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Dynatrace’ s seamless integration in Microsoft’s marketplace

Dynatrace in Microsoft’s Marketplace

In the current digital landscape, the cloud has evolved into an essential component for more than ninety percent of organizations. As a result of this widespread adoption, cloud portfolios are becoming increasingly complicated. This is because businesses are navigating the challenges of migrating on-premises environments, managing hybrid workloads, and modernizing their cloud estate, all while operating under the current business imperatives of speed and scale. In order to overcome this challenge, organizations need to equip themselves with cutting-edge tools that not only offer insightful analytics but also streamline processes that are performed manually.

Customers are able to construct intelligent applications and solutions while seamlessly unifying technology to simplify platform management and deliver innovations in an efficient and secure manner. Microsoft Azure is the cloud that is considered to be the most trusted cloud services in the world. Microsoft collaborates with partners like Dynatrace to bolster its customers’ ability to derive the greatest possible benefit from their cloud portfolio. According to the 2023 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring and Observability, Dynatrace, which is a platform for analytics and automation that is powered by causal artificial intelligence, was granted the title of Leader.

The combination of Azure and Dynatrace is superior

Customers can simplify their information technology ecosystems at scale with Dynatrace, which allows them to respond more quickly to changes in market conditions. Customers are able to click-to-deploy and adjust investments based on usage thanks to the Azure Native Dynatrace Service, which makes the process of migrating and optimizing their cloud estate easier for businesses. Additionally, the solution is available through the Microsoft commercial marketplace, which makes it accessible to potential customers.

The Dynatrace Grail Data Lakehouse is the most recent cloud management innovation for Dynatrace, which was just recently introduced to the public. This cutting-edge technology is a component of the Azure Native Dynatrace Service, which was developed to effectively manage vast quantities and types of data across diverse cloud environments, including hybrid, multicloud, and cloud-native environments. With Grail, observability, security, and business data are all brought together while the crucial context is preserved. This allows for the delivery of accurate and efficient analytics in an instant, while also minimizing costs.

The ability of Grail to process a wide variety of logs and events without the burdens of indexing, re-indexing, or schema management is one of the most notable features of this distributed database management system. Consequently, the process is significantly simplified as a result of the elimination of the preliminary requirements of developing individualized scripts, tags, and indexes prior to the loading of data.

Each and every one of Azure’s services, such as Azure Spring Cloud, Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Linux, and Azure Functions, are completely compatible with the Dynatrace platform. Not only does this compatibility improve its functionality, but it also provides capabilities for monitoring in close proximity to real time.

AI-focused innovation with Dynatrace as the platform

Artificial intelligence is at the heart of the Dynatrace platform, which employs predictive, causal, and generative AI in conjunction with one another to provide root-cause analysis and deliver precise answers, intelligent automation, accurate predictions, and increased productivity. Customers will be able to accelerate innovation and maximize automation if they have the ability to leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning operations as IT environments continue to evolve.

By utilizing the Microsoft commercial marketplace, the time-to-value ratio can be decreased

The Dynatrace offerings are easily accessible through the Microsoft commercial marketplace, which streamlines the process from the acquisition to the implementation of the solution. Businesses that are looking for the best cloud solutions can simplify their journey by using Marketplace, which provides a user-friendly platform for discovery, purchase, trial, and deployment of cloud solutions. In this one-stop shop, customers have the opportunity to investigate and choose from a wide range of solutions that have been thoroughly evaluated, such as Dynatrace, which can be easily integrated with their existing technology stacks.

As IT budgets grow and cloud use grows, customers want better value from their investments. The Azure consumption commitment gives customers discounts on their cloud infrastructure after meeting spending thresholds.  Microsoft assists its customers in accomplishing more by automatically counting eligible marketplace purchases toward their Azure consumption commitment.

A significant number of Microsoft’s clients are increasingly turning to the marketplace as their primary resource for managing their cloud portfolios in an effective and self-assured manner, while also enabling customers to make purchases in the manner of their choosing. Whether it’s a digital purchase, a private offer from a solution provider like Dynatrace, or a deal procured by their channel partner with a multiparty private offer, the marketplace is able to accommodate a wide variety of purchasing scenarios.

In a recent transaction, the information technology strategy firm Trace3 purchased Dynatrace’s solution on behalf of their client by means of a multiparty private offer that was made available through the marketplace. The purchase was counted toward the customer’s Azure consumption commitment, and the customer received the benefits of simplified purchasing while getting more value from their cloud dollars. This was made possible by the fact that Dynatrace’s solution is eligible for Azure benefits.

Begin your journey with Dynatrace and the marketplace

Customers are able to achieve maximum value while gaining access to the essential solutions, such as those offered by Dynatrace, that they require to propel their business forward when they centralize their cloud investments through the Microsoft commercial marketplace. By the end of this year, the Dynatrace Grail Data Lakehouse, which is an essential component of the Azure Native Dynatrace Service, will be made available for purchase through the marketplace.

Thota nithya
Thota nithya
Thota Nithya has been writing Cloud Computing articles for govindhtech from APR 2023. She was a science graduate. She was an enthusiast of cloud computing.


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