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Dell Generative AI Solutions: Activating prospective

Dell Generative AI Solutions Increase Data Value

An architecture blueprint and professional services enable you easily add AI to your data.

Chat GPT is great to play with. Can waste your afternoon if you’re not careful! Chat GPT and other public applications are limited for organisational use because the models aren’t established or coupled with business data.

To maximise the utility of large language models (LLMs), combine and train on use case-specific data. First, you need a good data management strategy to ensure data quality, then you need to plan the complex process of customising the model, as most organisations need to combine vertical-specific data with a large language model.

We’re expanding our GenAI portfolio with a new Dell Validated Design with NVIDIA for Model Customization, new professional services across strategy, consulting, and data preparation, and managed services for the NVIDIA software stack, building on our July 31 announcement.

Why Customise Pre-Trained Models?

Due to the vast amount of text data required to train large language models (LLMs), they include a lot of information and expertise. However, models sometimes struggle to maintain accuracy on topics or things not used in the initial training dataset, therefore it’s crucial to fine-tune models with your own private data.

Retraining a pre-trained generative AI model for task- or domain-specific use cases is called customisation. This often works better than training the model on a new dataset.

Transfer learning or model fine-tuning involves adding specialised information to a pre-trained model. This approach adds application-specific parameters to pre-trained big language models to improve performance.

Transfer learning, fine-tuning, instruction tuning, prompt learning (including P-tuning), and reinforcement learning with human feedback are common customising methods.

Avoiding Design and Planning Mistakes

The Dell Validated Design for Generative AI simplifies GenAI model implementation by supporting model customisation, tuning, and inferencing. The reference design describes the Dell PowerEdge XE9680 and XE8640 servers with NVIDIA Tensor Core GPUs, NVIDIA AI Enterprise software, NVIDIA NeMo framework, and Dell software.

Compute power and Dell PowerScale F600 and Dell ObjectScale external storage provide the scale and speed needed to operationalize GenAI models. These storage technologies enable AI in data and host structured file, block, and unstructured data across the application lifecycle. Companies will develop use cases that extract value and novel outcomes from non-text models like images, video, audio, and non-Romanic language conversion, making data types more relevant.

APEX offers customizable consumption patterns for Dell infrastructure components.

New Professional Services Help Customers Deliver Their Vision Faster

Expanded implementation services allow you to deploy the Dell Validated Design for Generative AI fast using the best practises in the updated design guide. These new services complement the first validated GenAI inference design implementation services as announced.

Dell’s new Managed Services for Generative AI can help you manage your GenAI environment. These new managed services let you focus on model customization while Dell managed services professionals maintain the GenAI infrastructure, simplifying GenAI operations. Managed services connect with Dell Validated Design for Generative AI, managing the same solution software and hardware stack.

New Data Preparation consulting services combine Dell’s Forbes-recognized data analytics and IT strategy expertise to help organisations integrate data to GenAI models. These services let you specify GenAI data needs, construct data pipelines to tag, cleanse, label, and anonymize data, and populate LLM databases like vector databases.

Start with a Free Workshop

The hype about GenAI makes it difficult for IT organisations to prioritise the many use cases that are emerging. We find that business and IT stakeholders agree on the best decisions. The latest GenAI strategy services assess GenAI readiness across data, use cases, and people. We also provide a half-day fee-waived Accelerator Workshop to accelerate your GenAI strategy.

IT companies often cite a skills gap as a generative AI issue.  To meet this demand, new Education Services for Generative AI offer GenAI training courses in data engineering, big language model deployment and customisation, and NVIDIA hardware and software management.

Starting GenAI’s Next Phase

Organisations prepare for GenAI results. You can expedite your digital transformation and start generating value immediately with Dell Technologies and NVIDIA GenAI solutions.

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