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Resident Evil 9: The Next Chapter of Fear Will Launch Early

There are reports that Resident Evil 9 will be released in 2019 and confirmed soon

New Resident Evil 9

Last week, it was reported that the highly awaited next entry in the popular Capcom franchise has been internally postponed and that another game may debut ahead of it. Renowned Capcom leaker Dusk Golem provided this information in a message on The Snitch’s Discord channel.

After a week, Dusk Golet has renounced his earlier allegation of a delay. According to what the leaker has since learned, Capcom plans to release the game in January 2025. Capcom is expected to showcase the game shortly; it is scheduled for release in just over six months.

The leaker posts on X, saying, “I have good news/rumors to deliver on Resident Evil 9“. “I could overlook the rumoured delay. RE9 should be released and made shortly next year. If the information I’ve heard so far is accurate, January should arrive. It will have been under development for almost seven years.”

Game developer Dusk Golem added, “January 2025 was a timeframe I’d heard they were still aiming for, but you never knew.”

Resident evil 9 Rumors

Below are a few more posts that the leaker from today shared:

Since 2018, it has been reported that Resident Evil 9 is being developed. According to rumours, the entry would include an open-world layout akin to Dragon’s Dogma 2.

It’s an intriguing update on Resident Evil 9, even though they can’t be positive that Dusk Golem is spot on. As soon as there is more information regarding the upcoming Resident Evil game, will let you know.

Describe your feelings regarding Resident Evil 9. Is it going to be revealed in the upcoming months? When is it going to be released, if so? Please leave a remark below.

2021’s Resident Evil Village is Capcom’s most recent major new Resident Evil game; they gave it a great review at launch. “Resident Evil Village is a crazy, exhilarating journey that explores almost every horror subgenre and concept that has occurred to Capcom’s insane minds. Although the game’s high points are quite high, its gruesome patchwork is kept together by strong core mechanics and superb graphics. Even if you manage to escape Resident Evil Village, your mind will continue to dwell there for a very long time.”

Monster Hunter Wilds Is Presumably An Open World Renowned Game Like Resident Evil 9 and Monster Hunter Wilds, the publisher’s upcoming big releases, will both have an open world layout similar to Dragon’s Dogma 2, according to CAPCOM leaker Dusk Golem. Dusk Golem posted the following on Twitter:

So allow me to share this tiny fact: CAPCOM frequently approves new projects in groups of three or less. In order to take advantage of their new RE Engine, decent examples are RE7, RE:2, and DMCV. The notion to remake RE:2 encouraged them to also take on RE:3 & RE:4 for a remake endeavor. Dragon’s Dogma 2 enhanced the capabilities of the RE Engine for open-world games; Resident Evil 9 and Monster Hunter Wilds are the other two titles that utilize this technology.

If the report is accurate, it would represent a daring departure for the top horror franchise from CAPCOM. Given the nature, creating an open world for Monster Hunter Wilds may be considered the series’ natural progression; yet, the same cannot be said for Resident Evil. With the notable exception of The Forest and its recently published sequel Sons of the Forest, open world horror games are not all that popular. An open world strategy could compromise the scary atmosphere that developers have historically relied upon to maximize in their games.

Having said that, Dusk Golem assured fans that, similar to Dragon’s Dogma 2, Resident Evil 9 and Monster Hunter Wilds would maintain their own DNA. Since DD2 kept so closely to the original game’s formula, I really hope the development teams are a little more adventurous than they were. Otherwise, this could seem more like a reboot than a sequel.

Resident evil 9 characters

Since Resident Evil 9 is still in production, its characters have not been announced. Rumours, leaks, and Resident Evil Village’s finale suggest these possibilities:

Returning Characters:

  • Ethan Winters is Village and Resident Evil 7’s protagonist. Ethan may return with a new twist after Village’s DLC “Shadows of Rose,” which ended confusingly.
  • Rose Winters: Ethan’s daughter is the “Shadows of Rose” DLC’s protagonist. Her unusual skills and relationship with the moulds may make her a key RE9 character.
  • Chris Redfield is a Resident Evil staple. Even though his reasons have become more complicated, he may return in RE9 and be linked to Rose or the new threat.
  • Additional Choices: Claire Redfield, Leon S. Kennedy, and Jill Valentine may appear.
  • Novel Characters:RE9 should include new protagonists and villains because the franchise always introduces new characters.

Resident evil 9 Release date

Let’s review the present knowledge of both games, in any case. At the December The Game Awards, Monster Hunter Wilds was revealed as a 2025 release date for the PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series S|X. Additional details will be revealed this summer.

Resident evil 9 News

Conversely, Resident Evil 9 isn’t yet official. But given the success of Village, it might as well be. According to Dusk Golem, the game has been under development since 2018, the longest in the franchise.

The game will be released the following year alongside Monster Hunter’s second chapter, in anticipation of CAPCOM’s potentially historic 2025. The leaker stated that although it won’t be a straight sequel to Village, Resident Evil 7’s story arc would nonetheless be concluded. There would be a whole new plot line in the next part.

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