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OPPO 6G White Paper Security Introduce ‘AI+6G’ Vision

OPPO 6G White Paper unveils ‘AI+6G’ vision in and Security White Paper

In two new white papers, the 2023 OPPO 6G White Paper and the 6G Security White Paper, global technology company OPPO revealed its vision for 6G’s transformation of the communications industry. The two papers look ahead to the new possibilities of intelligent connectivity and outline a 6G roadmap as global standards are formed.

OPPO Explores AI-Driven 6G for Mobile Metaverse and AI Computing

OPPO 6G White Paper 2023 examines how 6G will activate two mutually empowered new billion-user markets Mobile AI Computing and Mobile Metaverse by merging physical and virtual worlds with faster and more. The previously OPPO ‘minimized Kernel’ system layout provides a basic set of common capabilities accessible through a minimal core subsystem and a set of optimized subsystems for specific. The proposed system design uses’minimal-to-full kernel switching’ to dynamically access the optimal processing units for efficient, flexible network performance at low cost and power consumption to lay the groundwork for future communications systems.

AI and Security at the Core: OPPO’s Path to 6G

The second paper, the OPPO 6G Security White Paper, addresses 6G network security issues. The paper examines how 6G security priorities will shift from data transmission to data and user privacy. OPPO is exploring blockchain, physical layer security, AI security, and post-quantum security to build an intelligent 6G zero trust security architecture. This architecture protects user and service data, introduces new security capabilities based on service offerings, and adapts future security development.

OPPO 6G white paper has started researching 6G technology in 2019, intending it as the first technology for communication that integrates seamlessly AI. By creating faster, more stable, and wider acquaintances, 6G will usher in a new era of integrative intelligence. OPPO 6G white paper has become committed to pushing 6G through development, research, and creativity in order to improve user communication intelligence, convenience, and safety.

OPPO 6G white paper releases for future of communications. 6G will transform how AI infers, learns, and interacts, making its benefits accessible to all.

AI will enhance 6G communication networks by enabling self-optimization and dynamic administration.

The first 6G AI-Cube Intelligent Networking whitepaper from the OPPO Research Institute was released currently. In one of the telecommunications industry’s first in-depth looks at how AI can empower 6G network architecture, the whitepaper proposes a more detailed vision for next-generation communication networks.

OPPO 6g network

OPPO’s pre-research team is studying 6G service and technology requirements, key technologies, and system features.

OPPO believes 6G will transform AI interaction, making it a public-serving technology that everyone can use. Smart devices powered by 6G will download and deploy AI algorithms at different application levels to create new immersive experiences and collect data for more advanced AI models.

6G networks can assign the best AI algorithm and communication connection to autonomous vehicles based on their location and physical environment. The vehicle can immediately download and run AI algorithms trained by countless other vehicles and devices to give passengers the safest and most comfortable ride.

Technological progress must be forward-looking. OPPO’s Chief 5G technological Scientist, Henry Tang, who was disclosed that next-generation cell phone technology will be standardized in 2025 and launched in 2035.

“OPPO predicts that by 2035, intelligent agents will outnumber humans. Thus, 6G communication technology should meet the needs of people and all forms of intelligence and their interactions. OPPO early technical research and system design were focused on this goal.”

Existing networks have two dimensions: the control plane (CP) and the user plane (UP). The UP controls user-perceivable network performance like speed and latency. However, the CP is closely related to network configuration, ensuring normal network operations under different node movement patterns and location ranges. The UP represents fast-moving urban vehicles, while the CP controls traffic.

OPPO 6G white paper introduces an AI Function Plane perpendicular to the CP and UP planes to form an Intelligent Cube. This unique, AI-enhanced architecture will improve 6G network functionality and high-level networking capability to self-optimize, dynamically administer, and intelligently distribute resources.

AI inference, learning, interaction, and application will be transformed by 6G, solving many AI development issues like data silos and user privacy. The OPPO 6G white paper suggests dividing AI resources into domains to remedy some AI algorithm limitations. The 6G network will form AI domains with multiple nodes and resources arranged by AI task to optimize AI model allocation, network resource scheduling, and data sharing.

The limited computing power and storage capacity of smart devices makes it difficult to use large, generalized AI algorithms. Most users’ large data demands are too much for these devices’ specialized AI. The AI domain can serve as a base station, database, AI model repository, and application server in 6G networks.

The proposed network will assign 6G devices to AI domains based on location and needs. This AI domain will then issue the best AI algorithm and task to deliver the desired services and provide the best communication connection. Unlike 4G and 5G networks, 6G networks will organically integrate AI for inference and decision making on the device and network sides, with the device playing a larger role.

OPPO will continue pre-research into 6G technology to help in the future standardization of 6G. OPPO will continue to work with its partners to promote the large-scale commercialization of 5G and lead the development of Internet of Experience through communications technology to benefit all.

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