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How OPPO Lead with Robotics and AI Advances: Decode the Future

Why Does OPPO has Foster Product Innovation with Robotics and AI?

Intelligent robotics is being used in more and more applications, from smart robots delivering meals in restaurants to robotic vacuum cleaners completing their jobs in hotel lobbies. Apart from providing you with coffee, these sophisticated devices are also transforming production and research and development. One of the businesses setting the standard in this field is OPPO. The firm enhances the intelligence Robotics and AI and efficiency of its research and development processes by using intelligent robots and in-house AI algorithms.

At a recent “Tech Insider” event, OPPO gave journalists and key opinion leaders (KOLs) an exclusive look at how the firm employs intelligent Robotics and AI to advance R&D in a variety of fields, including mobile communication, image, XR, smart health, and more.

Using Robotics and AI technologies to expedite product R&D

Intelligent robotic arms are introduced at OPPO for hardware and software performance testing and product development. These robots are better than humans at jobs requiring a high degree of consistency and accuracy because of their innate design. Additionally, Robotics and AI they may run continuously for seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day, which greatly increases productivity.

OPPO Intelligent Imaging Lab:

Creating a neutral benchmark for evaluating smartphone cameras,Hundreds of camera tests are conducted on each OPPO smartphone throughout the development stage. OPPO replicated several settings in its Intelligent Imaging Lab located in Dongguan to conduct tests related to photography and videography.

The area includes typical user situations such a bar, restaurant, karaoke room, and retail center. OPPO allows robots to go about the settings and snap pictures on their own in order to perform the testing. In this manner, tests that a proficient engineer would need days to do now just take hours.

OPPO Communication Lab:

Sustaining your connectivity under all circumstances

Every day, They use Their cellphones for a wide range of purposes, including information searching, taking pictures, and playing games. However, their primary purpose is to maintain our connection. This essential communication technology is created and tested in the OPPO Communication Lab.

To create solutions for difficult network circumstances, the Communication Lab can mimic various network settings, such as congested areas and fast trains. In order to provide consumers with a consistent high degree of communication, it may also mimic the networks of other foreign operators.

OPPO utilizes a Robotics and AI arm that replicates actual smartphone users reading through social media, accessing the web, and doing other things in order to evaluate smartphones in these virtual settings.

OPPO NFC Lab: Guaranteeing a uniform user encounter

Every smartphone in the OPPO NFC Lab is put through tens of thousands of tests to guarantee read and write accuracy on various NFC terminal types. The lab now has an industry-leading automated testing procedure that can operate unattended for 24 hours a day thanks to OPPO’s installation of intelligent robotic arms.

OPPO XR Lab: Taking XR encounters to new heights

Robotics is also used in OPPO’s XR lab. Here, the head-mounted gadget is simulated at several angles and locations using a robotic arm. The OPPO team can now calibrate the fisheye camera, VST camera, and display according on the photos that are taken and shown.

By ensuring that things in virtual space match what the human eye perceives in the actual world, this technology creates the illusion of seamless extended reality. Calibration for each new generation of XR devices is difficult and time-consuming. But since Robotics and AI technology increases productivity, OPPO can concentrate on developing even better user experiences.

Ensuring that everyone may access smart living experiences

They can live intelligent, futuristic lives as long as technology keeps developing. A new age of rapidly advancing technology Robotics and AI, blended reality and virtuality, and intelligently linked everything is what lies ahead. One excellent example is the increasing popularity of smartwatches.

OPPO Health Lab: Bringing preventative healthcare to the mainstream

OPPO unveiled the new Watch 4 Pro recently. The smart watch can detect blood vessel elasticity using cardiovascular evaluation algorithms created by OPPO, which enables users to recognize the danger of vascular sclerosis early on.

The wristwatch also has a novel running form recognition feature that can identify parameters like as stride length, step frequency, and bottoming balance of the runner’s left and right feet. By using advancements in algorithms, data science, and sensor technology, OPPO is striving to enable everyday health management for everybody.

Hundreds of millions of ColorOS consumers actively utilize OPPO every month throughout the globe. The data center is equipped with enough processing power and bandwidth to handle OPPO’s hardware and software engineering as well as large-scale data processing. Owing to OPPO’s growing investment in AI, the data center also offers robust processing capacity for executing AI activities and creating AI solutions.

An another example of the company’s commitment to combining commercial innovations with infrastructure to reduce carbon emissions is the OPPO AndesBrain (Binhaiwan Bay) IDC. Rainwater harvesting is used in the data center’s cooling circulation system. Additionally, it has embraced immersion cooling for high-performance GPU server clusters rather than air cooling, which has resulted in a significant increase in energy efficiency.

OPPO has spent over two decades developing its skills.Robotics and AI In the future, the business will keep putting its energy into creating cutting-edge goods and technology that enable people all over the world to live smarter lives.

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