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Intel and Beewant: Multimodal AI Stars

A deep-tech firm with origins in data management and annotation, Beewant is a part of Intel Liftoff. A multimodal AI platform that allows businesses to gather, analyse, and interact with a range of data kinds, ranging from text and pictures to videos and audio, has been developed in response to the genAI revolution.

What Makes Beewant Unique

In contrast to conventional AI models, which focus on a single job, Beewant’s method generalizes to a wide range of activities required for next-generation data management. They give a chat-like interface and work to unify all of an enterprise’s data into a single vector space. This data unification allows Beewant to provide unmatched knowledge access across a wide variety of data kinds via simple natural language interaction.

Beewant functions as a wise decision support system by using the power of multimodal AI. By combining data from various data kinds, it produces insightful information that keeps workers informed in real time. To ensure policy compliance, the secure platform also enforces content control. Beewant also provides effective resource allocation and needs little training or assistance.

Beewant is, in other words, more than simply another startup; it represents a vision for the future of multimodal AI and data management in enterprises a vision in which data is instantaneously available and understandable.

Intel and Beewant: Multimodal AI Stars
Image Credit to Intel

Use Cases for Multimodal AI with a Wide Range

There are many applications for this potent skill. Here are only a few of the most practical uses for Beewant’s technology right now:

Financial services: Videos are being used more often for C-level interviews and market analysis. These films’ remarks may have an effect on commodities or stocks. It is simpler to evaluate this data using Beewant.

Legal Teams: To ensure they have the knowledge they need at their fingertips, legal professionals may upload all of their papers and quickly do searches for certain articles or themes in the law.

Security Teams: Beewant may make the process of evaluating security video quite simple. Users may easily alert authorities to potential fires, traffic jams, congested spaces, conflicts, or individuals in need of assistance by querying certain events or objects within films.

Marketing and communication: Beewant can even create emails based on meeting recordings, assuring prompt and accurate communication.

High-Level Decision Makers: C-level executives may use Beewant to immediately request data from different departments, from sales to marketing, and make knowledgeable choices without having to wait for extensive reports.

Science & academic: On the subject of AI alone, more than 5000 academic articles are released every day. Using Beewant, researchers may translate the findings of that study into their own language.

Travel: Beewant makes it simple to virtually explore new places and acquire crucial information in the user’s local tongue by fusing visual and verbal information.

Real estate: Beewant is ideally positioned to disrupt this sector since the majority of real estate transactions are now performed on video. Users may list and filter amenities and features on Beewant using a straightforward natural language interface, which enables them to quickly find what they’re searching for and perhaps make a sale.

Unlocking the Path to Scale with oneAPI with Beewant & Weaviate

The precision and scalability of their approach were enhanced by Beewant’s partnership with Weaviate, another Intel Liftoff member. The quick, multimodal searchability that distinguishes Beewant is made possible in large part by Weaviate’s vector database.

This successful collaboration was made possible by Intel Liftoff’s ecosystem and networking possibilities. The increased computing capabilities that both of these firms have been able to take use of via the program were also the foundation for the collaboration’s success.

“Being able to communicate with other companies was one of the program’s finest features”. We profited from being a member of the whole ecosystem in addition to the hardware and the team’s expertise. Because of how effectively the ecosystem functions, we were able to construct the Beewant solution so rapidly, according to Ahmed Joudad, CEO of Beewant.

Intel Innovation, Beewant

The partnership between Beewant and Intel is evidence of their dedication to enhanced performance and efficiency. To guarantee smooth data processing, they have successfully used Intel hardware, in particular the Intel Developer Cloud, Intel Data Center GPU Max, and 4th Generation Xeon Scalable CPUs. This partnership takes use of both CPU and GPU capabilities, enabling effective parallelization and quick data intake.

During the forthcoming Intel Innovation event, Beewant plans to demonstrate the possibilities of their platform. They will emphasize how they combine data from many company departments and make it queryable via their system as the main point of their presentation.


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