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See Amazing iOS 17.3 Features Today!

Apple iOS 17.3 Features

Together with collaborative Apple Music playlists, stolen device protection, and a few other intriguing improvements, Apple today announced iOS 17.3 Features, a significant upgrade to the iOS operating system.

Protection Against Stolen Devices

There were press stories earlier this year of a string of iPhone robberies in which the perpetrator spied on a victim to figure out the passcode before stealing the device, emptying bank accounts, taking passwords, and leaving the iPhone untraceable.

Apple responded by introducing Stolen Device Protection in iOS 17.3 to increase security. Stolen Device Protection guards against complete disaster in the unlikely event that a thief manages to get both your password and your iPhone. When Stolen Device Protection is on, biometric authentication using Face ID or Touch ID is required in order to erase material, access passwords in iCloud Keychain, switch off Lost Mode, and make purchases in Safari.

Changes to an Apple ID password, for example, need Face ID and have a one-hour security lag. Thus, in the event that you attempted to modify your Apple ID login credentials, you would have to first authenticate using Face ID and then wait for an hour for the password to be changed. When you’re in a secure environment, like your home or place of employment, these wait times are not necessary.

When Stolen Device Protection is turned on, the following activities need biometric authentication:

  • Using or seeing passkeys or passwords kept in iCloud Keychain
  • Requesting a new Apple Card
  • Looking at a simulated ‌Apple Card‌
  • Disabling Lost Mode
  • Deleting all data and configurations
  • Making specific Wallet purchases related to Apple Cash and Savings
  • Using credit cards that are stored in Safari
  • Setting up a new gadget with your iPhone

You cannot use a passcode to avoid using Face ID or Touch ID since these activities do not have a passcode backup. The following actions have a one-hour security delay and need biometric authentication:

  • Changing the password for your Apple ID
  • Changing some Apple ID account security settings, such as a trusted device, trusted phone number, recovery key, or recovery contact addition or deletion
  • Changing the passcode on your iPhone
  • Including or eliminating Touch ID or Face ID‌
  • Disabling Find My
  • Disabling Protection Against Stolen Devices

All iPhones running iOS 17 that is, the iPhone XS and later models can use stolen device protection. Toggle on Stolen Device Protection in the Settings app by selecting Face ID & Passcode. This is an opt-in function.

Cooperative playlists on Apple Music

With iOS 17.3 Features, Apple debuted collaborative Apple Music playlists. This feature allows you to take any playlist you already have or make a new one, and then invite other people to contribute songs and listen to the playlist. Friends, relatives, and other individuals who like the same music as you may be invited, and there doesn’t seem to be a limit on the number of contributors.

Go to a playlist in the Apple Music app, then touch on the person symbol to use the collaboration function. Anyone who is invited may see the playlist, and you will be able to create a link to share with others. Every new member has the option to have their participation approved; if this is left unchecked, anybody with the link may join.

The playlist creator retains the ability to delete users, remove tracks, and disable cooperation at will.

Teamwork Playlist Emoji Responses

Additionally, Apple included a useful emoji response tool in iOS 17.3 that lets users add an emoji to any music that’s currently playing to convey their emotions. A heart and a thumbs up are among the common fast access emoji selections; however, any emoji may be added by using the “+” button.

Emoji responses that have been contributed by collaborators to a playlist come to life when the music starts to play while you’re listening to it.

AirPlay 2 in Accommodations

Some hotels now let guests to stream media straight to an AirPlay-capable hotel from an iPhone, iPad, or Mac. The purpose of this function is to enable you to view material on streaming services without requiring you to enter your credentials to log in to a hotel TV.

Apple Insurance

The AppleCare and Warranty section of the Settings app, located under General, shows the coverage provided by AppleCare for all devices that are logged in with your Apple ID.

Identification of Crash

The Crash Detection function on the iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 models has been substantially enhanced by Apple. Apple has been adjusting collision Detection all the time to stop it from turning on when doing things that move in a way that resembles an automobile collision.

TV Series and Film Wish Lists

Apple discontinued enabling TV series and movies to be bought via the iTunes Store app with iOS 17.2 and iPadOS 17.2. Wishlists on the iTunes Store were sadly lost during the move, but they are again available.

We’ve included everything new in the iOS 17.3 features release in one guide.

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With the iOS 17.3 Features and iPadOS 17.3 upgrades, users who were disappointed about losing their meticulously maintained wishlists may now access that data once again. To enable customers to transfer their watch lists for movies and TV shows, Apple has introduced a new “Go to Wish List” option.

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