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MacBook Pro 14 inch display

MacBook Pro 14 inch:

Hugh Jeffreys, a popular YouTuber, has decided to investigate allegations of MacBooks Pro that, after having their screens replaced with non-Apple-approved parts, suddenly begin to fail in performing functions that are considered to be pretty critical. This problem has been seen in certain iPhones during the last few years. The vlogger adhered to the standard operating procedure that is followed on the channel while doing so, which was to get two identical units of the same product, switch their screens and/or motherboards, and see what failed.

The gear that was going to be evaluated in this most recent film was a pair of M1 Pro-equipped MacBooks Pro 14 with 16GB of RAM and a 1TB solid state drive. Such a machine would cost a consumer in Jeffreys’ home country of Australia hundreds of dollars.

After completing a step of disassembly that required the removal of 45 screws (compared to 9 in a Framework PC), the YouTuber swapped the displays of the two laptops, which caused LED backlight faults to suddenly arise in one of the devices.

It is possible, given the consistent forms of the darkish patches that are located adjacent to the infamous notch on the MacBook, to presume that they were caused by a malfunctioning display connection or the inability to properly snap one or more back into place.

However, considering that the second laptop had the identical problems after a display replacement simulation, it is possible that Apple is really associating each original MacBook Pro 14 display with its motherboard in order to discourage third-party repair.

In addition, Jeffreys discovered that the responses of the trackpad, keyboard, and sleep button on the MacBook were significantly altered when a tiny magnetic lid-angle Hall sensor was replaced with a different one.

As a result, it would seem that Apple is actively working to discourage independent repairs beginning with the very first generation of M-series MacBook Pros. On the other hand, the YouTuber in question did reveal that the laptops in question originated not directly from Apple but rather from a source of reconditioned Apple devices in the United Kingdom.

MacBook Pro 14





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