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Meta’s Code Llama 70B Model Will Change Coding with AI

Having the opportunity to collaborate with Meta as they release the 70 billion parameter versions of their three Code Llama 70B model to the open-source community is an exceptionally rewarding experience. This is yet another big step forward in the process of making AI models that are affordable to consumers of Dell Technologies available to them.

A number of advantages are provided by code assistant large language models (LLMs) for the purpose of improving code efficiency. These advantages include improved code quality, higher productivity, and support for complicated codebases. Furthermore, the deployment of an open-source LLM on-premises provides enterprises with complete control over their data while also ensuring compliance with privacy rules, hence lowering latency and minimizing costs.

Code Llama 70B Model

Their most recent open-source code generation artificial intelligence model, which is based on Llama 2 and includes 70 billion parameter variations of the Code Llama 70B model, has been released by Meta. Using both code and natural language prompts, Code Llama is a cutting-edge LLM that is able to generate code as well as normal language that is related to code. It has been shown by Meta that the output generated by these new Code Llama 70B model is of a higher quality than the output provided by the lesser models in the series.

Under the same license as Llama 2, the following Code Llama 70B models are available for free usage for research and commercial purposes they are mentioned below:

  • Code Llama – 70B (pre-trained model)
  • Code Llama – 70B – Python (pre-trained model specific for Python)
  • Code Llama – 70B – Instruct (fine-tuned)

A Powerhouse Solution for Generative Artificial Intelligence Built on the Dell PowerEdge XE9680 with NVIDIA H100 GPUs

As part of its ongoing partnership with Meta, Dell Technologies continues to provide the strong infrastructure that is necessary to enable the deployment and usage of these big language models. Dell Servers, such as the PowerEdge XE9680, which is an artificial intelligence powerhouse equipped with eight NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs, are optimized to handle the computational demands of running large models like Code Llama 70B model. Additionally, these servers deliver maximum processing power, which ensures that complex algorithms and tasks are executed in a smooth and efficient manner.

For the sake of inferencing and model customization, Llama 2 is put through its paces on the Dell Validated Design platform and validated. When enterprises have access to deployment and configuration information that is well documented, they are able to swiftly get their generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) infrastructure up and running.

The availability of Code Llama 70B models has provided developers with the opportunity to have access to tools that considerably improve the quality of output, consequently boosting productivity in the field of professional software development. These sophisticated models perform very well in a variety of tasks, including as code creation, code completion, infilling, instruction-based code generation, and debugging.

Cases of Use

In order to improve software development, the Code Llama 70B model provide a wide variety of use cases, which include the following uses:

  1. Conclusion of the code. The process of coding is being streamlined by providing code snippets and finishing partly typed code segments, which will result in increased efficiency and correctness.
  2. Filling in the gaps. It is possible to address gaps in the codebase in a rapid and efficient manner, so guaranteeing that applications run smoothly and reducing the amount of time spent on development.
  3. Generation of code depending on instructions taken. The method of creating code directly from natural language instructions, which will simplify the coding process, reduce the barrier to entry for beginner programmers, and speed up development.
  4. Debugging is being done. In order to improve the quality and dependability of the code, it is necessary to identify and resolve flaws in the code by evaluating error messages and recommending suitable remedies based on contextual information.

As the cooperation between Dell and Meta continues to flourish, there is an infinite amount of opportunity for innovation and improvement in the field of professional software development. The new Code Llama 70B model is presently being tested on Dell servers, and they are looking forward to providing performance figures, such as the number of tokens achieved per second, the amount of memory used, and the amount of power used, along with detailed benchmarks, in the coming weeks.

Additionally, these open-source models provide the possibility of individualized fine-tuning that is tailored to particular datasets and practical applications. Within the context of investigating the potential of targeted fine-tuning of the Code Llama 70B models, they are actively interacting with the client community.

Utilize the Dell Accelerator Workshop for Generative Artificial Intelligence to Get Started

There is information available from Dell Technologies about the use cases of GenAI, the needs for data management, the operational capabilities, and the procedures. The professionals in the field of services collaborate with your team to discuss GenAI from their point of view and to assist your team in identifying the most important opportunities, problems, and objectives.

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