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Apple’s Wi-Fi chip self-growth is difficult to launch 2025

Apple’s Wi-Fi chips

Apple’s quest for chip control across a wide range of products isn’t going as planned. Industry watchers say Apple is unmatched in custom SoCs, but Broadcom and Qualcomm are far ahead in custom 5G modems and Wi-Fi chips. According to one report, Broadcom will launch its first Wi-Fi chips in 2025, and regardless of how difficult this challenge has been, Broadcom will suffer the biggest financial hit.

Recent market news has focused on Apple’s Wi-Fi chips. MediaTek products may enter the Apple supply chain through non-mainstream products like Apple TV, and Apple may introduce its own Wi-Fi chips in 2025 iPhones.

Apple clearly wants control over Wi-Fi chip supply. Nevertheless, company executives noted that the Apple developed themselves Wi-Fi semiconductors would be challenging to announce in 2025 due to current developments and technical constraints.

In accordance with industry legends, Apple has made investments heavily in self-developing Apple’s Wi-Fi chip like 5G modem chips. It had obstructions, and the project went on hold and the team reorganized. Apple’s struggles with 5G modem chip development, which led to the extended partnership with Qualcomm, show that wireless chip leapfrogging is difficult.

Mainstream companies like Broadcom and Qualcomm have extensive wireless connection experience and patented technologies. Wireless and wired networking chips have high entry barriers, according to sources.

Broadcom is Apple’s Wi-Fi chip supplier. Market expectations suggest Broadcom will suffer when Apple switches to its own Wi-Fi chips in 2025.

Apple’s Wi-Fi chip self-growth are still unpopular. Broadcom leads smartphone Wi-Fi and the Wi-Fi market. Apple would have a hard time surpassing Broadcom’s products so quickly.

Apple should launch its chips in non-mainstream applications, according to IC design industry sources. From 5G modems to Wi-Fi chips, reports say the iPhone will directly integrate them. The iPhone, Apple’s main product, cannot afford mistakes.

Apple’s self-developed chips must match Broadcom and Qualcomm’s connectivity and power consumption to avoid hurting iPhone sales. The goal seems unrealistic. It should follow MediaTek’s Wi-Fi chips’ introduction into Apple’s supply chain, likely with non-mainstream products rather than smartphones.

Without poaching or recruiting elite teams and investing significant resources in development, Apple won’t be able to develop a viable wireless networking chip in the short term, sources say. Another question is whether spending so much time on peripheral chips is cheaper than buying them externally.

Market sources suggested that Apple should focus on its processor chips, which have been performing well, rather than peripheral chips to stay competitive in the high-speed computing era.

Some industry sources say Apple may not launch custom Wi-Fi chips by 2025 due to technical limitations.

DigiTimes claims Apple invested heavily in custom 5G and Wi-Fi chips, but the amount is unknown. The Cupertino company has encountered ‘certain bottlenecks,’ with some rumors claiming it had abandoned development. Earlier information about the in-house 5G modem indicated that the baseband chip was having performance, overheating, and other issues, and the custom Wi-Fi chips were likely involved.

Apple will also have to compete with Qualcomm and Broadcom, which have extensive market experience and patented technologies that could be challenged in court if both companies feel Apple is getting too comfortable severing ties with them. If these custom Wi-Fi chips arrive in 2025, Broadcom will suffer financially. However, the California giant may struggle to reduce its dependence on these suppliers.

Qualcomm may remain Apple’s supplier despite its estimated 2025 or 2026 launch of its custom 5G modem for the iPhone, as the iPad, Apple Watch, and others require 5G modems. Broadcom may face similar losses due to iPhone order losses, but Apple manufactures and ships millions of non-mobile phones. The end of this partnership may take several years.

Iphone is reportedly considering integrating everything the company’s Apple’s Wi-Fi chip self-growth and 5G modems onto a single die to improve efficiency and save space in its devices. This plan will take years to complete, but it shows the company’s direction.

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