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Must-Try iPhone Security Features to Ensure Intimacy

iPhone security features

Many safety measures are integrated into the iPhone to help keep you secure. As New Year’s Eve parties draw near, it might be a good idea to review what your iPhone Security settings you can activate.

Protection Against Stolen Devices

In the unlikely event that someone manages to steal your iPhone and discovers your passcode, Stolen Device Protection safeguards your data. Before stealing an iPhone Security earlier this year, there were tales of thieves spying on the passcode of the victim, which allowed them access to banking accounts, iCloud Keychain passwords, Find My, and other passwords.

To see passwords in iCloud Keychain, disable Lost Mode, remove content and preferences, use remembered Safari payment methods, and register for or view an Apple Card, you must authenticate with Face ID or Touch ID when using Stolen Device Protection. Changing an Apple ID password, an iPhone Security passcode, disabling Face ID/Touch ID, and turning off Find My iPhone all require authentication and an hour-long waiting period.

Since stolen device protection is a feature exclusive to iOS 17.3, using it requires taking additional actions. The iOS 17.3 public beta must be downloaded and installed by following the instructions on Apple’s beta software page. Stolen Device Protection is a little bit of a nuisance, but it’s worth the effort just in case if you plan to drink and be in public.

Note: Installing beta software on your primary device is not advised by Apple, and there’s a possibility that it could break your iPhone Security. Although they haven’t heard of any issues with iOS 17.3, it’s still advisable to consider the advantages and disadvantages before deciding to test the beta.

Check-In Messages

If you’re heading out, you can notify a family member or close friend about your plans and the expected time of your arrival by using the Messages app’s Check In feature.

Turn on Check In before you go, and it will monitor your advancement. Along the way, Messages will ping you to check in with you. If you don’t answer, useful details will be communicated with the trusted person, like your battery level, location, route traveled, the last location where your iPhone was unlocked, and your cellular status.

Check In is a function that lets you know that someone is watching you from a distance and provides specific information that can help locate you in the event of an accident, harassment, or other emergency.

Utilize Find My

With the Find My app, you can also grant a reliable friend or family member access to your whereabouts. Select the People tab from ‌Find My‌, then hit Share My Location.

If you’re at an event like a concert, you may utilize the iPhone 15’s second-generation Ultra Wideband processor and Find My pals feature to locate them among the crowd. Keep in mind that both parties must own an iPhone 15 model.

ID for medicine

Make sure the Health app has the most recent version of your medical records. To change your details, tap on your profile and select Medical ID.

Your name, age, allergies, and emergency contacts are all easily visible to others with this easy method, and the info is viewable even while your iPhone Security is closed.

Safety Inspection

Occasionally using the iPhone Security Check tool to check who you’re exchanging data with and who can follow you is a smart idea. Go to Privacy and Security, open the Settings app, scroll down, and select iPhone Security Check.

You can use the Emergency Reset option in an emergency, but you should touch on Manage Sharing & Access to give it a check-up. It will display information about who can see where you are, which apps can access your location, who you share photo albums and notes with, all of the devices that are linked to your Apple ID, and much more.

Notable Features

Emergency SOS – Utilize the side and volume buttons on the iPhone Security to secretly summon emergency assistance. For extra easy calling, push the side button five times. SOS settings can be changed under Settings > Emergency SOS.

Apple Watch Emergency SOS – Hold down the side button until the emergency call slider displays, then drag it to call emergency services.

Crash Detection –  Alerts local emergency services. Defaults to on, but check Settings > Emergency SOS > Call After Severe Crash.

Satellite SOS  – Get emergency aid in a remote place without service via satellite communication. For optimum connectivity, you must be outside and have a clear sky view on the iPhone 14 and 15.

Make use of Siri  –   You can instruct Siri to dial 911 or the emergency number in your area.

Need help quietly? Text 911. Enter 911 in the “To” area of the Messages app to text 911 in the US. Also works on Apple Watch.


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