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Destiny 2 Final Shape: The Traveler’s Secrets are revealed

Destiny 2 The Final Shape

Destiny 2 Final shape After a February delay, Destiny 2’s eighth expansion and seventh year of content will ship on June 4, 2024. The Guardian seek for the Witness, the series’ main antagonist, who fled at the end of Light fall (2023) after establishing a doorway on the celestial Traveller. The “Light and Darkness” story, Destiny’s first major saga, comes to a close when the Guardian and the Vanguard stop the Witness from constructing the titular Destiny 2 Final Shape, which will calcify and destroy all life in the cosmos.

Apart from incorporating enhanced super abilities for the current Light subclasses, a novel subclass called “Prismatic” will be included, enabling players to blend and employ Light and Darkness skills simultaneously. In addition, new objectives, Player versus Environment areas, Player vs Player maps, player gear, weaponry, and a new raid will all be included in the expansion’s features. Year 7 will not operate under the previous year’s seasonal paradigm, which divides the year’s content offerings into four categories.

Destiny 2 the Final Shape Delayed

Rather, there will be three substantial episodes that each tell the story of the expansion’s aftermath and are stand-alone experiences. Each episode will have three acts. Due to the delay in The Destiny 2 Final Shape release dates of the three episodes Echoes, Revenant, and Heresy were also postponed. Echoes will debut one week following the expansion’s June 11 release date, while the other two episodes are tentatively scheduled for October 2024 and February 2025.

Destiny 2 Final shape Teaser

The Pale Heart, a new free roam location inside the heavenly creature known as the Traveller, will enhance the core Destiny 2 gameplay in The Final Shape. Parts of this location are inspired by previously explored locales throughout the franchise’s history. The “Legendary” difficulty of the previous two expansion packs will be extended to include both new and previously released story content. The Destiny 2 Final Shape will have a new raid that takes place in the Witness’s monolith in the Pale Heart on June 7, 2024, two new dungeons, and a revisited raid throughout the course of the year.

The Dread, the Witness’ personal troops, are a brand-new enemy species that will be included in the expansion after Forsaken (2018). These include the flying bat-like enemies known as Grims, who can slow and suppress players with a sonic scream attack; the swift-moving Husks, who use blades to attack players, and the Cabal Psion-like Attendants and Weavers, who use Stasis and Strand powers, respectively; the tall, slender, bipedal Omens and Harbingers, who use glaives in addition to Stasis and Strand powers, and the Tormentors, a unique enemy type that debuted in Lightfall (2023).

The Final Shape Destiny 2

Three new Light-based supers will be added to the Guardian classes in The Destiny 2 Final Shape

“Song of Flame” for Dawnblade Warlocks, which allows them to imbue themselves with Solar energy to unleash an endless supply of powered melee attacks and grenades, akin to the Sun singer Solar subclass in the original Destiny (2014); “Twilight Arsenal” for Sentinel Titans, which allows them to hurl three Void axes at enemies that can be picked up by other Guardians from the ground; and “Storm’s Edge” for Arcstrider Hunters, which allows them to throw an Arc dagger at foes and then teleport to it to unleash a spin attack.

Furthermore, a sixth subclass known as “Prismatic” will be included to the expansion. This subclass mixes Light and Darkness powers, enabling players to combine skills and supers from the previous five subclasses (Void, Solar, Arc, Stasis, and Strand). The Prismatic subclass adds two new metres that fill up when players damage and defeat enemies using either Light or Darkness abilities. When both metres are fully charged, players can use the supercharged “Transcendence” superlike ability, which increases weapon damage, damage resistance, and supercharged melee and grenade regeneration.

While Transcendence is active, players can also release special grenades that combine aspects specific to their class: Hilaire Spike (Solar and Stasis for Hunters), Freezing Singularity (Void and Stasis for Warlocks, and Electrified Snare (Arc and Strand) for Titans. In addition, Prismatic will have more Aspect and Fragment slots than the other subclasses.

In addition, each class will have an exotic class item for the first time since Rise of Iron (2016), the game’s previous final expansion. Further build crafting is possible with these exotic class goods, which are designed particularly for the Prismatic subclass. You may even combine exotic bonuses from other exotic amour released in the game from all three classes.

Destiny 2 Final Shape Leak

The Final Shape will include some significant modifications to the Power level system. Activities will now display whether they are Power enabled or disabled. For instance, if an activity is Power enabled, a popup will appear that indicates the activity’s Power level cap and whether or not a player has reached it. More players can participate in Power-enabled activities regardless of their current Power level thanks to the Fireteam Power feature, which lowers players’ Power levels by five levels relative to the fireteam leader, who has the highest Power level in the fireteam.

Any player’s character with a Power level corresponding to the character with the highest Power level will be able to receive gear thanks to account-wide power. Additionally, the Power activated difficulty modes will now be called Contest Mode, Master, Grandmaster, Expert, Standard, Advanced, and Expert, in order of decreasing difficulty.

Because of the new Power level system, Bungie will undo the weapon sunsetting that was first implemented in Beyond Light (2020). Sadly, any legacy weapons that players may have disassembled will not be retrieved. However, Bungie intends to update most legacy weapons to the most recent sandbox version, which includes build crafting and origin perks introduced in The Witch Queen (2022).

Destiny 2 the Final Shape release date

On June 4, 2024, Destiny 2: The Final Shape was released. This came after it was originally scheduled to be released in February 2024, but it was delayed.

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