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Mastering Hauntii Game Controls: Tips & Tricks

Hauntii Game

Developer Moonloop Games and publisher Firestoke provide the captivating adventure game Hauntii. It explores the ethereal landscapes of Eternity via the perspective of a ghost named Hauntii and was released on May 23rd, 2024.

A Mysterious World

Storyline: The story centres on this, a recent arrival in Eternity, a secretive afterlife. A race of brilliant beings known as the Eternians guide wayward souls towards a soaring central edifice. You find yourself lost and alone when you come upon them. Mysteries surround their original intentions and beginnings.

To solve the riddles of Eternity and learn the truth about your own existence is your goal as it. You’ll discover an intricately created, aesthetically pleasing, yet bafflingly complex environment. An atmosphere that is open-ended encourages creativity in problem-solving and encourages experimentation.


Use your haunting abilities as a ghost to control both living things and the surrounding area. Create a variety of puzzle solutions and different strategies for fighting situations.


A large, intricately designed universe with constrained yet flexible settings. Whatever route you choose, there’s always something lurking around the corner just waiting to be found.


Assemble the Constellations to learn the tale of Hauntii’s previous existence. By exploring, overcoming obstacles, and exchanging items with other ghosts, you can locate the parts you’ll need.


Hauntii is a unique twin-stick game that blends traditional shooting action with a slower, more reflective tempo as you explore the exotic landscapes of Eternity. The soundtrack, composed by LightReturn, is highly detailed.

A Ghost’s Power

Having the capacity to inhabit both objects and beings in the environment is one of its distinctive characteristics. For you to explore and solve puzzles, this spectral power serves as the basis. You can take on the unique qualities and skills of different beings by occupying them. This creates opportunities to overcome enemies and hurdles in a variety of ways.

Envision owning a massive animal capable of breaching walls or an agile species adept at manoeuvring through constricted areas. You have the ability to manipulate and even take control of objects in the environment. You are encouraged to try and choose the best course of action by this possession mechanic, which encourages creative problem-solving.

Fighting and Investigating

Hauntii is a shooting game that combines traditional gameplay elements with a slower tempo. The game prioritises puzzle solving and exploration even though there are action-packed moments. In order to enhance the possession mechanic, the battle itself has been designed. You can strategically utilise your enemies’ weaknesses or powers against each other by taking control of them.

A fundamental component of Hauntii is exploration. Uncovered mysteries abound in the handcrafted world. You’ll come across secret passageways, collective objects, and brain-twisting environmental puzzles as you go deeper into Eternity. The exploration experience is further enhanced by the peaceful ambiance and engrossing soundtrack composed by LightReturn.

Exposing the past

You’ll collect pieces of constellations as you travel through them. Remembering of Hauntii’s previous life can be accessed through these constellations. By assembling and putting them all together, they can learn more about Hauntii’s past life and their possible ties to the mysterious realm of eternity.

There’s a Ghostly Adventure Ahead

Players that like exploration, puzzles, and a hint of the paranormal will find Hauntii to be a distinctive and engrossing experience. Hauntii promises an amazing experience for those who dare to enter Eternity with its mysterious story, inventive possession mechanic, and hauntingly gorgeous landscape.

Observe the following further points

Art Style

Character designs are hauntingly beautiful, and ethereal sceneries are expertly blended in Hauntii’s intriguing art style. A surreal feeling is created by the world’s abundance of muted colours and odd lighting.


LightReturn’s soundtrack is a work of art unto itself. Explore Eternity with a sense of mystery and wonder thanks to the soundtrack, which is a wonderful fit for the game’s theme.


Though Hauntii has a straight-forward plot, players are encouraged to explore and try different things because of the game’s open-ended locations and ownership feature. This implies that on multiple throughways, you can approach obstacles and puzzles in a different way.

Choice and Consequence

The primary plot will still follow a straight path, although there could be more subdued effects from your choices. This emphasises consideration for your decisions and adds another level of complexity.

Checking out Hauntii is highly recommended if you’re searching for a distinct and evocative adventure game. After the credits roll, you’ll still be thinking about the experience thanks to its unique blend of adventure, puzzle-solving, and otherworldly aspects.


What kind of game is Hauntii?

The action-adventure game Hauntii places a strong emphasis on puzzle-solving and exploration. It has ethereal atmosphere and unusual possession mechanics.

What is the ESRB rating for Hauntii?

Hauntii’s rating is probably an E10+ because of its theme components and light fantasy violence, while exact ratings may differ depending on the location.

What is the story about Hauntii?

The narrative centres on Hauntii’s quest to solve the puzzles of eternity and learn the truth about their own existence. Hauntii’s former life will be pieced together by you via collected constellations.

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