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Breaking News: Surface Pro 10 & Laptop 6 have AI!

Microsoft’s AI-Focused Surface Pro 10 & Laptop 6

Microsoft has prepares 2024 ‘next-gen’ AI-focused Surface Pro 10 and Surface Laptop 6 with Arm CPUs and design changes.

Microsoft is revamping its Surface Pro and Surface Laptop models with new looks, features, and next-gen silicon.

The previous several months have been rough for Surface enthusiasts. Nobody knows whether Surface will survive Panos Panay’s departure or sink into irrelevance like Windows Phone.

Microsoft has stated its commitment to Surface, and Panay’s departure doesn’t alter that. Microsoft has narrowed the Surface range to its core mainstream devices, which is why saw so little from the Surface team this year.

Microsoft updated the Surface Hub, Surface Pro 10 Studio, Surface Laptop Go, and Surface Go lines in 2023, mostly with small spec boosts and price rises. What’s next for Surface since Microsoft didn’t release a new Surface Pro or Laptop this year?

Microsoft is updating its Surface Pro and Surface Laptop models with enhanced designs, additional features, and next-gen hardware including Intel 14th-Gen and Qualcomm X Series CPUs, according to Microsoft’s first truly next-gen AI PCs will be introduced in spring.

Intel and Arm more specifically Arm

For the first time,Surface Pro 10 and Surface Laptop will be offered in Intel and Arm variants with next-gen NPU technology.They hear the Arm variations will use a proprietary Snapdragon X Series processor, which sources are thrilled about.

Microsoft internally calls next-generation Arm devices with Qualcomm’s latest processors “CADMUS” PCs. The 2024 Windows release will use many of Microsoft’s next-gen AI experiences, and these PCs are designed for Hudson Valley.

Microsoft claims CADMUS PCs match Apple Silicon in battery life, performance, and security. Next year’s Surface Pro and Surface Laptop will be among the first CADMUS PCs to launch before the Hudson Valley release in 2024.

Surface Laptop 6

What changes with Surface Laptop 6? hear this next Surface Laptop will feature reduced bezels, rounder display edges, and additional connectors. This will be Microsoft’s first Surface Laptop design makeover, which is long needed.

The Surface Laptop 6 will come in two sizes again. Informed the smaller model will feature a 13.8-inch display, up from 13.5 on the Surface Laptop 5. Sources suggest the bigger model is 15 inches.

Two USB-C ports, one USB-A port, and the magnetic Surface Connect charging connector are expected in Surface Laptop 6. Microsoft will include a haptic touchpad (presumably with Sensel technology) and a keyboard deck Copilot button for easy access to Windows Copilot.

The Surface Laptop 6 is expected to be a major upgrade to compete with the MacBook Air.

Surface Pro 10

Although not as radical as the Surface Laptop 6, the forthcoming Surface Pro will be a major overhaul. sources claim Surface Pro 10’s panel is brighter, supports HDR content, has a new anti-reflective coating to prevent glare, and has rounded edges.

Microsoft may be testing a Surface Pro 10 with a 2160 x 1440 display instead of the 2880 x 1920 screen on prior generations. This lower-resolution screen is only being evaluated for lower-tier devices, thus the more costly ones will come with the higher-resolution display.

Microsoft will include an NFC reader for business clients and a larger FoV camera with Windows Studio Effects on the forthcoming Surface Pro. It should also have fresh colors. Heard a new Type Cover attachment may include a Copilot button for Windows Copilot.

Due to the impending Arm processor, this new Surface Pro will perform far better than the previous one, potentially matching the MacBook Air and iPad Pro.

Surface is working on what else?

In 2024, the Surface Pro 10 and Surface Laptop 6 will shine. Microsoft may release another Surface Laptop Go next year ,but don’t know the specifics.

Microsoft may also contemplate a commercial-only Surface Pro and Surface Laptop with upgraded Intel 14th-Gen CPUs and other modest enhancements. Not sure whether they will ship.

Microsoft is working on a major Surface Pro design change for late 2025. It’s too early to tell what would be changing, but insiders indicate the firm is considering a 13-inch and 11-inch Surface Pro.

The new Surface Laptop Studio is likewise scheduled for late 2025 release by Microsoft. The Surface Laptop Studio 3 will be available in Intel and Arm variants for the first time, but nothing else is known.

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