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Lenovo 100e Gen 4 Chromebook: Budget-Friendly For Students

Lenovo 100e Gen 4

Lenovo has resorted to using MediaTek as the power source for its upcoming line of educational Chromebooks. These gadgets can produce amazing experiences for both teachers and students thanks to MediaTek’s Kompanio processors.

Together with a variety of Chromebooks with Kompanio technology, including the Lenovo 100e & 300e Gen 4, the Lenovo MediaTek Chromebook Education school package also includes device management and security services.

With the help of strong, adaptable digital resources, students can learn both inside and outside of the classroom. The devices are efficient and easy to set up, which helps teachers manage their classes. This combination positions schools for long-term success.

Lenovo Chromebook 100e gen 4

This 11.6″ clamshell, which weighs less than 3 pounds and has a battery life of up to 16 hours, allows for exploration, teamwork, and schooling no matter what the day throws at it. The new DuraSpec standards, which include a drop onto concrete and a 360-ml water spill, combined with anti-pick full-skirt keys make the Lenovo 100e Gen 4 resistant to the inevitable knocks that come with learning on the go. Additionally, 4G LTE support, Bluetooth 5.1 capability, and WiFi 6 ensure that students stay connected wherever learning takes place.

Lenovo 100e Chromebook gen 4 Personally Dependent

The Lenovo chromebook 100e gen 4 is equipped with Kompanio 500 Series processors, up to 8GB of RAM, and up to 64GB of storage, so it’s ready to unleash your creative side. Together with the HD camera and integrated graphics, the new Waves Audio technology produces brighter, louder sound that enhances learning both inside and outside of the classroom. Additionally, teachers and students can access the newest software without pausing their studies thanks to ChromeOS’s integrated virus protection and background-updating automatic updates.


Whether students are in front of a teacher or travelling to football in the backseat, the Lenovo 100e Gen 4 is made to keep them interested and focused. Apart from having a 16-hour battery life on a single charge, multiple ports facilitate seamless connection of various devices, ranging from classroom equipment to external displays at home. Additionally, always-on collaboration enhances learning outcomes wherever classes are held thanks to Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.1, and 4G LTE support.


Based on the latest Lenovo DuraSpec testing, the Lenovo 100e Gen 4 is designed to withstand the rigours of hybrid education. With its anti-pry full-skirt keycaps and new, easily serviceable top-load keyboard, it can withstand spills up to 360 ml. Additionally, this durable device can learn from anyplace thanks to its reinforced ports, hinges, rubber bumpers, A-cover force of 60 kg, and drop test onto concrete of 76 cm.


The Lenovo 100e Chromebook Gen 4 offers protection from the inside out. Lenovo’s integrated security ensures that every facet of the user experience remains safe. In addition, ChromeOS security offers safe browsing, sandboxing, and the Titan C security chip, which was created by Google. Regular automatic security updates also take place in the background.

Discover the capabilities of the Lenovo 100e gen 4

The Lenovo 100e Gen 4 with Chrome Education Upgrade is empowering teachers and preparing students for the future of learning as it develops.
Schools can quickly manage hundreds of Chromebooks with the Chrome Education Upgrade. With a single cloud-based admin console, IT administrators can set up security settings, deploy new devices, and alter features.

By distributing standardised tests in Kiosk mode and sharing materials with the class in real time, the user-friendly platform enables teachers to customise the learning experience for each student. Stolen devices can be quickly and remotely disabled or erased if needed. All users are guaranteed a secure experience with Google’s free round-the-clock support.
In the classroom, at home, or in a hybrid model, the Lenovo 100e Chromebook Gen 4 fosters innovative learning that meets each student’s unique needs for improved learning results.

Lenovo 100e chromebook gen 4 price

The Lenovo 100e Chromebook Gen 4‘s pricing may change according on the store and its particular configuration (RAM, storage).

Lenovo Chromebook 100e gen 4 Services

Lenovo provides a wide range of end-to-end services to safeguard and support your investment, allowing you to concentrate on your studies rather than IT.

Enrollment in ChromeOS Zero-Touch

Provide employees with the appropriate devices while maintaining endpoint security, introducing new cloud-based tools, and overseeing overworked help desks. Lenovo and Google’s zero-touch enrollment enables auto-enrollment and remote deployment, with devices being shipped straight to users.

Protection Against Accidental Damage

Reduce student downtime and safeguard your device from harm not covered by the warranty by having limitless repairs available in case of accidental accidents. Lenovo Qualified parts and extensive diagnostic tools are used by Lenovo-trained technicians to perform Accidental Damage Protection.


Customers can offset the carbon emissions linked to their Lenovo devices as an easy and transparent way to support the environment. Lenovo has computed the carbon footprint of its personal computers at every stage of their life from production and delivery to use and disposal. After purchasing carbon offset credits based on the device’s estimated emissions, Lenovo’s carbon offset partner donates the credits to one of several UN climate action projects.

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