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Asus ROG Swift OLED PG32 Gaming Monitors

The ROG OLED monitor lineup delivers great gaming displays for every occasion. ROG OLED displays are ideal for cross-platform gamers who want a huge, powerful model or gaming fans who like several genres. CES 2024 will introduce three new family members.

These game monitors provide unmatched control and immersion thanks to next-gen OLED panels. The ROG Swift OLED PG39WCDM, the latest ultrawide, with an immersive curved display and excellent resolution and refresh rate. ROG Swift OLED PG27AQDP equips esports gamers for conflict with QHD resolution and 480Hz refresh rate. Lastly, the 32-inch ROG Swift OLED PG32UCDP display lets you simply switch between 4K 240Hz and FHD 480Hz to maximize any game in your collection.

ROG OLED Monitors revolutionize gaming visuals

Technology advances. The latest ROG OLED monitors use MLA panel technology to raise the bar. Burn-in-resistant screens are 30% brighter than prior models. That gives you brighter highlights in HDR games, better picture clarity in bright regions, and confidence that your display will maintain image quality over time.

Motion-packed versions exist. Fast-paced gaming is ideal on ROG OLED panels with up to 480Hz refresh rates.

Color fringing is addressed in new panels. They reduce green and red fringing on text and lines with Clear Pixel Edge for improved game and non-game viewing.

ROG-exclusive features boost panel upgrades. Each ROG OLED monitor has a custom heatsink to give exceptional brightness at comfortable temperatures without a fan. For easier desktop usage, Uniform Brightness reduces automatic dimming when white windows are bigger.

Last, they use Display Widget Center to simplify monitor settings. You may utilize OSD and OLED protection without lifting your mouse or keyboard.

ROG Swift OLED PG32UCDM and PG32UCDP provide 4K without compromise

HDR is popular on PC. With many HDR games on the market, a huge selection of HDR content to stream, and Auto HDR in Windows 11 making it easy to brighten any game, you may be looking for a display that provides fantastic HDR gaming and entertainment. ROG Swift OLED PG32UCDM 32-inch gaming monitor.

Image Credit to ASUS

Swift OLED PG32UCDM is ROG’s first Dolby Vision monitor. Dolby Vision creates stunning visuals with incredible color, brightness, texture, and contrast. The PG32UCDM’s 3840×2160 display, 240Hz refresh rate, and 0.03ms GTG provide brilliant, blur-free images. Built-in KVM enables you control multiple devices, and its cooling technology optimizes its alien QD-OLED display.

Choosing a gaming display is tough for many. Do 4K models vividly reflect single-player games? Or do they choose an FHD with outstanding refresh rates?

A second 32-inch ROG OLED monitor, the ROG Swift OLED PG32UCDP, helps gamers escape that unpleasant choice. The first dual-mode OLED gaming panel, this display supports 4K 240Hz and FHD 480Hz. Mode switching is easy. An OSD menu visit will reveal your next game’s specs. G-SYNC Compatible and FreeSync Premium tech for smooth, tear-free pictures, a near-instantaneous 0.03ms response time for ultra-clear motion, and a high-end 1300-nit peak brightness for HDR entertainment anywhere.

The PG32UCDP’s DisplayPort and HDMI 2.1 connection will please PC and next-gen console gamers. Two devices may be controlled by USB Type-C with 90W Power Delivery and built-in KVM with hotkeys.

The PG32UCDM and ROG Swift OLED PG32UCDP should ship in 2024’s first and second halves, respectively. Ask your ROG salesperson about local pricing and availability.

Size32-inch Flat32-inch Flat
Resolution and refresh rateStandard: 3840×2160 240Hz
Frame Rate Boost: 1920×1080 480Hz
3840×2160 240Hz
Panel type3rd Gen WOLED with MLA3rd Gen QD-OLED
Panel surfaceAnti-glareAnti-reflection (glossy)
Peak brightness1300 nits1000 nits
HDRHDR10Dolby Vision
Availability2H 2024Q1 2024

ROG Swift OLED PG39WCDM stands out for curved gaming displays

Image Credit to ASUS

ROG Swift OLED PG39WCDM is a terrific present for 21:9 ultrawide screen fans. Ultrawides with this aspect ratio are generally 34 inches, but this 39-inch monitor provides 32% additional screen space for immersion.

The 800R-curved ROG Swift OLED PG39WCDM is the most curved ROG gaming display. near 80cm from the screen, every pixel even those near the edges is out of view. The display shows bright, sharp images.

This 3440×1440 OLED curved gaming monitor displays game worlds in depth. In fast-paced games, its smooth 240Hz refresh rate and ultra-low 0.03ms reaction time provide high-end clarity and control. Cherry on top? 1300-nit peak brightness for beautiful HDR.

Wide connection enables you build the best gaming combat station. USB Type-C, DisplayPort 1.4, and HDMI 2.1 support display signals. With optional 90W USB Power Delivery, this connection powers many computers with one cable. Smart KVM lets you operate two computers with one mouse and keyboard. Picture by picture (PBP) mode seamlessly switches between the two sources without hardware or software. Windows drag-and-drop transfers files over USB 3.2.

Shops will get this fully equipped ultrawide in Q1 2024.

ROG Swift OLED PG27AQDP display for esports

Der8auer overclocked an Intel Core i9-14900K CPU using the ROG Maximus Z790 Apex Encore and liquid nitrogen.

A decent AIO liquid CPU cooler, strong CPU, and excellent graphics card may boost FPS in today’s top esports games. Get a ROG OLED monitor with a high refresh rate to avoid losing frames to competition.

New ROG Swift OLED PG27AQDP. This tournament-ready 26.5-inch QHD OLED gaming panel has a native 480Hz refresh rate. Pause to absorb. A fairly sized display has a crisp pixel-per-inch ratio for gaming, a fast refresh rate, and ultra-low response time OLED screens. These glasses provide superior combat vision.

Professional-grade color accuracy, 1300-nit peak brightness, and 99% DCI-P3 color gamut coverage are also included. Its high refresh rate is due to DisplayPort and HDMI 2.1 interfaces with next-gen bandwidth. ROG Swift OLED PG27AQDP will launch in late 2024.

ROG’s CES 2024 gaming innovation is futuristic

ROG OLED monitor are perfect for premium gaming. The ROG Swift OLED PG39WCDM, PG27AQDP, PG32UCDP, and PG32UCDM improve your gaming with next-gen OLED panels and ROG features.

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