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Microsoft and MongoDB Cloud Services

Microsoft and MongoDB Alliance: Key Customer Benefits

Microsoft must remember that data fuels AI as Microsoft enter the AI era. This explains why Microsoft want Azure to be the best data destination. Customers can choose from relational, non-relational, open source, and caching databases in Azure. Microsoft also have strong partnerships with MongoDB Inc. to allow digital transformation leveraging their databases as Azure managed services.

MongoDB, a renowned data platform, makes data modeling easy for developers. Microsoft connection with MongoDB has grown over the years, culminating in a multiyear strategic partnership deal this year. Microsoft are proud of their collaboration to offer Azure a wonderful place to run MongoDB Atlas. The popularity of the MongoDB Atlas on Azure pay-as-you-go self-service has made MongoDB one of our top Azure Marketplace partners in the previous six months.

Microsoft wants to empower everyone to succeed, and their customers prefer using MongoDB to build apps. In year one of Microsoft’s strategic collaboration, Microsoft worked with MongoDB to help their customers do more with Microsoft services and MongoDB Atlas on Azure. Developers now use MongoDB Atlas in 40+ Azure areas worldwide, including Doha, Qatar, which Microsoft announced last month at Ignite. It’s not just about the data center developers need an easy way to start with MongoDB Atlas on Azure. With its code suggestions, GitHub Copilot makes it easy to build MongoDB applications on Azure. They are working together to optimize its performance utilizing MongoDB schema, among other things.

Customers are already benefiting from their strategic partnership. Their collaboration with Temenos helped their banking customers rise to historic levels. Another collaborative intelligence business, Mural, highlighted their MongoDB Atlas and Microsoft Azure experience to help clients communicate smarter.

Microsoft Ignite 2023: MongoDB

MongoDB Atlas on Azure client experience is improved by ongoing efforts. Microsoft and MongoDB announced three major integrations at Microsoft Ignite 2023 in November: Microsoft Semantic Kernel, Microsoft Fabric, and EF Core. How can customers profit from each?

  • Semantic Kernel, an open-source SDK, integrates OpenAI, Azure OpenAI, and Hugging Face with C# and Python. At Ignite, MongoDB revealed Semantic Kernel native support for Atlas Vector Search. Customers may integrate operational data and vectors in a single, managed platform with MongoDB Atlas Vector Search. Semantic Kernel lets customers add Atlas Vector Search to apps. This allows Atlas Vector Search to engage with retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) in large language models (LLMs), minimizing AI hallucinations and other benefits.
  • By uniting your teams on an AI-powered platform optimized for AI, Microsoft Fabric can transform how they work with data. Many applications use MongoDB Atlas as their operational data layer to store data from internal enterprise apps, customer-facing services, and third-party APIs across numerous channels. With interfaces for Microsoft Fabric pipelines and Dataflow Gen2, Microsoft customers can mix MongoDB Atlas data with relational data from traditional applications and unstructured data from logs, clickstreams, and more.
  • At Microsoft Ignite, innovative announcements made this integration seamless and straightforward for MongoDB clients. Microsoft revealed that Fabric is now broadly accessible and introduced Mirroring, a frictionless approach to integrate and manage cloud data warehouses and databases like MongoDB, in Fabric, during the first presentation. Now MongoDB customers can replicate a snapshot of their database to One Lake, which will automatically sync it in near real-time. Learn how Microsoft Fabric intelligent analytics can uncover MongoDB Atlas data value here.
  • Many of the millions of C# developers use Entity Framework (EF) Core, a lightweight, extensible, open source, and cross-platform data access technology. MongoDB revealed MongoDB Provider for EF Core in Public Preview. This lets EF Core developers construct C#/.NET apps with MongoDB using their preferred APIs and design patterns.

Each time, Microsoft worked with MongoDB to make it easy for developers, data engineers, and data scientists to connect MongoDB data to Microsoft services.

A year of collaboration improvement

These new integrations follow a successful year of Microsoft-MongoDB collaboration. Microsoft highlighted great developer news outside Microsoft Ignite:

  • August 2023 saw the general release of MongoDB for VS Code Extension. During its public preview, developers downloaded the MongoDB extension over 1 million times in VS Code, the world’s most popular IDE. This free, downloadable add on lets developers build apps and manage MongoDB data from VS Code.
  • MongoDB integrates with many Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform (MIDP) services, such as Azure Synapse Analytics for operational data analysis, Microsoft Purview for data security, and Power BI for data analysts to create and share dashboards using live MongoDB Atlas data.
  • Data Federation: Atlas Data Federation supports Azure Blob Storage in private preview on Microsoft Azure.
  • Microsoft have published tutorials on building server less functions with MongoDB Atlas and Azure Functions, creating MongoDB applications with Azure App Service, building Flask and MongoDB applications with Azure App Container Apps, developing IoT data hubs for smart manufacturing, and connecting MongoDB Atlas and Azure Data Studio for Azure customers.

The year has been terrific for Microsoft and MongoDB, helping enterprises of all sizes do more with their data.

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