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Wait: Next Year’s Apple Watch Revealed 5 Exciting Upgrades!

Apple Watch Advanced Technology

Given the numerous current discounts on Apple products, you may be considering either purchasing an Apple Watch for the first time or updating your current model. Waiting till Apple releases its newest and best smartwatch model next year can be worthwhile if your present one is functioning perfectly and the only thing grabbing your attention is the thought of a good deal.

2024 appears to be shaping up to be a very significant year for the Watch, according to a number of credible speculations already. These five arguments will convince you to wait for the next generation model and hang onto your dollars for the meantime.

Significant Redecoration

It has been ten years since the launch of Apple’s first wearable device, the original Apple Watch, which debuted in April 2015. It’s widely speculated that a significant 10-year anniversary update may come as early as 2024, given the impending historic anniversary.

Timing a significant overhaul for the Apple Watch to mark its tenth anniversary is Apple’s intention. Reportedly, Apple wants to reduce the thickness of the current Apple Watch by adding a smaller case and offering an alternative band attachment method. There would be more room within the Apple Watch for larger batteries and other internal components if the new bands were magnetically attached to the device.

MicroLED Panel Display

Apple is reportedly developing a new high-end watch with a 2.1-inch (diagonal) micro-LED display, according to analysts Jeff Pu and Ross Young. Although it might be an upgrade to the Apple device Ultra rather than the Series 9, the device is reported to be arriving in 2024 or 2025.

Still, Apple might be designing other sizes, or the “Apple Watch X” that has been speculated is actually a larger watch with a redesigned shell and thinner bezels. Nowadays, OLED technology is utilized in several Apple Watch models; nonetheless, microLED technology is more energy efficient. In addition, it boasts enhanced contrast, richer colors, a longer lifespan, and quicker response times.

Monitoring of blood pressure

Apple has announced that it will include blood pressure monitoring into the Apple Watch by 2024. Users should be informed if their blood pressure is rising upward via the blood pressure monitoring feature, according to reports.

With Apple’s approach, blood pressure is presumably measured using sensors that measure the speed of the heartbeat wave through the user’s arteries, as opposed to the conventional methods that require an inflatable cuff wrapped over the upper arm. Systolic and diastolic measures, however, might not be accurate at first.

Hypertension Identification

Apple Watch is anticipated to identify instances of hypertension, or extraordinarily elevated blood pressure, as a component of Apple’s recently introduced blood pressure monitoring technology.

In order to aid in medical diagnosis, the technology will allow users to record their activities at the time of the hypertension. Also, the Apple Watch will advise the user to consult their physician or take their blood pressure using a conventional cuff, which can provide precise systolic and diastolic readings, in order to prevent perhaps misdiagnosing them.

Diagnostics for Sleep Apnea

A capability for detecting sleep apnea based on the Apple Watch is also planned for 2024. A condition known as sleep apnea causes breathing to briefly stop more frequently than usual while you’re asleep. Hypoxia and sleep deprivation may result from it. Making choking sounds and snoring loudly as you sleep are symptoms.

The Apple Watch is expected to analyze breathing patterns and sleep history to determine whether a user has the ailment, if so, directing them to consult a doctor ( November 2023).

Allow release

When Apple publishes its newest flagship iPhone, the iPhone 16, in September of 2024, it usually also introduces a new model of Apple Watch. Should Apple indeed release a 10th anniversary “Apple Watch X” next year, though, it might have something else in store.

Though it wasn’t released until April 2015, the original Apple Watch was revealed in September 2014, so Apple may choose to celebrate its anniversary on either date. A Series 10 or “X” would be more fitting for 2024, not 2025, as 2023 saw the release of the Apple Watch Series 9. However, the X moniker is still purely speculative.


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