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New MediaTek Wi-Fi 7 Chipsets for Popular Devices

MediaTek Wi-Fi 7

Today announced the release of its new Filogic 860 and Filogic 360 products, putting the company which was among the first to embrace Wi-Fi 7 technology into the market with the most extensive Wi-Fi 7 portfolio. Together, these second-generation additions seek to increase the reach of MediaTek’s portfolio of innovative devices that achieve peak performance and always-on reliability while using the most recent developments in connectivity technology

For use in enterprise access points, service provider Ethernet gateways, mesh nodes, retail, and Internet of Things router applications, the Filogic 860 blends a new powerful network processor solution with a Wi-Fi 7 dual-band access point. Streaming devices, edge devices, and a wide range of other consumer electronics can have next-generation Wi-Fi 7 connectivity with Filogic 360, a stand-alone client solution that combines twin Bluetooth 5.4 radios and Wi-Fi 7 2×2 into a single chip.The two new advanced Wi-Fi 7 solutions that MediaTek is introducing are intended for mainstream applications.

“MediaTek stands out with the most comprehensive connectivity portfolio on the market,” stated Alan Hsu, corporate vice president and general manager of the company’s Intelligent Connectivity Business. The identical technology as our premium solutions is offered by Filogic 860 and Filogic 360, which have ultra-fast speeds with lower latency and greater range in addition to outstanding dependability in demanding network scenarios.Filogic 860 offers a single platform for a dual-band Wi-Fi 7 access point, router, and mesh node solution for the retail and enterprise industries. Continuing on the success of its first-generation design, the Filogic 860 has a triple-core Arm Cortex-A73 CPU that meets enterprise and service provider needs for robust hardware acceleration for enhanced tunneling and security capabilities.

Features included in the Filogic 860 platform are as follows:The first low power 6nm Wi-Fi design in the industrycompatibility for 4096-QAM and MRU with a single-MAC MLO7.2 GHz, the industry’s fastest dual-band MLO speed, is compatible with dual-band Wi-Fi 7.With 4T4R for 2.4GHz up to BW40 and 5T5R 4SS for 5GHz up to BW160, each band has dual concurrent capability.Allows for zero-wait DFS Filogic Xtra range support with an additional receive antenna, increasing receiving distance with the use of an additional antennaFor high-performance clients including smartphones, PCs, laptops, set-top boxes, OTT streaming, and many more devices, the Filogic 360 is a stand-alone, single chip Wi-Fi 7 2×2 and dual Bluetooth 5.4 solution designed to give best-in-class connectivity.

The Filogic 360’s salient characteristics are:2.9Gbps-capable triple-band selectable Wi-Fi 7 2x2enables MRU 160MHz channel bandwidth capability and 4096-QAM.Using a special hybrid MLO approach, Filogic Xtra range support increases communication distance.For gaming and other applications, support for twin Bluetooth 5.4 coresFor LC3 codec support, BLE audio has inbuilt DSP.The 2.4 GHz band may be used by both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi without interruption thanks to MediaTek’s cutting-edge coexistence technology.Mass production of the MediaTek Filogic 860 and Filogic 360 systems is scheduled to begin in mid-2024, but client sampling has already commenced.




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