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MSI’s MAG, MPG, MEG Series: Gamer’s Delight at Computex

MSI Gaming Series

The industry leader in gaming equipment, MSI, is excited to present its painstakingly created display at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Centre from June 4–7. The three gaming series from MSI MAG, MPG, and MEG Series are clearly displayed in this exhibition. Each series is uniquely emphasised to highlight the varied identities that MSI provides to different gamer sectors.

MSI’s extensive product lineup, which includes gaming cases, liquid cooling, gaming motherboards, fans, power supplies, gaming desktops, and gaming monitors, is thoughtfully arranged to engage gamers and showcase MSI’s core values and narratives. The product lineup ranges from the flagship MEG series to the premium MPG series and the mainstream MAG series. Come see MSI’s most recent gaming hardware breakthroughs, with a focus on the unique features and imaginative looks of each series.

The MEG Series: Constantly Pioneering, Constantly Inventive

The MSI flagship MEG series, which represents unwavering innovation in the gaming hardware market, is flawlessly showcased in the MEG booth, which is designed to convey true beauty and sophistication. This innovative series pushes the limits of what gamers may expect and continuously leads with ground-breaking advancements, setting new standards with its innovative technology. The booth highlights the precise craftsmanship and glossy appearance that define the MEG series, reflecting the series’ refined elegance and gaming luxury.

Never Stop Leading, Never Stop Inventing

MSI’s flagship MEG series sets new standards in gaming hardware with its constant innovation. This revolutionary series pushes gaming boundaries with cutting-edge technology and is always breaking player expectations.

The Ultimate in Style

Every object emanates refined elegance, crafted from premium materials with painstaking attention to aesthetics. This elegant series’ fine craftsmanship and glossy appearance epitomise gaming luxury.

Both aesthetics and design

The excellent build quality and aggressive, sleek appearance of the MEG series set it apart. MSI uses premium components, elaborate detailing, and RGB lighting that can be adjusted using the company’s Mystic Light software. With well-considered design features like improved ventilation and robust construction to support bulky, high-performance components, the aesthetics are more than just show.


The MEG series is centred around an uncompromising dedication to performance. The newest processors, graphics cards, and memory technologies are featured on the motherboards, graphics cards, desktop computers, and laptops in this series. As an illustration, MEG motherboards are compatible with the newest AMD and Intel CPUs and have strong power supply mechanisms that guarantee stability even when overclocked to an excessive degree. The MEG graphics cards have sophisticated cooling systems and are frequently overclocked from the factory to ensure peak performance even during long gaming sessions.

Novel Qualities

With its many state-of-the-art features, the MEG series aims to improve gaming. Among them are:

AI-Boosted Efficiency

Intelligent algorithms are used in features like MSI AI Cooling and AI Overclocking to optimise system performance and thermal management.

Superior Cooling Options

Technologies like twin or triple fan designs, Zero Frozr, and Frozr Heatsink Design enable effective heat dissipation, keeping the system cool even under load.

Fast connectivity

Fast and dependable connections are guaranteed by MEG devices’ many USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports, Wi-Fi 6E, 2.5G and 10G LAN, and other cutting-edge networking choices.

Improved Sound Quality

For gaming and multimedia, the MEG series offers immersive, high-fidelity sound with features like Audio Boost and Nahimic 3D audio technology.

User Interface

Users may adjust RGB illumination across all of their MEG components, monitor performance, and fine-tune their systems with MSI’s Dragon Centre software. With the help of this programme, gamers can effortlessly customise and optimise their gaming experience by having a single interface for managing their setup.

Overloading Capabilities

The MEG series is designed for enthusiasts who want to get the most out of their systems. Users can effortlessly overclock their CPUs and GPUs with a single click thanks to features like Game Boost, and MSI’s BIOS and software tools provide sophisticated choices for manual adjustment and fine-tuning.

The MPG Series: An All-Inclusive Search for Design and Performance

The MPG booth, which combines outstanding performance and beautiful design, is a perfect match for MSI’s premium MPG series. It is meant to enthral and interact. This series is designed to meet the demands of high-end gamers by utilising cutting-edge technologies and optimised configurations to enhance gaming skills. Reflecting the vivid and innovative designs of the MPG merchandise, the exhibit itself serves as a visual representation of the series’ dedication to both performance and design. Every component of the booth is designed to appeal to a different type of player, so it’s as exciting and dynamic as the gaming sessions it supports.

An All-Inclusive Search for Design and Performance

The premium MPG series from MSI is designed for gamers that want amazing design and top-notch performance. With cutting-edge technology and optimal setups, every product is designed to improve your gaming experience and properly meet the high-speed needs of modern gaming.

Designed to Show Off Your Personal Style

Accept the MPG line, where each item lets you show your personal style with eye-catching hues and modern design. MSI goods are made to suit your personal style and are always on the cutting edge of design, so every gaming session is distinctively yours.

Series MAG

The MAG Series: The Sturdy, Reliable Basis for Success

The MAG booth, which is designed to represent the fundamental values of solidity and durability, perfectly captures the spirit of MSI’s MAG (MSI Arsenal Gaming) line. Appealing to a broad audience, this series is a monument to durability and toughness, capable of withstanding the hardest game obstacles. The booth itself serves as a visual representation of the MAG series‘ sturdy structure, demonstrating its unwavering characteristics. It is a dependable backdrop that highlights the series’ commitment to providing necessary tools for success, making it a vital ally for players who value enduring dependability.

MSI is thrilled to showcase how these series, which provide unparalleled performance and style for players of all skill levels, are still revolutionising the gaming experience. Experience the gaming of the future with us at Computex 2024, where MSI will be leading the way with their MEG, MPG, and MAG series.

The Sturdy, Reliable Basis for Success

Stability and robustness are embodied in MSI’s mainstream MAG series, which is designed to endure even the most demanding gaming sessions. All of the lineup’s essential gaming components are guaranteed to remain stable thanks to their sturdy build, metallic-like hardness, and superior heat dissipation capabilities.

A Reliable Friend for Gamers

The MAG series has a sturdy look that highlights its resilient nature. Beneath its sturdy shell, MAG is more than just hardware it’s a loyal companion for players, offering vital resources for winning as a solo or team.

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