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Boost Productivity: Amazon CodeWhisperer’s New IaC Integration

Amazon are pleased to announce the general release of Amazon CodeWhisperer, an AI-powered productivity tool for the IDE and command line, which now includes infrastructure as code (IaC) support and code remediation capabilities. Additionally, Amazon CodeWhisperer is currently available in preview in Visual Studio.

By offloading monotonous work and providing customers with increased automation, security, efficiency, and accelerated code delivery, these new improvements to Amazon CodeWhisperer facilitate quicker and more effective software development. Additionally, they extend this support to additional locations where developers enjoy working.

AI-driven code correction With integrated security scans, Amazon CodeWhisperer has found difficult-to-find security flaws since its release. It now offers code recommendations driven by generative AI to assist in fixing found security and code quality problems. The purpose of built-in security scanning is to find problems like log injection and exposed credentials.

Code recommendations generated by generative AI are made to address the vulnerabilities found and are customized for your application code, allowing you to confidently and swiftly accept improvements. After a security scan in CodeWhisperer is finished, you are shown code recommendations that you can easily adopt to swiftly fix the vulnerabilities found.

The process of fixing security flaws is accelerated by generative AI-powered code recommendations, freeing you time to concentrate on higher-value tasks rather than painstakingly going over each line of code to find the right answer. To begin utilizing this feature, there is no further setup required in Amazon CodeWhisperer.

Java, Python, JavaScript, and now TypeScript, C#, AWS CloudFormation (YAML, JSON), AWS CDK (TypeScript, Python), and HashiCorp Terraform (HCL) may all be scanned for security. There are presently code proposals for Python, JavaScript, and Java written programming that address vulnerabilities.

Infrastructure as code (IaC): AWS CloudFormation (YAML, JSON), AWS CDK (Typescript, Python), and HashiCorp Terraform (HCL) are now supported by Amazon CodeWhisperer. With this upgrade, writing infrastructure code becomes easier for developers and DevOps teams, since the efficiency of IaC script development is improved. Supporting several IaC languages, CodeWhisperer encourages consistency and cooperation between heterogeneous teams. This is a major breakthrough in cloud infrastructure development, providing users with a more efficient and effective coding experience.

Amazon CodeWhisperer and Visual Studio Collaboration

Visual Studio 2022 now includes Amazon CodeWhisperer. Real-time code suggestions for C# allow developers to construct applications more quickly. Install the AWS Toolkit extension and login in with an AWS Builder ID to begin using the Individual Tier for free.

By highlighting code suggestions that can resemble publicly available code, CodeWhisperer further assists developers in writing ethical code. In cases when the code is comparable to public code, CodeWhisperer will supply the repository URL and license.

Last but not least, on November 20, Amazon CodeWhisperer gave a preview of a new command line interface feature that will save time. Currently, hundreds of well-known CLIs, including Git, npm, AWS CLI, and Docker, have inline documentation and typeahead code completions added by Amazon CodeWhisperer. It also gives you the option to convert between shell code and plain English.

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