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Asus TUF Gaming GeForce RTX 4080 Delivers Matched Quality

Asus TUF Gaming GeForce RTX 4080 GPU

With DLSS 3, lower temperatures, and improved durability, ASUS TUF Gaming GeForce RTX 4080 16GB GDDR6X OC Edition

  • Up to two times the performance and power efficiency of NVIDIA Ada Lovelace Streaming Multiprocessors
  • DLSS 3 offers 4 times the performance of brute-force rendering on 4th-gen Tensor cores.
  • Third-generation RT cores double ray tracing performance.
  • Default mode is 2595 MHz; OC mode is 2625 MHz.
  • Increased axial-tech fans provide 23% more airflow.
  • Dual Ball Fan Bearings have a lifespan up to twice that of traditional models.
  • Superior to military the GPU power rail is strengthened by capacitors rated for 20K hours at 105C.
  • Heat dissipation is enhanced by the metal exoskeleton’s vents and structural rigidity.
  • Auto-Extreme precision automated production to increase dependability
  • Thermal controls, system monitoring, and intuitive performance tweaking are all provided by GPU Tweak III software.
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Improved cooling and power delivery elevate the NVIDIA Ada Lovelace architecture. Backed up by a plethora of tough reinforcements to protect your six. Lock, load, and rule with Asus TUF Gaming GeForce RTX 4080.

Driven by DLSS 3 and the GeForce RTX 40 Series

  • Novel Multiprocessor Streaming Devices
    • Up to two times as effective and energy-efficient
  • Fourth-Generation Tensor Cores
    • Up to twice as effective AI
  • RT Cores Third Generation
    • Up to twice as good ray tracing results

Air Superiority is upgraded by Axial-Tech

More expansive and superior. Lower temperatures, less noise, and improved performance are possible thanks to axial-tech fans, which are scaled up to push 23% more air through the card while rotating on dual-ball bearings.


Well-kept Structure

To increase air dispersion through the heatsink and reduce turbulence, the two side fans rotate anticlockwise. As soon as the GPU temperature drops below 50 degrees Celsius, all three fans stop, allowing you to play less taxing games or work on simple tasks quietly. Referencing a speed curve that balances performance and acoustics for work or play, fans recommence when temperatures rise above 55 degrees Celsius.

The Blazing 3.65-Slot Design Phase

The three Axial-tech fans effectively remove heat from the Asus TUF Gaming GeForce RTX 4080 by utilising a sizable heatsink to absorb it.

Resilient Squadron: Military-Grade 20K Capacity

A range of capacitors with a 20,000-hour rated life at 105 degrees Celsius increases the GPU power rail’s temperature and ripple tolerance, preparing the card for extended use in demanding environments.

Optimised power and purge component and trace layouts on a compact PCB reduce power losses and allow heat to escape through a large backplate vent.


Large vents on the aluminium backplate and premium diecast shroud help to further enhance heat dissipation while preventing PCB flex.

Gloriously displayed against a backdrop of robust durability and low noise was the GeForce RTX 4080.



By enabling all soldering to be done in a single pass, Auto-Extreme Technology is an automated manufacturing process that raises industry standards. As a result, there is less of an impact on the environment, less manufacturing power is used, and the product is generally more reliable due to the decreased thermal stress on components and avoidance of harsh cleaning chemicals.


Brighten them up!

Aura-compatible ARGB lighting on the shroud gives your build a pop of customisable colour or useful effects. Create a theme that is exclusively yours by coordinating the glow and pairing with an extensive selection of compatible system components.

Supporting Structure for Graphics Card Holders

Together with a screwdriver to aid in construction, the included graphics card holder banishes sag.


Third-Gen GPU Tweak

More features and ease of use than ever before can be found in ASUS GPU Tweak III. Our Voltage-Frequency tuner has been redesigned to make overclocking even simpler, and a redesigned interface offers increased accessibility by consolidating essential features into a single dashboard. Automatic profile switching, 0dB fan technology, fully customisable on-screen display, and logging ensure graphics card performance.

The Quantum Cloud

Sharing the processing power of your graphics card with others is a simple and safe way to make extra money with Quantum Cloud. Your PayPal or they Chat account can be used to access your earnings, and Quantum Cloud accepts a variety of exchange options, including Steam. Furthermore, Quantum Cloud does not gather any personal information, protecting your privacy.

In conjunction with a PSU

Use their wattage calculator to determine how much power you’ll need to power your next rig, and visit their PSU landing page to learn more about how they advancing the industry.


Optimal Power Supplies for Computer Builds

They create industry-leading power supply units that are intended to enhance a broad range of builds by drawing on asus many years of experience in power delivery and cooling from asus storied motherboard and GPU product lines. Study about estimating the energy consumption of your system and selecting power supplies. Look through the options for your series below.


Think about the power supply’s efficiency rating, build-matching aesthetic, and quietness in addition to the number of watts your system requires.


Select the power level that will be sufficient for your build as well as any future additions and upgrades.


A PSU with a high LAMBDA Noise Level Certification from Cybenetics Labs is advised by ASUS.


To complement your PC’s appearance and feel, ASUS provides a large range of PSUs with features like OLED screens and Aura Sync.

Calculator for PSU Wattage

Using the following calculator, determine the ideal PSU wattage for your build. Since overclocking will have a significant impact on CPU and GPU power consumption, they included PSU wattage recommendations for both overclocked and non-overclocked configurations. In the event that you decide to upgrade your build later on, they advise choosing a PSU based on overclocked wattage.

PSU Series from ASUS


The ROG Thor power supplies are made to improve flagship configurations. The aesthetics of the ROG motherboard are superbly complemented by brushed aluminium and a mirrored side panel. An integrated OLED display and Aura Sync RGB lighting provide special monitoring and customisation possibilities. Thor PSUs’ excellent performance and whisper-quiet operation are made possible by premium parts, a 135 mm PWM-controlled fan, and sizable heatsinks.


Inspired by the ROG Thor, the ROG Loki power supplies boast the same enthusiast-grade parts and functionality, all housed in an SFX-L chassis. The Loki is ready to power your next SFF build thanks to its quiet operation and great performance.


The demands of high-end gaming rigs are catered for in ROG Strix power supplies. Years of industry experience enable the use of premium components and specially designed thermal solutions, which deliver the efficiency, performance, and quality required to power the newest processors and graphics cards.

Designed to last a long time

TUF Gaming power supplies are made with military-grade parts to bolster mainstream setups, and an advanced Axial-tech fan with dual ball bearings extends the fan’s lifespan. It’s the ideal PSU to add to a TUF Gaming setup and power AAA games for many years to come.


The ASUS Prime PSUs provide high-performance workstations, all-purpose PCs, and gaming rigs with reliable and long-lasting power delivery thanks to their dual ball bearing fans and 80+ Gold certification.

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