraordinary delivery of power the all-digital power design of the Z790 AORUS XTREME X ICE motherboard enables the next-generation processor to operate at its finest while offering the best stability under demanding workloads.

VRM Design for Digital Twin

Guarantees consistent high-power output for sophisticated overclocking.

Effective Total Thermal

Show off your coolness. Modern full metal thermal design protects each Z790 AORUS XTREME X ICE motherboard. These sturdy heatsinks are designed to maintain the cooling of your system even at high speeds.

Heat Armour Fins-Array VRM

These sturdy heatsinks are made to maintain the coolness of your system.

Do-it-yourself Innovations

Fast-track construction procedure it should be fun and simple to build your own computer. In order to make the Z790 AORUS XTREME X ICE motherboard the most DIY-friendly ever, they are now introducing a number of advancements.

EZ-Latch Designs

Techniques that make it simple to add components without much effort. Just a guide; actual appearance may differ.

PCB Crafting

Extra layers for top performers the PCB, which is the motherboard’s fundamental component, is vital to its capabilities in a subtle way. There is no player who should ignore the information found in the PCB layers.

PCB with eight layers

Permits minimal EMI, signal integrity, dense integration, and power integrity for high-performance systems.

Double Copper Boosting

Improves heat dissipation, power handling, and smooth overclocking support to boost system performance.

56% Reduction in Dissipation Ratio

With their cutting-edge technology, improve signal integrity in high-frequency circuits and establish new benchmarks for high-speed electronic design.

Ultra Durable

Extremely robust

Anticipate everything. UD GIGABYTE Ultra Durable Technology embodies their highest standards to offer gamers a platform that is dependable, robust, and powerful all at the same time. The Z790 AORUS XTREME X ICE motherboard is constructed with durability and strength in mind.

UD Slot PCIe X

The most recent PCIe UD Slot X is incredibly strong and gives your graphics card better protection. 10X the capacity to withstand weight with its seamless, one-piece construction, the PCIe UD Slot X offers ten times the load-bearing strength when bolted onto a specific backplate. Inner Lining Rubber Strip This rubber strip prevents possible scratches on the PCB of your graphics card. Zinc Alloy High-speed signals are effectively shielded from electromagnetic interference when zinc alloy is used.

RAM UD Slot D5

The Memory Slots are strengthened by the one-piece, stainless-steel shielding design, which maximises signal integrity and overclocking capability. 1.3 times more anti-plate bending resistance and more than 5000 plug-and-unplug cycles. Signal Degradation Is Reduced Using SMD Technology

M.2 UD Slot PG5

Signal integrity is maximised and the M.2 Slots are reinforced by the one-piece stainless-steel shielding design.

UD Power Connector

Better power conductivity and heat dissipation are made possible by the distinctive design. Superior conductivity and signal transmission are offered by solid pins, which also lessen metal loss from frequent plugging. The best protection and heat dissipation are provided by the stainless-steel shielding design.

UD Nanocarbon Backplate

With the UD Backplate, enjoy the best possible support, defence, and heat dissipation.


Extremely adaptable

The Z790 AORUS XTREME X ICE motherboard is highly versatile, with numerous USB connections in addition to state-of-the-art Wi-Fi 7 capability with a new antenna.

Dual USB 4 Compatible Thunderbolt 4

Features 40Gb/s speed, support for the DisplayPort 1.4a, and the ability to charge while connecting up to 10 devices, including 4K/8K displays.

Discover endless benefits

Their unwavering pursuit of BIOS optimisation is embodied in the Z790 AORUS XTREME X ICE motherboard. Moreover, they are now able to provide next-generation performance in even more user-friendly ways because of their recent collaboration with the community.

Fusion of RGB Colours

Modify the motherboard’s RGB lighting or the lighting on connected devices. You can have the best VR experience with Wi-Fi 7. Virtual reality (VR) benefits greatly from the use of Wi-Fi 7. Wi-Fi 7 guarantees a seamless and engaging VR experience thanks to its high bandwidth and low latency features.

Superior Design and Craftsmanship

A demonstration of the GIGABYTE’s dedication to excellence and innovation is the XTREME Prestige Limited Edition line. Every motherboard has a unique gold serial number, which serves as a status symbol for the owner in the gaming community as well as a mark of exclusivity. Each piece is transformed into a collector’s masterpiece by the painstakingly created components, which have an iridescent ornamentation and a crystalized titanium finish. These details go beyond traditional hardware design.

An Entire Unpacking Procedure

GIGABYTE makes sure that opening the XTREME Prestige Limited Edition line of products is every bit as opulent as the merchandise. Consider the Z790 AORUS XTREME X ICE combo, which includes a beautiful toolbox that was custom-made to complement the motherboard’s looks. features extras like anti-static gloves for safe handling and a VGA holding kit to stop PCB bending, allowing gamers to savour the exquisite unboxing experience and establishing a ceremonial feel. In addition, each product has an exquisitely crafted outside box that matches its upscale appearance, guaranteeing that every part of the unwrapping process is meant to amaze and motivate.

⁠Accessibility and Data

As the pinnacles of gaming setups worldwide, the XTREME Prestige Limited Edition Motherboard and Graphics Card series combine exceptional performance, elegant design, and limited availability.

Specs of Gigabyte Z790 AORUS XTREME X ICE Motherboard

SocketLGA 1700
Supported Processors13th and 14th Gen Intel Core Processors
ChipsetIntel Z790
Memory Slots4 x DDR5 DIMM
Max Memory Supported128GB (Unbuffered DDR5 7600MHz)
Storage Options6 x SATA III Ports, 5 x M.2 PCIe 5.0 x4 Slots
NetworkingWi-Fi 7 & Bluetooth 5.3
Form FactorATX


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