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OneXPlayer X1 – 10.95″ Display & Intel Core Ultra Inside!

Handheld gaming console with a 10.95-inch display and Intel Core Ultra processor from OneXPlayer X1 specs

With its one-of-a-kind combination of power and adaptability, the OneXPlayer X1 is a new player in the world of portable computing. It is designed to meet the requirements of both gamers and professionals in equal measure! The capacity of this portable gaming console to morph from a handheld gaming console to a tablet and then to a fully working laptop is a wonder of contemporary technology.

It makes it possible to play games on the go. Those individuals who want desktop-level performance in a form factor that is able to keep up with their lifestyle of being always on the go will find this solution to be both comprehensive and convenient.

Intel Core Ultra Processor

At the core of the OneXPlayer X1 portable console are the most recent central processing units (CPUs) from the Intel Core Ultra Series. These CPUs include choices such as the Core Ultra 7 155h and Core Ultra 5 135h, which are both considered to be powerhouses. Whether you are absorbed in the most recent video game or crunching figures for business, you will not encounter any lag or delay that is caused by these processors since they are built to perform heavy-duty activities with ease.

A cutting-edge Arc graphics processing unit (GPU) that is equipped with a turbo mode is what complements the central processing unit (CPU), which establishes a new standard for the graphics capabilities of portable devices.

Playing OneXPlayer X1

In addition to its impressive internal specifications, the ONEXPLAYER X1 also pays great attention to the most minute features. In addition to the detachable controllers that come with RGB lights that can be customized, users will also like the ability to add a wireless module, which provides even more freedom. Harmon-tuned dual speakers provide an audio experience that pulls you into the action, while a cutting-edge cooling mechanism ensures that the gadget continues to function easily even when it is under strain.

The implementation of a sensor that reads your fingerprints insures that your private details will continue to be safeguarded safe and secure, which is an inconvenience to those who have questions about security.

The OneXPlayer X1 portable gaming system is now available for backers to purchase on Indiegogo. The console is priced at £840, which is equivalent to $1069. For the 32 GB RAM and 2 TB of storage version, which comes with an Ultra 7-155H CPU, this represents a 15% discount off the suggested retail price.

Console for handheld video games

The ONEXPLAYER X1 makes it very easy to connect with other devices, which is a large benefit. An Oculink connector is included, which permits external PCIe connections and provides speeds that are superior to those of Thunderbolt and USB4 ports. Storage is abundant and quick as a result of the 1 terabyte M.2 solid-state drive (SSD) and 32 gigabytes of LPDDR5X RAM. Whether you are streaming your favorite programs or playing games, the display is a work of art, with a 120Hz LTPS screen that delivers images that are clear and fluid.

OneXPlayer X1 has been equipped with a 65.02Watt-hour energy that enables 100W rapid charging, which decreases the total amount of energy you have attached an electrical outlet. The following makes sure that the device remains able to keep up with the demands of a busy lifestyle. It is straightforward to get underway with work or play because the software is powered by the widely utilized and user-friendly Version 11 of the Windows operating system. Additionally, the gadget is equipped with USB 3.2 Gen 2 and USB 4 ports, and it even provides the opportunity to attach an external graphics processing unit (GPU), which has the potential to enhance its performance to all-new levels.

Participants who involving gaming may discover the OneXPlayer X1 to be particularly attractive since it enable them to change their configuration in order to get the highest quality experience while playing games. Nevertheless, it is not purely a gadget for gameplay; it is also a flexible tool for professionals, and it can easily adapt to a variety of different aspects of work.

For the sake of somebody looking for an efficient computing solution the fact that is both successful companies as well as adaptable, this portable gadget stands out as an ideal alternative. A degree of versatility that is difficult to obtain in other locations is provided by its broad 10.95-inch screen, revolutionary 3-in-1 design, and removable controllers.

The OneXPlayer X1 is capable of handling the most demanding applications because to its powerful Intel Core Ultra central processing units (CPUs) and its turbocharged Arc graphics processing unit (GPU). This gadget is the ideal companion for those who wish to play games or work effectively while they are on the road since it has a sophisticated cooling system, audio of a high quality, and powerful security measures.

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Gowri Priya
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