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ASUS ZenScreen Portable Monitor Review

JustCo and ASUS Offer ASUS ZenScreen Portable Monitor

Declared the opening of a limited number of locations for the ASUS ZenScreen Rental Service Program. JustCo Taiwan members will benefit from easy access to a variety of portable monitors under this creative scheme, which will increase their productivity and comfort level when viewing while working.

JustCo members can now rent an ASUS ZenScreen portable monitor to set up a flexible dual-screen mobile workstation when they are employed at the JustCo Dian Shih Center. As a value-added service intended to increase members’ overall productivity and efficiency, the ASUS ZenScreen Rental Service Program offers hourly, daily, or longer rental choices for the newest ZenScreen models (OLED MQ16AH, MB16QHG, and MB249C) in a variety of sizes. According to a JustCo Taiwan poll, about 70% of its members usually bring in a single laptop. Having a second display to work with facilitates more comfortable viewing and facilitates multitasking.

ZenScreen portable monitors can be used for normal tasks such as multitasking, videoconferencing, sharing content during in-person discussions, and coding. They can also be utilized in landscape mode for reading long-format papers and coding. When hot-desking, ZenScreen’s thin and light design makes it simple to move around. ZenScreen also has an ergonomic stand and is simple to assemble all it takes is a single USB-C connection to a laptop.

Both ASUS and JustCo are thrilled to start this collaboration since they see the ASUS ZenScreen Rental Service Program as the ideal answer for today’s hybrid professional searching for a portable and adaptable display to complement their laptop and other gadgets and enhance their workdays.

George Chen, Vice President and Head of Taiwan JustCo, stated, “JustCo is committed to improving the overall workplace experience for our members as Asia’s leading provider of flexible workspace solutions.” They are thrilled to collaborate with ASUS on this project, which will provide our members with more comfort and more productivity. This collaboration demonstrates our dedication to collaborating with forward-thinking partners like ASUS to develop the greatest experiences for modern hybrid workers.



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