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Claude 3 Opus: Most Advanced AI Model on Amazon Bed Rock

AWS are pleased to announce that Anthropic’s Claude 3 Opus, the most intelligent Claude 3 model with best-in-market performance on very challenging jobs, is now available on Amazon Bedrock. It is pushing the boundaries of general intelligence by navigating sight-unseen circumstances and open-ended prompts with surprising fluency and human-like comprehension.

Businesses may create generative AI applications using Claude 3 Opus on Amazon Bedrock to automate processes, make money from user-facing apps, make intricate financial projections, and speed up research and development in a variety of industries. Opus is capable of processing photos and producing text outputs, much like the other members of the Claude 3 family.

When it comes to challenging open-ended questions, Claude 3 Opus exhibits an estimated twofold increase in accuracy over Claude 2.1, which lowers the possibility of incorrect answers. Better accuracy is crucial for safety and performance as Claude is used by corporate clients in sectors including healthcare, banking, and legal research.

Anthropic's Claude 3 performance
Image credit to Anthropic

How well does Opus Claude 3 perform?

On the majority of the widely used AI system assessment benchmarks, including as graduate-level expert reasoning (GPQA), undergraduate-level expert knowledge (MMLU), basic mathematics (GSM8K), and more, Claude 3 Opus scores better than its competitors. It pushes the boundaries of general intelligence with its strong understanding and fluency on challenging tasks.

The Claude 3 Opus model has the following supported use cases

  • Task automation involves organising and carrying out intricate operations including databases, APIs, and interactive code.
  • Research: assessment of previous studies, formulation of hypotheses, and drug development
  • Advanced chart and graph analysis, financial analysis, market patterns, and forecasting are the strategies used.

Visit Anthropic’s Claude on Bedrock website and the Anthropic Claude models in the Amazon Bedrock documentation to find out more about the features and capabilities of Claude 3 Opus.

Watching Claude 3 Opus work

Select Model access from the bottom left pane of the Amazon Bedrock dashboard if you are new to utilizing Anthropic models. For Claude 3 Opus, make a separate request for access.

Select Text or Chat from Playgrounds in the left menu window to try Claude 3 Opus in the console. Next, pick Claude 3 Opus as the model and Anthropic as the category under pick model.

Select Load examples to try more Claude prompt samples. You may examine and execute Claude 3 Opus-specific examples, including website development, side-scrolling game creation, and quarterly report analysis.

You may also use code examples in the AWS SDKs and Command Line Interface (AWS CLI) to access the model by selecting View API request.

For various Claude 3 model capabilities, such image processing, you must utilize the new Anthropic Claude Messages API format, as I stated in my earlier blogs on the Claude 3 model debut. You should upgrade from the Text Completions API if you utilize the Anthropic Claude Text Completions API and want to use the Claude 3 models.

Using AWS SDKs, Dennis Traub and Francois Bouteruche are developing code examples for Amazon Bedrock. The documentation for Amazon Bedrock explains how to use Claude 3 to produce text or multimodal prompts for picture analysis.


Claude 3 Opus is now accessible in the US West (Oregon) Region; for upcoming upgrades, see the complete Region list.

Introduction to Claude

A family of fundamental AI models called Claude is useful for many different kinds of applications. Claude may be reached directly at for brainstorming, image analysis, and document processing. Businesses and developers now have access to Anthropic’s API so they can build directly on top of their AI infrastructure.

Claude’s powers

Sophisticated logic

Claude is capable of more sophisticated cognitive activities than only word production and pattern recognition.

Vision evaluation

Analyse and transcribe almost any static image, including graphs and handwritten notes as well as pictures.

Creation of code

Start using HTML and CSS to create websites, convert photos to organized JSON data, or troubleshoot complex code bases.

Processing in many languages

Practice grammar, translate in real time between many languages, or produce multilingual content

Appropriate in size for any assignment

Compared to other models on the market, the Claude 3 family of models provides the greatest speed and performance combination for business use cases at a reduced cost.


Anthropic’s quickest model has industry-leading speed and can do light motions.


Anthropic’s optimal speed and performance combo for productive, high-throughput jobs.


Anthropic’s most sophisticated model, capable of handling intricate analysis, multi-step tasks, lengthier assignments, including coding and higher-order math problems.

For what reason, Claude?


  • HIPAA-compliant SOC II Type 2 certified
  • Enterprise-grade security and data handling alternatives
  • Available via GCP (in private preview) and AWS (GA)


  • Ten times more resilient to abuse and jailbreaks
  • Copyright indemnity safeguards for services rendered in exchange for money


  • Able 200K Context Window
  • Tool Utilisation
  • Multimodal Dependability


  • Very low incidence of hallucinations
  • Accurate across lengthy documents
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