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Microsoft’s Commercial Marketplace Boosts B2B Success

Microsoft commercial marketplace

Businesses are increasingly relying on the cloud for every facet of their operations in this age of rapid change and AI-driven industry revolution. The need for more cloud solutions is rising as a result of this technological boom. Uncoordinated purchase can lead to inconsistent contracts, redundant features, and security threats because of insufficient vetting and unfamiliar providers, even though independent procurement of these solutions may occasionally be necessary. With AI advancing on a daily basis, this difficulty might become much more pressing as workers and organizations are under pressure to get the tools they require right away.

Cloud markets, with their central point of management and streamlined procurement processes, present a viable answer to these issues. The Microsoft commercial marketplace connects you to our extensive partner network to find, try, acquire, and implement business and technology solutions quickly, easily, and confidently in a world of complex dealmaking. This simplifies and accelerates B2B digital commerce. Marketplace simplifies the purchasing process by providing a single, dependable source for cloud products, ranging from infrastructure to artificial intelligence, which are then billed directly to your Azure invoice.

Simplify procurement through tailored agreements and flexible governance

Through private offers, you can work directly with software vendors to create customized solutions through custom deal-making. Before committing, you can use private offers to haggle over terms and conditions, adjust pricing, and test concepts or prototypes. In only a few minutes, Microsoft partners that sell through the marketplace can prepare a private offer for you.

If working with a channel partner is more your style, they can assist you in locating software as a service (SaaS) options and obtaining them through multiparty private offers. Multiparty private offers, which are already accessible to clients in the US, provide up more avenues for you to obtain the solutions you require via the market.

With the increasing demand for SaaS and cloud solutions, budgets for cloud computing are growing, making governance more crucial than before. With the marketplace, you may create a private Azure marketplace, which functions as a walled garden of allowed applications. Employees can peruse the catalog, but they can only deploy approved solutions. This allows you to centralize your investments within Azure. It is simple to propose a solution for administrator review if one is needed that is not found in your private marketplace, fostering creativity within the right bounds.

Make the most of your cloud investments to cut costs

Customers want to get the most out of their cloud investments as they grow. Microsoft immediately credits your Azure consumption pledge with 100% of qualifying marketplace purchases. Thousands of qualified solutions that contribute to your commitment are part of the largest partner ecosystem, which makes it simple to get discounts on your Azure infrastructure. A 40% rise in customers signing commitments indicates that more customers are realizing how to get more value out of their cloud investments. Of the enterprise customers with consumption commitments, 85% are spending more wisely by acquiring partner solutions through the marketplace.

The Microsoft commercial marketplace offers solutions that can meet your business needs and take advantage of consumption commitments, whether you’re looking to build new applications, modernize your data estate, migrate workloads and applications to Azure, or implement AI solutions.

Locate the answers you require

The number of partners using the Microsoft business marketplace has increased by 60%, and the marketplace now offers a comprehensive catalog of solutions to address nearly all of your technological problems. HashiCorp, NetApp, Elastic, and other esteemed partners are setting the standard as the marketplace catalog expands. Together, these partners’ volume increased by 171% in the previous fiscal year1, indicating that clients would benefit from simplifying their procurement processes and combining all of their cloud offerings into one marketplace.

Here is an example of one of these partners’ solutions

Elastic, Elastic Cloud: Elastic won two of our Marketplace Partner of the Year honors in the US and internationally this year. Elastic provides one-click provisioning from Azure to its customers through their Azure-native AI search solution. Users can quickly find the important answers from all data, in real time, and at scale by deploying Elastic’s solutions across dozens of internal teams via Marketplace.

Terraform, developed by HashiCorp, is the most used provisioning product globally. It can be used as the only control plane for an organization, automating the management of servers, databases, and nearly any other component of your cloud infrastructure with the help of infrastructure as code.

NetApp, BlueXP: NetApp offers some of the most widely used products on the market for data management and storage. NetApp is enabling clients to accomplish seamless data management, backup, and replication, mobility, analysis, and control, as well as ransomware protection for their customers’ business-critical processes, with more than a dozen Azure-benefit qualifying solutions. A trial version of the NetApp products is offered to assist you in creating, safeguarding, and managing your hybrid multi-cloud data estate.

Start using the market place

Microsoft is providing partner solutions to you in addition to our own services to help organizational change as technology needs grow and change. The market makes it simpler for companies of all sizes to get the solutions they need to prosper and expand by helping you work more efficiently, make purchases with assurance, and spend money wisely.


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