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Unveiling Cloud SQL Features: A Game-Changer for Development

Cloud SQL features that powered Build Beyond’s success with Gramercy Tech & Vatom: Now is not the time to stagnate, regardless of where your company stands technologically. But it’s simple to do so during uncertain times. Google are living in a transformative era when it comes to events and digital experiences, and Google are reevaluating every aspect of how Google provide service to attendees.

Google have embraced the concept of constructing beyond in order to be inspired on this journey: Google look beyond the obvious and ask ourselves, “What does it mean to truly build beyond what was previously thought to be possible?” instead of focusing on creating digital experiences.

Recently, when Google were getting ready to conduct a global, digital event, Google Cloud assisted them in finding the answer to this question. In the post-pandemic era, in particular, event organizers are constantly searching for ways to enhance the immersiveness and engagement of digital events for participants.

The Power of Scalable Databases in Building Beyond

In order to achieve this, Google developed The Beyondverse, a virtual conference that allows participants to seamlessly listen, learn, network, and engage from the comfort of their own homes. It does this by fusing the Eventinity platform from Gramercy Tech with the Web3 capabilities of Vatom.

Event planners can design and oversee virtual events of any size using Eventfinity, a cloud-based platform. Organizers may manage speaker and exhibitor information, design unique registration sites, and provide live and recorded material with Eventfinity. With the help of Google Cloud’s serverless technologies and multi-regional deployments, Eventfinity’s technological stack is able to effectively grow Cloud Run throughout the world.

In the meanwhile, the Vatom Web3 corporate platform hosts the Beyondverse. Visitors to The Beyondverse have access to virtual places that mimic real-world events, virtual things to interact with, chats with other participants, and virtual events to attend. The foundation of Vatom’s infrastructure is a group of microservices that are provided via Cloud Armor-fronted Google Cloud CDN and either a public API or an application.

Cloud SQL in Build Beyond’s Tech

All of this is based on Cloud SQL, a managed database solution for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server offered by Google Cloud. Google used Cloud SQL to host their databases and microservices on a shared VPC, enabling them to connect over 15,000 partners and workers globally at the same time with incredibly low latency and no downtime in the Beyondverse.

Google were also able to set up read-replication internationally, integrate APIs with ease, and provide participants with a secure and secured experience thanks to Cloud SQL. Using Redis and Memcache, which Google were able to implement using Memorystore, Google were able to maintain the speed of their platform’s essential functions.

Cloud SQL
Image credit Google Cloud

Compared to Google previous cloud-based database, this was a stark contrast.Google were able to quickly scale to meet the demands of our expanding business by moving to Cloud SQL. It enables us to maintain Google attention on their primary business activities while guaranteeing adherence to crucial specifications like high availability, dependability, disaster recovery, and security. With Cloud SQL, building and managing the platform was a smooth and managed process.

This partnership with Google Cloud is evidence of the effectiveness of immersive experiences and the rising demand for them. With Google Cloud, google are excited to keep inventing and launching new digital endeavors.

Apart from Gramercy Tech and Vatom, Cloud SQL is utilized by over 95% of Google Cloud’s top 100 clients to manage their operations.


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