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Comparison: Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio 2 and Go 3

Interactive Surface Laptop Studio 2 and Go 3

Power for the Surface Laptop Studio 2 has increased significantly.

Two new Surface devices were officially presented by Microsoft today in New York City. Microsoft also unveiled the most recent Surface Laptop Go 3, which offers some much needed speed improvements and additional connectors.

Notably, Microsoft has discontinued the Laptop Go 4GB models. Both devices are up for pre-order now and are scheduled to go on sale on October 3.

The Surface Laptop Studio 2 now uses Intel Core processors from the 13th generation and has an optional Nvidia GeForce RTX 4060 graphics card. Additionally, it will be the first Surface computer that you can customise with up to 64GB of RAM. With an Intel Core i7-13700H, 16GB of RAM, 512GB of storage, and Intel Iris integrated graphics.

Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio 2 and Surface Laptop Go 3 in-depth examination

In certain corporate setups, the Core i7-13800H is an option as well. The Gen3 Movidius 3700VC VPU AI Accelerator from Intel is being used by both. It seems logical that the firm wants a processor to dump AI on given the buzz around Microsoft Copilot.

The platinum colour and the general design are the same. But the ports have changed. The Surface Laptop Studio 2 adds a USB Type-A port and a microSD card slot in addition to the previous model’s two Thunderbolt 4 ports, Surface Connect connection, and headphone jack.

Microsoft is keeping the same 14.4-inch, 2400 x 1600 display, but says it is brighter and supports HDR than the previous model. Microsoft is playing Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty with DLSS 3.5 during the demonstration, and it looks excellent. I’m interested to see how it performs in less ideal circumstances.

For Iris Xe graphics devices, the firm guarantees a battery life of 19 hours, for Nvidia models it claims 18 hours, and for Nvidia models with a 2TB SSD it promises 16 hours.

It has a similar sensation while in use. The new haptic touchpad intrigues individuals who need accessibility features, but I didn’t play around with it much. The bezels are still quite thick, and there are no new colour possibilities.

Microsoft is also redesigning the Surface Laptop Go 3 and Surface Go 4, although these changes largely include spec upgrades. The 12th generation Intel Core i5-1235U and 8GB or 16GB of RAM are now available in the Laptop Go 3.  starting with 256GB of SSD storage. Starting at $799, the Laptop Go 3 comes in four colours.

image credit to toms hardware

There was no mention of the Surface Go 4 during the presentation, and it is simply marked as “For Business,” thus there is no consumer launch. It will start at the 8GB of RAM, a representative informed him.

Despite earlier rumours that it will transition to Arm, it has upgraded to the 4 core, 4 thread Intel N200 from the Surface Go 3’s 10th Gen Y-series CPU. Thank heavens there isn’t a 4GB option as there is with the Laptop Go 3, but it will start with 64GB and increase to 256GB.

However, he did manage to stumble across it on the exhibition floor. Although it has the same appearance as the previous generation, he promised that there would be many more replaceable components.

Since Panos Panay, the former head of Surface and Windows, announced on Monday that he was departing Microsoft, these gadgets represent the first Surface products to be officially unveiled. Panay undoubtedly oversaw their creation, given the timescale for this kind of equipment. He is said to be moving to Amazon, although the corporation has not officially acknowledged this.

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