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Unreleased, Intel Core i7-14700K processor Benchmarks Leaked

Hardware leaker @wnxod revealed what is claimed to be the benchmark of a Core i7-14700K CPU, allegedly with 8 Performance cores and an unspecified number of efficient cores. Previous sources, however, suggested that this component may have 12 Efficient cores.

Although no software has recognized the CPU, it has been identified as a Raptor Lake HX/S chip. The CPU-Z output shows that the CPU can achieve 5.5 GHz, which is just 100 MHz faster than the Core i7-13700K, but the stated increase in core count should be more significant.

If this result is accurate, the Core i7-14700K scored 905 in the single-core CPU-Z test and 14965 in the multi-threaded test. In the Cinebench R23 exam, 2192 and 36296 points are awarded. Comparing it to the current Core i7-13700K with 8 Performance and 8 Efficient cores, see how it compares.

Core i7 14700K Leaked CPU-Z and Cinebench R23
Core i7 14700K Leaked CPU-Z and Cinebench R23 source:@wnxod

Core i7-14700K vs. 13700K:

  1. CPU-Z: +3.8% (ST) & +18.2% (MT)
  2. Cinebnech: +4.2% (ST) & +16.9% (MT)

Although the Core i7-14700K from the updated Raptor Lake series has a sizable increase in multi-threaded performance, single-core performance is frequently more crucial and has only improved by 4%. We don’t know how compatible it is with current motherboards or if this is the processor’s final iteration, though.

Now, October is when Intel Raptor Lake Refresh is anticipated to go on sale. This Core i7-14700K variant is one of the K-series SKUs that will be the focus of the initial wave of new Intel CPUs.

Intel Core i7 14700K Specifications
Intel Core i7 14700K Specifications
Source:  @harukaze5719

From a Windows Task Manager report, a post on Chinese Baidu forums exposes the Core i7-14700K desktop CPU’s anticipated configuration. The processor shares the same 20 cores and 28 threads as the mobile Core i7-13850HX processor. The base frequency is substantially greater (3.4 GHz vs. 2.1 GHz), indicating that this is obviously not a mobile CPU. If this is the 14th Gen Core CPU’s base clock, this model’s base clock has not changed from the prior generation. via  @wnxod,@harukaze5719

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