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COLORFLY’s Latest CDA-M2 USB DAC Amplifier Drops!

Specifications of COLORFLY CDA-M2 Hi-Fi USB DAC Amplifier

The CDA-M2 Hi-fi USB DAC and Amplifier, proudly presented by COLORFLY, a premium professional audio brand of COLORFUL, comes in two striking colors: limited edition purple and starry gray. There are just 100 CDA-M2 limited edition purple available. Additionally, COLORFUL is pleased to announce that the CDA-M2 is the recipient of the coveted 2023 CGD Contemporary Good Design Award. Leading Chinese professional audio cable brand dd Hi-fi collaborated with the creation of the CDA-M2 Purple Limited Edition.

Two premium Cirrus Logic DAC CS43198 audio processors are included with the COLORFLY CDA-M2 Hi-fi USB DAC/Amplifier, a first for the M Series DAC/Amplifiers. Its internal circuitry is built on a six-layer PCB that has been gold-plated, with digital and analog circuits purposefully isolated for the best audio processing. With a dynamic range of up to 130 dB, the M2 also features two separate XR2001 amplifier chips for the 3.5 mm and 4.4 mm.

For U series players alone, the CDA-M2 boasts the state-of-the-art JitterKill Femtosecond Clock Technology, which is based on COLORFLY’s flagship player audio architecture. It carefully reorganizes data while in ASYNC mode, allowing audio signal transmission to avoid SRC and USB clock interference and opening up a world of pure, lossless sound.

OLED Panel

In addition to the newly designed control buttons, the CDA-M2 has an OLED display for convenient navigation.

Adaptable Dual-Level Profit

The two gain levels of the CDA-M2, High and Low, let users adjust the output for earbuds or headphones. The information displayed on the OLED display makes it simple for users to adjust gain.

Customized, Improved Cable

An improved USB-C cable with a pure copper silver-plated core for reduced latency and multi-layer insulation is included with the CDA-M2.

Game Mode UAC 1.0

The CDA-M2 is a high-quality audio decoder for compatible game consoles and has a UAC 1.0 Game Mode made for the PS5 and Nintendo Switch.

Memory Volume

With the new Volume Memory feature, the CDA-M2 may save its volume level when it is connected to any front-end device.

Important Elements

  • Interoperability across several platforms (Mac OS, Windows, iOS, Android)
  • OLED display with 128×64 pixels for visual operation
  • Memory Volume
  • Two kinds of gain: Low and High
  • Enhanced “ribbon” cable design for low latency and increased conductivity
  • Robust body made of CNC aluminum alloy
  • Two audio processors, Cirrus Logic DAC CS43198 pair
  • Expert player design
  • S/Pdif output coaxially
  • Five modes for digital filters
  • 3.4 mm balanced plus 3.5 mm single ended


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Gowri Priya
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