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The Orange Pi Watch D Pro: Your All-In-One Fitness Friend

Orange Pi Watch D Pro

Orange Pi has hinted at a new smartwatch that it claims has the ability to measure multiple vital signs exceptionally accurately. If these claims are accurate, this would truly be a breakthrough.

A well-known hardware brand, Orange Pi, is already associated with a number of single-board computers that serve as Raspberry Pi substitutes. Nonetheless, there has been some recent diversification of the company’s portfolio. For instance, a portable game device has been revealed.

Not to mention, the company teased, but also announced, its own smartwatch at a recent developer conference. Orange Pi has already made some audacious claims regarding the performance of the optical sensor technology in its upcoming smartwatch, the Orange Pi Watch D Pro, though the information is still very limited.

For instance, it will be able to track blood pressure and blood sugar levels in addition to measuring heart rate, which is now fairly common. Although this is theoretically possible given how electromagnetic radiation and blood sugar interact, precise measurements of this would still be a significant advance and would practically overnight establish the company as a highly sought-after supplier of medical supplies worldwide.

Additionally, Orange Pi states that the measurement results in idle mode will be accurate enough to be approved for use in medical devices. Naturally, they should take these claims with a grain of salt; they recently uncovered a very ambitiously advertised smartwatch feature that was non-operational. By contrast, blood pressure can already be measured with support for calibration on Samsung smartwatches.

According to photos, the Orange Pi Watch D is a circular smartwatch with a crown and a fashionable or at the very least, understated visual design.

It is crucial to remember that information is limited and the watch is not yet available. This is what they currently know

Health Monitoring

The Orange Pi Watch D Pro’s primary selling point is its purported high degree of accuracy in measuring blood pressure and blood sugar, much like a medical device. Although this would be a huge step forward for smartwatch technology, these claims have not been independently verified.


It is thought to measure blood sugar levels using a method that emits green light.

Additional Features

The information that is currently available mentions basic smartwatch functionality but provides no details beyond health monitoring.


Since Orange Pi is a well-known brand for single-board computers, developers or tech enthusiasts may be the target market for the Watch D Pro.

All things considered, the Orange Pi Watch D Pro is a neat idea with potentially ground-breaking health functions. Nevertheless, it’s too soon to predict with certainty how well it will do given the scant information and absence of a release date

A new smartwatch called the Orange Pi Watch D Pro was unveiled at the Orange Pi Developer Conference in 2024. It is unique in that it makes the claim to measure blood pressure and sugar as accurately as medical equipment.

Current knowledge

Tracking blood sugar and pressure

Optical sensors for blood pressure and sugar monitoring are essential. If true, smartwatch technology would advance greatly.

Accuracy Claims

Orange Pi asserts that the watch’s accuracy is comparable to that of medical devices, but this has not yet been independently confirmed.


It is thought to measure blood sugar levels using the green light method.


Specifics are limited, but it is anticipated to have features similar to those found in smartwatches in addition to health monitoring.

All things considered, the Orange Pi Watch D Pro is an intriguing idea, despite the paucity of information about it. It might revolutionise the market for health-focused smartwatches if the blood pressure and blood sugar tracking claims prove to be accurate. To find out for sure how accurate it is, we’ll have to wait for a release and independent testing.

Orange Pi Watch D Pro specification

Health MonitoringBlood Glucose (non-invasive), Blood Pressure, “Micro-physical examination”
Accuracy ClaimMedical device precision (for blood sugar)
SourceOrange Pi Developer Conference 2024


Orange Pi Watch D Pro FAQ

A new smartwatch called the Orange Pi Watch D Pro has created some excitement because of its bold claims to be able to measure blood pressure and blood sugar with precision comparable to that of a medical professional. But there isn’t much information available yet because it hasn’t been released. This is what they currently know

What is the Orange Pi Watch D Pro?

A smartwatch from Orange Pi, a manufacturer of single-board computers, is the Orange Pi Watch D Pro. The purpose of this wristwatch is to track multiple health metrics, such as:
Heart Rate, as is customary with smartwatches
Blood pressure (a bold assertion)
Blood Sugar (an extremely bold statement)

How does it measure blood sugar and blood pressure?

According to Orange Pi, their unique optical sensor uses the interaction of green light to measure blood sugar levels. This would be a huge advancement in non-invasive blood sugar monitoring if it were true.

Is it accurate?

There is a serious doubt about the precision of these measures, particularly blood pressure and blood sugar. These have historically required invasive procedures. Orange Pi promises accuracy comparable to that of medicine, but independent confirmation is required.

When will it be released?

The Orange Pi Watch D Pro has not yet been given an official release date. It was only hinted at at a developer conference a short while ago.

Where can I find more information?

There isn’t much news or information available right now regarding the Orange Pi Watch D Pro. You can monitor Orange Pi’s website or use search phrases like “Orange Pi smartwatch” or “Orange Pi Watch D Pro” to look for updates.

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