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Product Success Accelerators (PSX) services

PSX Services

Even if you follow all the proper procedures and bring in the appropriate hardware and software, you could not be fully protected against a cyberattack or system failure. In the event that one of these catastrophic occurrences occurs, having a thorough strategy with tested procedures and performance benchmarks is essential to minimizing the chance of data loss or outage. Dell Data Protection solutions are enhanced by Product Success Accelerators (PSX) services in this way.

Enterprise Solutions Group (ESG) industry experts recently commented on these new Dell Technologies offerings, emphasizing the provision of particular results in this case, backup or cyber recovery. In a conversation with Dell solutions consultant Ben Henning, ESG’s Dave Gruber outlined the difficulties that companies face and PSX’s approach to resolving them, including planning, implementing, and operationalizing everyday chores.

Gruber outlines a few important conclusions

In the case of a devastating ransomware attack, cybersecurity leaders frequently believe that their IT backups will allow them to fully restore any lost or damaged data.

Furthermore, only 25% of firms are able to retrieve 80% or more of their mission-critical application data, according to ESG study.

Additionally, he discloses that many firms are unable to retrieve the data necessary to sustain key business operations, even with investments in backup and recovery technology.

Gruber is speaking of PSX’s versatility, as it provides three options with progressively higher service levels. Optimize adds on quarterly reviews and recommendations, while Ready assists with planning and implementing the technology solution. Daily aid with keeping an eye on, managing, and maintaining your surroundings is included in assist. With three tiers of support available, enterprises can select the level of Dell support they require, from setup and validation once to continuous year-round supervision, all with the goal of achieving a well-defined result.

Apart from the video conversation, Dave Gruber of ESG and Christophe Bertrand, the Practice Director, wrote a whitepaper on the rise in cybersecurity threats that delves deeper into PSX’s efforts to simplify and optimize operational procedures around a particular goal.

More dependable data protection techniques are becoming more and more necessary, according to ESG analysts, as a result of the ransomware threat and the vital role backup and recovery capabilities play in reaction and recovery scenarios. Data integrity is still the top issue for midsize businesses with limited resources and time.

Dell technologies cordially encourage you to visit the Product Success Accelerator website to discover more about PSX for Backup and Cyber Recovery. There, you will find more resources like a video interview and whitepaper.


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