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Build Smarter Apps Faster: Dev Connect’s Guide to AI & Cloud

Dev Connect

Google is excited to present Dev Connect, a brand-new initiative within Next ’24 that offers programming specifically designed for Google developers outside of Cloud. Topics covered include Android, Firebase, Flutter, Kaggle, Angular, and more, and it will include developer-friendly workshops, talks, competitions on Kaggle, and more.

AI + Kaggle

Do you compete on Kaggle? An expert or enthusiast in AI? Do you make use of other Google AI tools like Keras or TensorFlow? If so, you should use Google Cloud Next ’24! We’re excited to provide Dev Connect this year, a brand-new Next ’24 programme with developer-friendly workshops, lightning lectures, and sessions covering Kaggle, AI, and other topics. Discover the newest developments in machine learning, generative AI, and Keras, and get knowledge from leading Google AI specialists. You may also network with other developers.


Greetings, Android developers! There is something for everyone with Google Cloud Next ’24, regardless of experience level. We are thrilled to present Dev Connect, a special initiative designed with developers like you in mind.

The newest developments in Android development are covered in special sessions, seminars, and lightning presentations on Dev Connect.

These topics include:

  • With Gemini Building for the Future of Android, you can make your app smarter.
  • Don’t pass up this opportunity to improve your knowledge of Android programming and discover Google Cloud’s app development possibilities.


Discover Firebase’s Power at Google Cloud Next ’24. A sample of what Dev Connect has to offer is this:

  • Gemini: The Productivity Engine for Developers: Boost Firebase App Development
  • Explore the full stack features of the Firebase platform to create applications using Firebase and Google Cloud.
  • Using Firebase Extensions, you can quickly add Gemini Powers to the backend of your website.
  • Connect with other developers and get knowledge from Firebase specialists.


Flutter takes off at Dev Connect: Next ’24, creators of Flutter, now is your moment to shine!

  • Prepare to: Create applications of the future generation: From concept to fully functional solutions using Google Cloud and Dart.
  • Unlock the power of AI: Create AI-powered games using Flutter and Gemini.
  • Boost performance: Discover how to include Cloud services into your Flutter applications with ease.
  • Link up and educate yourself: Connect with other developers and get knowledge from leading Google specialists.

Dev Connect, which debuts at Google Cloud Next ’24, is intended for developers who are eager to learn more about Google Cloud and create and deploy apps built in Firebase, Android, Kaggle, Angular, Flutter, and Go but are not yet using it.

Dev Connect: Your gateway to Google Cloud

Regardless of your current technological stack, Dev Connect at Next ’24 is your fast-track to developing applications and solutions with Google Cloud. Experience interactive workshops, knowledgeable talks, an artificial intelligence contest, and exclusive networking opportunities geared towards developers who are not acquainted with Google Cloud products.

Become fully engaged with Google Cloud

Get ready to unleash Google Cloud’s greatest potential. Anticipate a jam-packed agenda full of developer-focused events, such as:

Tailored sessions: Learn about developing and implementing applications, tested cloud development techniques, and motivational success stories from actual Google Cloud customers. Sessions such as this are to be expected:

  • AIML163: Generative AI may enhance your Android app and create the applications of the future
  • DEV222: Use Google’s Firebase and Firestore to scale and distribute GenAI applications
  • DEV247: Using Flutter and Cloud Run to live-code an application
  • AIML209: Create real-world AI applications in Go
  • AIML233: Apply massive language models to complex scientific problems
  • DEV312: Presenting Google’s cloud-optimized, open-source framework for creating generative AI applications
  • DEV220: Locket Labs’ approach to workload scaling: using Firebase and Firestore to leverage generative AI apps

These are just a few of the many sessions that have been selected particularly for developers like you. Google has covered whether you’re interested in learning about Google AI models, wish to participate in Kaggle’s AI and ML contests, or are concerned with full-stack, web, or mobile app development!

Interactive workshops: Prepare to learn by doing. Develop, code, and create with professionals.

Networking is key: Make useful relationships and exchange expertise with other like-minded developers from other Google groups.

More about Dev Connect

There is so much more to Dev Connect than simply courses and sessions. Prepare for:

Keynote address for developers: Find out the newest methods to expedite your job and hear about news that will make you grin.

Community Centre: Go to Innovators Hive and explore the dynamic Google community environment. Experts in AI, Android, Firebase, Flutter, and Kaggle are ready to talk with you one-on-one, share ideas regarding project extensions to Google Cloud, and show you fascinating demos and projects that are very motivating.

Lightning talks: Take a moment to be inspired by these real-world case studies and demonstrations that highlight the capabilities of Google Cloud. Take in these fascinating speeches and more:

  • IHLT217: Gamification using Firebase on WhatsApp: An advanced DevRel approach to assess effect
  • IHLT107: Using Google Cloud and Dart, from concept to full-stack solutions
  • IHLT216: AI + OSS: Resources and Framework for Technologists
  • IHLT110: Boost your Android app: a how-to for integrating generative AI

Kaggle competition for AI and ML: In a friendly Kaggle challenge with fantastic prizes up for grabs, put your abilities to the test. There will be a gathering of other AI enthusiasts and Kaggle Grandmasters. The LLM Trivia Time Kaggle tournament is a great way to experiment, have fun, and compete for $20k in prizes, regardless of your experience level with data science or level of familiarity with LLMs. Additionally, you get to train an LLM to solve a fun set of puzzles, brainteasers, and quizzes. In the unlikely event that the Kaggle competition isn’t enough for you, we also have a different AI hackathon going on.

Engaging learning: Developer badges, demonstrations, and quizzes make learning enjoyable.

Happy Hour: Relax, make new friends, and mingle with Googlers, professionals, and other developers.

Whether you’re an Android enthusiast, Firebase enthusiast, or AI enthusiast looking to dive further into cloud technologies, Dev Connect at Google Cloud Next ’24 is a fantastic way to begin your development adventure. Find out why Google Cloud is the best platform for your Android and Firebase projects, interact with Google’s active open-source communities, and try out the newest AI advancements.

Dev Connect sessions

In Las Vegas, Google Cloud Next ’24 begins on April 9. For the most recent information on the Kaggle competition, Dev Connect sessions, and how to make the most of this exciting developer experience, follow the Govindhtech.com blog.

This is your opportunity to accelerate your personal growth. Prepare to learn, engage, and find inspiration Dev Connect is coming soon! Today, reserve a place in your preferred sessions!

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