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New AMD RDNA 4 GPU are the GFX1200 and GFX1201!Good news!

GPUs GFX1200 and GFX1201 for Radeon RX 8000 series found


The two AMD RDNA 4 “Navi 4X” GPUs were listed in the most recent LLVM project notes. A developer has brought attention to the fact that the new GFX12 targets, GFX1200 and GFX1201, need target names and ELF numbers to be provided. It is said that for the time being, both GPUs perform exactly like the GFX11 of the “RDNA 3” family, but because they are still a year away from commercialization, significant variations may occur in the future.

The Navi 41 SKU formerly utilized the GFX1200 and GFX1201 ID, however according to rumors, AMD shelved their Navi 4X flagships, which were intended to use the Navi 4C die for a chiplet-like design. According to reports, the corporation is now concentrating “only” on the mainstream and high-end markets.

The key distinction between flagship and high-end goods is that AMD classifies items costing more than $500 as enthusiast class, and these devices mostly use the best Navi-X1 dies. That is not likely to be the case this time around, however GFX1200 and GFX1201 it is.

The two RDNA-4 “Navi 4X” IDs may represent the Navi-44 and Navi-48 SKUs, based on a post by Olrak29_, who has previously assisted in creating the die block diagrams and settings for various RDNA GPUs. AMD has previously made it clear that the numbers does not reflect performance or segment location, despite the name maybe suggesting that they are very inexpensive SKUs.

Initial development of AMD’s next RDNA-4 architecture, which will power the Radeon RX 8000 series, has started. In an attempt to better outperform the RDNA-3 family and add new functionality to the Navi-4X chips, the red team has announced interesting developments for their next product line.

A fully redesigned graphics pipeline, enhanced ray tracing capabilities, increased efficiency, and the astute use of AI accelerators are a few of them. These are positive changes that should help AMD and the graphics card business in the future. Based on the RDNA-4 architecture, AMD intends to release its next generation of Radeon graphics processors around 2024. There will be usage of a novel production technique.

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