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Dell PowerProtect Data Manager Is at the Front: Super Data

Organizations are continuously looking for solutions in the ever-changing field of data protection that offer new features, dependability, and ease of use in addition to data security. For the second year in a row, Dell Technologies PowerProtect Data Manager has outperformed rivals like Rubrik, Cohesity, Commvault, Veeam, and Veritas in terms of customer satisfaction, according to a recent Net Promoter Score (NPS) study carried out by an independent third party.

Customers of PowerProtect Data Manager are more inclined to suggest the product than those of any other data security software, according to the NPS survey, which measures customer happiness and loyalty. This demonstrates how well the product performs in a number of important areas, meeting and even exceeding client expectations.

The poll examined the top 20 factors influencing NPS scores, highlighting PowerProtect Data Manager‘s strengths in the following areas:

  • Encourage reactivity. Customers value Dell’s experienced and quick-responding support staff, which promptly fixes any operational problems.
  • Simplicity of the management console. Even for less experienced administrators, operations are made simpler by the user-friendly management console.
  • Cooperation. The platform’s smooth integration and operation with several systems and applications is highly valued by customers.

PowerProtect DD

Among these drivers, PowerProtect Data Manager received special recognition for its exceptional output in the following domains:

  • Safety and adherence. Immutability and cyber resilience are provided by integration with PowerProtect DD equipment, safeguarding data from attacks and guaranteeing legal compliance.
  • Dependability. Customers may be assured that the product will achieve their recovery time and recovery point requirements, which gives them trust in the solution’s dependability.
  • Inventiveness. user satisfaction is increasing as a result of ongoing feature updates that are powered by user feedback and provided via a microservices-based architecture.

PowerProtect Data Manager dedication to remaining at the forefront of data protection technology is seen in its quick update cadence and integration of contemporary IT requirements.

The following features show that PowerProtect Data Manager:

In addition to these advantages, the following features show that PowerProtect Data Manager is at the forefront of data protection innovation.

Easy, effective Storage Direct with PowerStore backup and recovery

With centralized administration and orchestration, incremental forever backups, end-to-end immutability, and PowerStore backups and restores, PowerProtect Data Manager provides all of these features. You can restore PowerStore snapshots using Data Manager with little to no effect on your databases or apps.

Your data centre, cloud, and edge environments will all benefit from immutability, flexibility, control, and the greatest possible user experience thanks to all of this.
Make the transition to contemporary data protection easier.

Modernise data protection with ease

  • Contemporary. Safe. Easy. With the Dell PowerProtect Data Manager Appliance, protecting the data in your company has never been simpler.
  • The PowerProtect Data Manager Appliance is simple to set up and maintain, safeguards both current and legacy workloads, provides operational and cyber resilience, and streamlines processes with a single user interface.

Maintain VM availability at scale without business disruption

Maintain full VM availability at scale without interfering with business operations
Transparent Snapshots can help you modernise the way you protect your VMware virtual machines. Transparent Snapshots works with any VMware supported storage and streamlines VM image backups with almost no impact on your virtual machines or their resources.

The innovation of transparent snapshots improves backup efficiency, lowers expenses, streamlines administration, and lessens the chance of data loss.

Safeguarding Information for Kubernetes Tasks

Dell Technology has joined VMware’s open source initiatives in an effort to engage with the Velero community and further the development of Velero. Building upon project Velero, Dell PowerProtect Data Manager offers a data protection solution that is always available for Kubernetes in on-premises and in-cloud workloads, VMware hybrid cloud environments, and Tanzu modern applications. It also enables application-consistent backups and restores.

Safeguarding clients’ vital financial and personal information

PowerProtect Data Manager is relied upon by Trustmark National Bank to provide safe and dependable backups of crucial account data.

The results of the NPS study support the idea that a company’s ability to stay at the top of its industry depends on its ability to pay attention to customer input and make ongoing improvements to its offerings. Organisation prefer PowerProtect Data Manager‘s cyber resilient multi cloud data protection capabilities because they give choice and flexibility. This is seen in the product’s two years running #1 customer satisfaction score.

PowerProtect Data Manager is a top option for companies wishing to strengthen their data protection policies since it guarantees the security and protection of vital data assets, regardless of whether it is implemented as an integrated appliance or a software-defined solution.

Data Protection: Dell PowerProtect Data Manager

Next-Generation Software Platform for Modern and Proven Multi cloud

For contemporary multicloud workloads across your changing physical, virtual, and cloud environments, protect data and provide governance control. Use Dell’s software-defined data protection platform to handle IT complexity and growth that is always changing. With PowerProtect Data Manager, you can begin your road towards modern data security and easily safeguard the value of your data, all while enabling faster IT transformation with next-generation data protection.

Take part in a virtual lab on PowerProtect Data Manager to expand your technical and knowledge horizons.

Data Manager PowerProtect

By utilizing the most recent iteration of Dell’s reliable protected storage architecture, PowerProtect Data Manager provides effective data protection capabilities.

PowerProtect Data Manager is a fundamentally simple, agile, and flexible operational solution that protects, manages, and recovers your data, enabling you to quickly adapt to meet future IT demands.

With Dell integrated SaaS-based PowerProtect Cloud Snapshot Manager, you can safeguard cloud-native workloads across several public clouds.

  • Directly orchestrate protection via an easy-to-use interface, enabling data owners to carry out self-service backup and restoration tasks from within their original applications.
  • Make sure that all requirements are met, including the most stringent service level goals.
  • Expand the multicloud’s optimal protection with cloud disaster recovery, long-term retention, backup to cloud, and backup in-cloud features.
  • Boost cyber resilience data protection and corporate security to quickly recover from cyber incidents.
  • Action and quick resolution times are made possible by cloud-based analytics and monitoring with CloudIQ.
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