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ASUS Introduces TUF Gaming TR120 ARGB Chassis Fans

ASUS made the announcement that they will be releasing TUF Gaming TR120 ARGB case fans. These fans provide great airflow and polished looks from your perspective.

Cooling that is excellent for every building

The cooling capacity of the TUF Gaming TR120 ARGB fans has been improved with next-generation enhancements. The fan blades have been rebuilt to be extra-wide, and they are now housed in a frame that is 28 millimetres thick, which is up to 12 percent thicker than the previous version. Both the airflow and the static pressure can be increased by up to 3.3 mmH2O and 77.4 CFM, respectively, when these factors are combined. These 120 mm fans ensure that a construct receives the consistent flow of cooling air that it need when it is subjected to a demanding workload.

Not only are the TUF Gaming TR120 ARGB case fans designed to operate quietly, but they are also designed to perform exceptionally well. They generate a maximum of 29 decibels of acoustic noise. In the midst of the conflict, it is quite improbable that users will hear them at all.

Refined appearances from any vantage point

Users are only able to see the sides and rear of typical case fans when they are utilised as intakes in a panoramic chassis. This means that the fans are not always presented in the most advantageous manner. This means that components like as structural supports, wiring, and visible parts of the motor are given the front-and-center treatment rather than RGB LED illumination and any decorations that are facing the front of the device.

In order to address this issue, the TUF Gaming TR120 ARGB fans are offered in two different editions: the basic version and the reverse-airflow edition. Therefore, when consumers glance inside their chassis, they will see the front side of the fan regardless of whether they are bringing in cool air or escorting warm air out. This is because the fan face is always facing front.

Although there are several competitors that produce reverse-airflow fans that address aesthetic problems, the airflow performance of these fans is much lower than that of their standard-airflow counterparts. The reverse-airflow TUF Gaming TR120 ARGB fans, on the other hand, have a static pressure of 2.75 mmH2O and an airflow of 76.3 CFM. This allows them to maintain a significant portion of the cooling power that their standard-airflow counterparts have.

Illumination that may be changed on all sides

The TUF Gaming TR120 ARGB fans are a natural choice for panoramic projects or for any personal computer that provides more than a glance of its case fans. This is because their aesthetic look has been updated. To further enhance the ARGB lighting effects, an 8+8 double-layer LED array has been installed. This array distributes light uniformly throughout all of the fan blades and the frame.

As a result of the fact that numerous chassis installation points show off the sides of a case fan, the TR120 ARGB extends the lightshow to the sides as well. This is accomplished through the use of translucent panels that surround the frame. The diverse patterns on each side interact in eye-catching ways, depending on how users line them up with adjacent fans, which provides a fun way to personalise a personal computer.

A style that is both serious and cool

Whether you are constructing a personal computer in a panoramic chassis, which requires a fleet of high-performance fans that are both eye-catching and high-performance, or you are simply outfitting a normal personal computer with ARGB fans that give fantastic airflow and static pressure, the new TUF Gaming TR120 ARGB fans are ready to go.

TUF Gaming TR120 ARGB chassis fan features high static pressure and airflow performance with personalized lighting

  • Higher cooling performance with an extra-thick 28mm fan frame
  • Class-leading static pressure at 3.3 mmH2O with high airflow
  • Exclusive double-layer LED Matrix design with individual 16 Addressable RGB LEDs
  • Personalized aesthetics with a flexible side pattern on the frame
  • PWM control with an ultra-wide RPM range that allows optimal cooling for all types of workloads
  • Aura Sync compatibility that lets you coordinate colors and lighting effects with a huge range of hardware
  • Available in black and white and in standard and reverse orientation to suit a variety of PC builds


Are there standard and reverse airflow models?

Yes, to accommodate varying cooling requirements in your PC system, the TR120 ARGB Fan is available in both conventional and reverse airflow types.

Does the TR120 ARGB Fan come with an ARGB controller?

No, the fan alone is all that is included in the single pack edition. There is a different product called the triple fan kit with controller.

ASUS TUF Gaming TR120 ARGB Fan Specs

ModelTUF Gaming TR120 ARGB Fan
Fan Size120 x 120 x 28 mm
Fan BearingHydraulic Bearing
Fan Speed2000 RPM (+/- 10%)
Fan Airflow77.4 CFM
Fan Pressure3.3 mmH2O
Fan Noise Level29 dB(A)
AURA SyncYes
LightingDouble-layer LED Matrix design with individual 16 Addressable RGB LEDs
Other Features– Personalized aesthetics with a flexible side pattern on the frame


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