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What does RAM mean in Computer Terms

Random Access Memory and also called RAM and it is a type of Primary memory of Memory. RAM is volatile memory it means when powered off the data stored in the RAM also destroys automatically.

How many types of ram in computer

RAM is two types one is Static RAM(SRAM) and another one is Dynamic RAM(DRAM) These two RAMs widely used in current computers. Static RAM and Dynamic RAM both are considered volatile memory.  It means when power is removed from the system as its state is lost or reset.

What is the Memory Unit

The memory unit is the key component of a computer’s memory. It is necessary to set the memory cell to store a logic 1 (high voltage level) and reset it to store a logic 0 in order for it to store one bit of binary information (low voltage level). Until the set/reset operation changes its value, it is kept or saved. Reading the memory cell provides access to its value.

What is SRAM

 the memory cell in SRAM is a type of flip-flop circuit, generally designed with FETs.  In a memory cell a bit of data is stored using the six transistors. It causes SRAM to have a need for very low power when not being accessed, but SRAM is costly and has low storage density. It is also used as Cache Memory of the CPU

Static RAM Types

Static Random Access Memory (SRAM) is also called as Cachememory of CPU. SRAM are mainly three types L1 Cache Memory, L2 Cache Memory and L3 Cache Memory

What is DRAM

The second type of RAM is DRAM, which is based on a capacitor and transistor. DRAM works Charging and discharging methods this capacitor can stock a high or low charge (“1” or a “0” ) in the memory cell. But, the transistor performs as a switch that occupancies the control circuitry on the chip read the capacitor’s state of charge or change it and the capacitor refresh periodically, the charge in this capacitor slowly escapes away, the main reason for the leaking refresh rate, so DRAM consumes more power, comparatively to SRAM, but DRAM can reach more storage densities and lower unit price compared to SRAM.

Different between Static RAM and Dynamic RAM

It is Flip Flop CircuitIt is transistor Capacitor Circuit
It is CostlyIt is low price
It Consumes low PowerIt consumes more power
Low storage densityMore storage density
Fatser access timeSlow access time
Do not  require refreshMust be refresh periodically
Used as cache memoryUsed as Main memory
It generates less heatIt generates more heat

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