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Admire HP and Poly Studio G62 Video Conferencing System

In today’s hybrid world, being able to connect, communicate, and create with colleagues around the world is not just convenient it’s essential. Poly Studio G62 modular video conferencing system. Thus, it should come as no surprise that room endpoints, which include PC-based room kits, are expected to increase at a substantial rate by 2028 up to 20% Compound Annual Growth Rate, or CAGR according to Frost & Sullivan.

HP unveiled its next-generation Poly video conferencing and collaboration solutions today in response to this need, promising to provide more intelligent, adaptable, and engaging meeting experiences.

Sensible Options for Modular Areas

Co-engineered by HP’s desktop compute and collaboration teams, the Poly Studio Base Kit G9 Plus is a next-generation room solution for Microsoft Teams Rooms. The solution combines HP’s optimal compute performance with Poly’s illustrious collaboration experience. It consists of the new HP Mini IP PC G9 and Poly TC10 controller, which connects directly to the PC via a straightforward Power over Ethernet (PoE) connection. For more adaptability, more controllers can be added in bigger spaces. To suit the requirements of the meeting space, just combine the base kit with appropriate Poly cameras and other

Poly Studio V52

The greatest meeting experiences eliminate distracting background noise and enable participants to be seen and heard, even from a distance. To utilise Poly’s AI-driven audio and video features like Poly DirectorAI Perimeter, NoiseBlockAI, and Sound Reflection Reduction to reduce distractions and frame-up participants, a few Poly devices, like the Poly Studio V52 video bar, can be connected to the HP Mini IP PC. Your team meetings will become more productive with these kinds of collaborative AI advancements, enabling you to conduct your best meetings consistently.

Get moved

With a razor-sharp 4K 20MP camera, 5X zoom, and exceptional sound and audio pickup, you can meet like you’re in the same room.

Create a more effective dialogue

The most recent AI smart technology makes sure that everyone is constantly in focus, in frame, and engaged in the conversation without interruptions.

Ready for any kind of gathering, elevated conferencing

You can collaborate more effectively and consistently in any Poly-enabled environment thanks to flexible USB connectivity.

Poly Studio G62

With the Poly Studio G62, big and flexible venues can now have enterprise-grade audio and video conferencing capabilities. The system is modular. The Poly Studio G62 is the perfect option for board rooms, classrooms, and flexible spaces because of its modular architecture, which allows it to easily integrate with a variety of peripherals like cameras, microphones, and controllers.

Even in the largest meeting venues, the Poly Studio G62 offers a high-end experience that is easily expandable with additional cameras and microphones to guarantee attendees show up and stand out. The Poly Studio G62 is composed of 20% recycled metal and 80% post-consumer recycled plastic, all with an emphasis on sustainability. It also has versatile mounting choices to fit any place, making setup a breeze. Microsoft Teams certification for Poly Studio G62 has been obtained; certification for Zoom and Tencent are still waiting.

Poly Studio G62 modular video conferencing system
Image Credit to HP

Growing has never been so simple

Make every big conference room work for you. By connecting your Poly controllers and peripherals to the Poly Studio G62 video conferencing system, you may use a modular solution that offers simplified versatility to change spaces.

An unparalleled conference experience

With the Poly Studio G62 video conferencing system, you may set up your perfect large room. Add more A/V devices to your setup as you see fit, without worrying about processing power, and create a richer, more immersive experience.

Simple to set up

Put complicated installations aside. Installing the magnetic mounts and PoE+ technology is simple and worry-free. Additionally, you may use the Poly TC10 in the room and effortlessly operate some third-party control systems with strong APIs.

Superior Handling with Poly VideoOS

You can utilise the Poly TC8 or TC10 as an advanced room controller with the next release of Poly VideoOS 4.3 software. Users may simply access video calls and control multiple room settings, including lighting and displays, from a single device when coupled with a Poly Studio X Series video bar, Poly Studio G62, or G7500 video conferencing system. More freedom is provided by this web-based feature, which lets users customise controls for a better in-room experience.

Entire Software Administration and Understanding

Poly Lens facilitates remote device management of Poly devices from a single dashboard for IT organisations. It supports the Poly Studio G62 and Poly Studio Base Kit G9 Plus. Furthermore, Poly Lens and Zoom Device Management (ZDM) have integrated to provide comprehensive room health status reports, enhancing productivity, insights, and troubleshooting for native Zoom Rooms that are accessed via the Poly Lens site.

Poly Lens

User interface for Poly Lens linked device status on laptop and mobile phone screens

Software called Poly Lens

Give end users authority over their personal devices, scalable management, and cognitive insights to empower IT.

Poly Lens Administration Cloud

IT teams have visibility and control over Poly devices thanks to Poly Lens software. Using a single scalable platform, deploy, configure, update, and extract important information from one or thousands of endpoints.

Poly Lens App

To stay focused and motivated throughout the day, utilise a handy app to update software, adjust device settings, and employ wellbeing reminders.

Cost and Availability

  • In June 2024, the Poly Studio Base Kit G9 Plus, intended for Microsoft Teams Rooms, will go on sale for $2,699.
  • In June 2024, the Poly Studio G62 modular video conferencing system will go on sale for $1,999.
  • June 2024 is when Poly VideoOS 4.3 is anticipated to be released.
  • Zoom Device Management now has support for Poly Lenses.
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