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Choose ASUS Rog Thor 1000w Platinum II PSU for Your PC

ASUS Rog Thor 1000w Platinum II PSU for GEFORCE RTX 40 SUPER GPU

Friends don’t purchase weak power supplies. The unsung hero of your system, the PSU cleans wall power and supplies it at the proper voltages to each PC component. When upgrading to one of NVIDIA’s newest GeForce RTX 40 SUPER GPUs, you may require a new PSU. A good power supply is essential, but buying one may be hard, so let’s simplify.

They provide many PC power supply lines, each with its unique style and features:

  • The ROG Strix Aura Gold Edition power supply include an Aura Sync-compatible RGB logo and outstanding performance in an affordable packaging.
  • The ROG Thor power supply include Aura Sync RGB lighting, a tiny OLED display on the side, and high wattages, performance, cooling, and efficiency for high-end systems.
  • The ROG Loki, a smaller Thor alternative, offers Platinum efficiency in an SFX-L footprint for Mini-ITX designs.
  • ASUS TUF Gaming Gold power supplies provide reliable, efficient power for projects of all kinds, built to last.
    You must reduce your choices even within those product categories. Everything to consider when buying a power supply.

You require how much power?

ASUS Rog Thor 1000w Platinum II PSU
Image Credit to ASUS ROG

You must determine your power needs before choosing a power source. ASUS and ROG provide 750- to 1600-watt alternatives, including the ROG Thor 1600W Titanium. You may use their database of NVIDIA and AMD GPUs, past and present, to determine your future machine’s wattage depending on CPU and GPU.

However, they recommend choosing a power supply one level higher than required if you plan to overclock your system, add lots of USB devices, or set yourself up for the future. A good power supply can last you multiple builds, and ROG and TUF Gaming power supplies come with a ten-year warranty.

  • Top-tier power supplies like the ASUS ROG Thor 1000W Platinum II PSU are recommended with the GeForce RTX 4080 SUPER. One of the quietest power supply in its class, it has high-quality components and efficiency. The TUF Gaming 1000W Gold and GeForce RTX 4080 SUPER match well in a budget setup.
  • For the GeForce RTX 4070 Ti SUPER, they looked at the ROG Thor 850W Platinum II, which has the same high-end components and efficiency as the 1000W version but lower watts. They also suggest the TUF Gaming 850W Gold for simplicity.
  • Even though the GeForce RTX 4070 SUPER doesn’t need as much power as its siblings, you’ll still need a power supply with native 16-pin 12VHPWR support. The ROG Strix 750W Gold Aura Edition, TUF Gaming, and ASUS Prime 750W Gold would look great with the ASUS Dual variants for this GPU.

These suggestions will get you there, but if you want to know what all those things represent, they can help. The max power rating, or watts, is a good indicator of a power supply’s capabilities, but efficiency is equally important. Any power source that receives energy from the wall loses some to your components. The more efficient a power supply is in converting wall electricity into PC power, the lower its power bill, heat, and noise. Less efficient power supplies are less upfront, but more energy is wasted as waste heat instead of being used by your gaming computer.

Luckily, all ROG and TUF Gaming power supplies are 80 Plus Gold or above, so they can convert 90% of wall AC power into DC power for your computer at 50% load. Premium power supplies like the ASUS Rog Thor 1000w Platinum II PSU and Thor 1600W Titanium boost efficiency even further, using the latest PSU technology.

Easy cable management: Modular vs. Non-Modular

Many power supplies have all the wires tied to the main unit, so you simply plug them in and go, but they might clutter your system. All ROG and TUF Gaming power supply are modular, so you may remove cords for a neater appearance. Do you lack SATA devices? Leave those cords in the box to avoid cable management from the start.

Many modern graphics cards employ the new 12VHPWR standard. The latest ROG and TUF Gaming units contain 12VHPWR cables, so you won’t need an adaptor for a graphics card that utilizes that connection. The benefit of modularity is that your ROG PSU will contain all the connections you need for GPUs with 8-pin PCIe power connectors.

Treat yourself to something special

ROG power supply wouldn’t be complete without some distinctive characteristics. As mentioned above, Armoury Crate controls Thor PSUs’ Aura Sync RGB lights and built-in OLED display. You can synchronize the RGB lights of your PSU with the rest of your setup with a button, and the OLED display allows you monitor your system without software. The Thor series has custom-sleeved cables and combs, making your system seem sophisticated and manageable.

They have designed an amazing cooling solution for all ROG power supply with non-essential heatsinks. Even at certain game loads, the fan won’t need to engage to disperse heat, ensuring quiet operation. That 135mm Axial-tech may spin slower to be whisper silent.

Finally, although black fits with most setups, some builders choose white to lighten their system. For that reason, they created white variants of power supplies like the ROG Loki 850W Platinum White Edition. With the same high-end components but white coating and matching white complete modular wires, your setup will appear different.

Your gaming PC’s components will get steady, consistent power from whichever power source you pick. See all power supplies here to find the appropriate one.


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