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ASUS Shows Future Cloud Solutions

At the OCP Global Summit in 2023, ASUS will present cutting-edge cloud solutions

Limitless solutions  ASUS enables telephony, cloud, and other technologies.

  • ASUS displays on a worldwide scale: During the worldwide technology expo OCP Global Summit 2023, guests are encouraged to stop by ASUS at booth #A6.
  • the newest cloud solutions Complete server portfolio for AI, cloud, and telecom applications as well as green and sustainable modular data center operations
  • Generic AI for businesses: For GAI setup and deployment, all new solutions from TWSC and AI Foundry have the potential to significantly reduce costs.

Global infrastructure solution supplier ASUS is pleased to confirm its attendance at the 2023 OCP Global Summit, which will be held at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center from October 17–19, 2023. In order to investigate and discuss the most recent developments in open infrastructure and cloud technologies, the prestigious annual event brings together business executives, inventors, and decision-makers from all over the world, making it the ideal platform for ASUS to introduce its most innovative products.

The OCP Global Summit’s ASUS topic is Solutions without bounds. ASUS empowers telecom, cloud, and other industries. We will display a variety of goods:

Modular data center that is sustainable and green

Combining ASUS servers with partner Rakworx’s Modular Data Center Solution products reduces infrastructure cooling needs while addressing high-capacity demands, making it the perfect option for small and medium deployments in a variety of environments for the streamlined deployment of edge and on-premises applications. Its extraordinary adaptability makes it the go-to choice in situations when the highest levels of efficiency and dependability are necessary.

whole server portfolio for cloud, telecom, and AI applications

1. Multi-node servers: ASUS provides two nodes for cold-aisle service and four nodes for hot-aisle service inside a 2U form factor on Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA platforms. These meet the requirement for datacenter serviceability and different workloads.

2. GPU servers: ASUS provides a broad selection of servers with the newest PCIe / SXM GPUs in 2U and 4U form sizes for a variety of AI applications. These GPU servers can handle edge-to-edge generative AI workloads, HPC/AI training workloads, and LLM inference workloads. Along with the GPU servers, we also display Broadcom N2100G and N1200G NIC cards to offer high speed connectivity options.

3. An ultra-compact 1U front-access server: The ASUS ESR1-511-X4TF, is ideal for edge computing and O-RAN CU/DU deployment. The server supports up to two FH3/4L slots for GPU and FPGA cards with its 430mm depth, improving edge AI computing. It also incorporates the Intel E810 time-sync module and the Intel vRAN Accelerator ACC100, making it the most TCO-optimized DU solution available.

4. High-density storage: ASUS will present the first DDR5/PCIe 5.0 storage platform in the world, which will cover the demand for warm, cold, and object storage.

solutions for generative AI (GAI) at the enterprise level with great efficiency and security

TWSC is an ASUS subsidiary that offers AI Foundry Service (AFS), which includes a cutting-edge cloud platform for AI supercomputing and assists clients in developing customized GAI solutions. From fine-tuning through deployment, AFS is a one-step solution for large-language modeling (LLM).

Users can use AFS appliances to deploy refined models on the Taiwan Computing Cloud (TWCC) or in-house datacenters. As a result, businesses may install their own reliable AI on an ASUS GPU server as an integrated appliance in a setting that businesses can completely control. AFS gives businesses the ability to quickly and successfully adopt GAI solutions without having to start from scratch, possibly saving millions of dollars in GAI IT setup and investment.

The company’s commitment to pushing the limits of cloud computing technologies, including AI, cloud, telephony, and more is shown by ASUS’ participation at the OCP Summit 2023. By emphasizing the delivery of high-performance, energy-efficient, and adaptable devices, ASUS seeks to equip cloud-service providers with the resources they require to thrive in the fast-paced digital environment of today. Visit ASUS at Booth #A6 at the 2023 OCP Global Summit to find out more.

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