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FSP VITA GM ATX 3.1 PSUs with PCIe Gen5.1 12V-2×6

FSP Introduces the VITA GM ATX 3.1 PSU Lineup

  • Capable of Up to 1000W and Featuring PCIe Gen5.1 12V-2×6 Connectors.
  • With capacities up to 1000W and compatibility for 12V-2×6 power connectors, FSP has unveiled their most recent VITA GM ATX 3.1 PSU series.
  • With the VITA GM PSU Lineup, FSP Upgrades To ATX 3.1 Standard: Support for Up to 1000W Gold Plus & 12V-2×6 Power Connectors.

News release: With great excitement, FSP Group presents the new VITA GM PSU series, which is intended to power the upcoming generation of personal computers. The VITA GM (Gold efficiency & modular cable) PSU line, created especially to meet the needs of future-proof computing, is the ultimate in cutting-edge power delivery technology and robustness. Every unit in the series promises outstanding flexibility and efficiency, and is available in power options ranging from 650W to 1000W. with a certification of 80 Plus Gold.

This stylish new PSU family features premium materials and innovative, simple design elements. Depending on the user’s taste, it comes in two timeless colour options: flawless white and beautiful black.


Following the most recent technical guidelines, the FSP Group’s VITA GM PSU series is designed to meet and even surpass the demands of contemporary computing. In contrast to the industry standard of 12 ms – 100%, the VITA GM series power supplies provide the Intel-recommended 17 ms -80% load hold-up time, guaranteeing a steady power supply and protection against unexpected power outages, inrush current, and crucial power surges. At average loads, the series has a high efficiency rate of over 90%, which is a credit to its superior engineering and design.

105°C Japanese bulk capacitors are known for their quality and endurance, and FSP’s dedication to dependability and longevity is demonstrated by their utilization. Additionally, the 120mm hydraulic bearing (HYB) fan in the VITA GM series offers ideal cooling at a low noise level. With their remarkably small 140 x 150 x 86mm dimensions, these PSU units stand out and are a great option for installations with limited space. However, it keeps up its strong performance delivery.

Furthermore, better airflow within PC cases and easier installation are two benefits of the totally modular cabling design. The VITA GM series PSUs priorities safety by providing a wide range of precautions, such as OVP (Over Voltage Protection), OPP (Over Power Protection), SCP (Short Circuit Protection), OVP (Overcurrent Protection), UVP (Under Voltage Protection), and OTP (Over Temperature Protection).

VITA GM PSUs are designed to withstand maximum total power excursions, hence securing its place as a reliable solution for power supply requirements. They adhere to the most recent regulations and PCIe Gen 5.1 standards, with a native 12V-2×6 connector.

ATX 3.1 PSU Release date

The FSP VITA GM ATX 3.1 PSU does not yet have a set release date. PSU release dates are seldom disclosed by manufacturers in advance, thus it’s hard to predict when they will be sold.

Nonetheless, press reports state that the FSP VITA GM ATX 3.1 PSU was introduced around the end of 2023. This implies that it might be available in the first half of 2024. For up-to-date information, visit the FSP website or electronic component shops.


Rated Output Power1000W
Form FactorATX12V V3.1
80 PLUS CertificationGold
Input Voltage100-240V
Input Current12-6A
Input Frequency50-60Hz
PFCActive ≧ 0.9
Efficiency(at typical load)≥90% at typical load
Fan TypeHYB fan, 120mm
Dimensions(L x W x H)140×150×86 mm
Operation Temp.40°C
ProtectionOCP, OVP, SCP, OPP, UVP, OTP

Two New High-Wattage Options Are Added to MSI’s MAG GL PSU Lineup:

  • With 12V-2×6 Connectors, 1250W and 1000W
  • There are now 1250W and 1000W 80 Plus Gold variants with 12V-2×6 power connections available in the MSI MAG GL PSU range.
  • MSI Unveils New 12V-2×6 Connectors for Inexpensive & High-Wattage MAG GL PSUs: 1250W & 1000W.

With the launch of its MAG GL PSU lineup last year, MSI broke into the mid-range market with its 650, 750, and 850W options. However, the company is currently growing its line-up by adding additional high-wattage and ATX 3.1 compliant options, such as the A1250GL and A1000GL PSUs.

The MSI MAG A1250GL PCIE5 is the first power supply that has an 80 PLUS GOLD rating and a massive 1250W power output. Relatively speaking, its smaller sibling, the A1000GL PCIE5, has the same 80 PLUS GOLD certification and a 1000W PD option. The overall wattage output is the only change between the two units’ on paper features, which should indicate that MSI hasn’t compromised on any of the versions.

The salient features of both PSUs are as follows:

  • Dual-color native PCIe CEM 5.1 connector, compatible with ATX 3.1 PSU.
  • Compatibility with graphics cards from the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 series.
  • Totally modular construction with flat cables 80 PLUS Gold-certified for excellent effectiveness.
  • Design of active PFC.
  • OVP, OCP, OPP, OTP, SCP, and UVP protection using a 135 mm fluid dynamic bearing fan.
  • DC-to-DC module design and LLC full-bridge topology.
  • The 12V-2×6 power connection, which replaces the conventional and “troublesome” 12VHPWR, is an inbuilt feature of the MSI MAG GL power supply in addition to supporting the new connection standards.
  • After a few modifications, PCI-SIG established this special type, which is recognised for addressing issues with PD delivery that led to instances like GPU burning with NVIDIA’s Ada Lovelace SKUs in particular.
  • According to current testing, the new connectors have a better power delivery and are more durable than the 12VHPWR, which makes them a terrific option.
  • Since 12VHPWR caused a lot of issues for customers, MSI was the first business to incorporate 12V-2×6 connectors with their most recent power supplies.
  • This is a welcome development.
  • FSP Presents The VITA GM ATX 3.1 PSU Lineup, Capable of Up to 1000W and Featuring PCIe Gen5.1 12V-2×6 Connectors.
  • MSI’s latest power supply units are likely the best choice if you’re out shopping for a power supply because they incorporate the latest PCIe and ATX standards.
  • They are anticipating their announcement shortly, however they do not yet know their release date or associated costs.


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